Bowser Badlands

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Bowser Badlands
BChole 12 shot.png
Location Bowser's Castle
How to unlock Win the Peach's Invitational
Number of holes 18
Par 72
Appears in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Tournament Bowser Championship

Bowser Badlands is the last unlockable course in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. It features large quantities of lava, fortresses, volcanoes, and Ghost Houses. In addition to this, the course contains many hazards, including Thwomps, Boos, Bullet Bills and giant non-moving Bob-ombs. Some holes have Chain Chomps at the bottom of canyons and ditches; causing an O.B. if the ball lands near it. A Bowser Statue, Bowser Jr. statue and a pirate ship can also be seen here.

This course's music is a rearrangement of Bowser's battle theme from Super Mario 64. Once the tournament is beaten for this course, the player unlocks the Star Tournament.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Description
1 BChole 1.png 4 393 yards 412 yards The first hole takes place near a fortress on the coast. A small lagoon, dock, pirate ship and a giant gate with Bowser’s hands and head can be seen here.
2 Hole 2 from Bowser Badlands 4 402 yards 440 yards The second hole takes place on a long wooden pier near a Ghost House resembling Big Boo's Haunt from Super Mario 64. The pier is lined with lampposts and has many Boos floating above it.
3 BChole 3.png 5 592 yards 616 yards The third hole takes place on the rim of a circular canyon partially filled with lava. Many volcanoes, brick structures and Chain Chomps are seen here.
4 BChole 4.png 3 146 yards 172 yards The fourth hole takes place inside a waterlogged cave filled with Boos. A large non-moving Bob-omb sits at the north end of the cave.
5 BChole 5.png 4 412 yards 450 yards The fifth hole takes place on a field dotted with large non-moving Bob-ombs, volcanoes and small canyons.
6 BChole 6.png 4 421 yards 447 yards The sixth hole takes place in a lake with some lava which is surrounded by Curtain walls. Groups of Thwomps are guarding it.
7 BChole 7.png 3 206 yards 230 yards The seventh hole takes place on a thin strip of land dividing a lake, lava on the left and water to the right. Many towers and a Bowser Jr. statue are seen here.
8 BChole 8.png 5 579 yards 599 yards The eighth hole takes place on a mountain with volcanoes and Bowser Statues pouring lava sticking out of it.
9 BChole 9.png 4 398 yards 423 yards The ninth hole takes place on a Bob-omb infested path that leads to a drop-off. Across the drop-off is a large Bowser head statue sticking out of a cliff.
10 BChole 10.png 4 432 yards 454 yards The tenth hole takes place on a thin strip of land in the middle of a large lake with Thwomps and Bill Blasters. It is located between large square towers.
11 BChole 11.png 3 166 yards 180 yards The eleventh hole takes place on a giant Koopa Clown Car in the middle of a lake with four towers around it. A sling-shot shaped landmass can be seen here.
12 BChole 12.png 4 428 yards 458 yards The twelfth hole takes place on a landmass surrounded by lava. There is a spiked brick slope at the east side. Towers and a large non-moving Bob-omb can be seen at the flatter west side.
13 BChole 13.png 5 564 yards 606 yards The thirteenth hole takes place on a chain of islands in a lava lake. A Bowser Statue, floating gates and Curtain walls are seen here.
14 BChole 14.png 4 445 yards 473 yards The fourteenth hole takes place on large brick platforms floating in lava. This area contains Bowser Statues and some towers holding another platform with Thwomps.
15 BChole 15.png 4 410 yards 448 yards The fifteenth hole takes place on a field divided by a lava river and a small canyon with Chain Chomps. A large non-moving Bob-omb is seen to the north.
16 BChole 16.png 5 586 yards 619 yards The sixteenth hole takes place on a thin strip of land with many Piranha Plants and Whomps. Towers line the outer rim of the landmass.
17 BChole 17.png 4 407 yards 434 yards The seventeenth hole takes place on a series of fortress-like structures. All obstacles seen in previous holes as well as platforms jetting fire and stone steps can be seen.
18 BChole 18.png 3 193 yards 212 yards The last hole takes place in a giant waterfall of lava with isolated land and large spikes sticking out of it.


Tournament leaderboards[edit]

When playing in the Bowser Championship, 29 other competitors will appear in the leaderboard at the end of each Hole. The names consist of other playable characters, Mario characters, or generic nicknames. When playing in the Bowser Star Championship, more names will be from Mario characters, characters from other Mario series such as Paper Mario will appear, as well as characters from other Nintendo franchises such as The Legend of Zelda.

Bowser Championship leaderboard Bowser Star Championship leaderboard
Mario Mario
Luigi Luigi
Peach Peach
Daisy Daisy
Yoshi Yoshi
Koopa Koopa
Diddy Diddy
Wario DK
Waluigi Wario
Birdo Waluigi
Bob-omb Birdo
Pokey Bowser
Cataquack Bowser Jr.
Swipin' Stu Petey Piranha
Phantamanta Thwimp
Chomplet Piranha Plant
Plurp Mr. I
Glorpedo Mecha Bowser
Piantissimo Proto Piranha
Shu5 E. Gadd
Hiroyukin Kooper
Mike Tubba Blubba1
Bonkodera Gulliver
Watayan Mr. Resetti
Bobby Kapp'n
Miller Maelle
Masamon K.K.
Numa Mako
Be-----am Senzar2
Prata1 Zuko

1 - Is replaced by the player's character if they are not in this list.
2 - Likely a misspelling of Senza.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパワールド
Kuppa Wārudo
Koopa World
Italian Mondo di Bowser Bowser World
Spanish Reino Oscuro de Bowser Bowser's Dark Kingdom