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Artwork of Gene from Mario Golf: Advance Tour
Full name Gene Yuss
Species Human
First appearance Mario Golf (Game Boy Color) (1999)
Latest appearance Mario Golf: Advance Tour (2004)

Gene (full name Gene Yuss) is an elite human golfer in the Mario Golf series, introduced in the Game Boy Color Mario Golf and returning in Mobile Golf and Mario Golf: Advance Tour. He is suave, intelligent, and sophisticated, though arrogant and self-absorbed. His full name is a pun on the word "genius", which also describes his self-centered personality, and his first name is possibly a reference to late professional golfer Gene Sarazen.


Mario Golf[edit]

In Mario Golf, Gene was known as the Birdie King and the Greatest of the Great, and he was once the champion of the Links Course, but his title was taken by Kid, who defeats him in golf.

Mobile Golf[edit]

In Mobile Golf, Gene is an unlockable character. He becomes available after a player gets gold trophies in the first four tournaments and completing the first four courses in less than 12 minutes. In addition to that, the player must have also unlocked the first seven unlockable characters.

Mario Golf: Advance Tour[edit]

In Mario Golf: Advance Tour, he speaks in third person ("The Gene"), and is protective and competitive about his singles title. When he learns that he may lose his title, he begins to panic, which also gives him an intense desire to improve. He also reclaimed his titles back after Kid was injured badly due to excessive training caused by strain of his muscles and joints. He was later defeated by Kid again after he recovered from his injuries and was rising up of the ranks. Gene later formed a doubles team with Kid in a final attempt to stop Neil and Ella from taking his Birdie King title.

Physical appearance[edit]

In Mario Golf, Gene was short, and had short black hair and fair skin. He wore a white shirt with a purple collar, and pants which consisted of a brown belt with a buckle, and were a vibrant purple color. His fedora was black with a white ribbon, and he wore brown shoes. Gene also has orange hair, a pert, pointed, nose with a long stem, a wide and defined mouth, and his eyebrows are a dark shade of orange hair. He also has blue oval eyes that are shaped by his brows.

In Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Gene wears a collared white polo shirt, with a red vest on top. He also wears light purple golfing pants, long white socks and peach colored golfing shoes. Gene also wears a white golfing glove and his fedora is now red instead of black.


Mario Golf[edit]

  • Drive: 240 Yards
  • Height: Average
  • Shot: Fade
  • Impact: Wide
  • Control: Good

Mario Golf: Advance Tour[edit]

  • Drive: 250 Yards
  • Height: Low
  • Shot: Fade
  • Impact: Narrow
  • Control: Poor
  • Spin: Strong


Translated from Japanese:[1]

How do you do? My name is Jean. It's sweet of you to try me. If you want to challenge me, try after defeating the three above. Even though my club looks small, it has a lean form and accurate striking and distance. If you do not have a lot of experience, you can not compete equally with me! It seems Pats is saying that he will beat me in the near future. He seems to have increased considerably, but even if it takes 100 years, he can not win against me! That means that there is a difference between him and me!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジーン[1]

Italian Gene


  • According to the Japanese Camelot Mobile Golf website, Gene has many adoring female fans.[2]