Windy Valley Special Hole

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The Windy Valley Special Hole.

The Windy Valley Special Hole is an area in the game Mario Golf. It consists of a green surrounded by four sand traps, three hills, three tee boxes and a house. It is located in a small valley and is very windy, hence the name. This wind affects gameplay and can make this hole very challenging. This is one of the only areas open from the start. If the player talks to the man that lives in the house he will ask if the player wants to try the shot. If the player can hit it within the small circle surrounding the hole they will receive 40 Exp. points. If the player comes back later in the game the man will ask again if the player wants to try the shot. This shot is harder than the first and is much windier. If the player succeds again they will be rewarded 180 Exp. points. If they player talks to the man any time after this he will offer to change the player's shot from a draw to a fade or vice-versa. This can only be done once so care must be taken. The sign outside the hole reads: "Your challenge: Hit the target!".