Peach Gardens (golf course)

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Peach Gardens
Peach Gardens (golf course)
Location Peach's Castle
How to unlock Available from the start
Number of holes 9
Par 36
Appears in Mario Golf: World Tour
Scorecard Mario Golf: World Tour

Peach Gardens is a nine-hole golf course in Mario Golf: World Tour. It is based on a pink garden outside of Peach's Castle. It features topiaries of various Super Mario characters, as well as pink greens, fairways, and roughs, with speed panels on the fairways. If the ball touches a panel, it rolls farther down the fairway. Warp Pipes can shoot the ball onto the green or near it. The music for this course is a remixed version of the music for Peach Gardens in Mario Kart DS. Collecting all the Star Coins for this course's challenges awards a Peach costume, and completing a Character Costume Challenge here earns the player Birdo, Goomba, and Baby Yoshi costumes.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
1 Peach Gardens (golf course) 4 333 yards

304 meters

345 yards

315 meters

363 yards

332 meters

A straight hole with small heart-shaped bunkers surrounding it, and speed panels slightly aimed towards the pin. A Warp Pipe is found on the right side, and next to the green is a Peach topiary.
2 Peach Gardens (golf course) 5 494 yards

452 meters

514 yards

470 meters

534 yards

488 meters

A long hole that curves to the left. More speed panels are placed to follow the path of the fairway. A Mario topiary is found on the right side.
3 Peach Gardens (golf course) 4 349 yards

319 meters

368 yards

336 meters

383 yards

350 meters

A curving hole which is much shorter than the previous one, and with fewer speed panels. This hole features topiaries of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.
4 Peach Gardens (golf course) 3 122 yards

112 meters

142 yards

130 meters

162 yards

148 meters

A simple and easy course with the fairway and green surrounded by a big heart-shaped rough and three big heart-shaped bunkers. Directly in front of the green is a Yoshi topiary.
5 Peach Gardens (golf course) 4 382 yards

349 meters

402 yards

368 meters

422 yards

386 meters

This hole is fairly long, with flower beds flanking the fairway and a Warp Pipe on the right side.
6 Peach Gardens (golf course) 4 344 yards

315 meters

374 yards

342 meters

392 yards

358 meters

A hole that curves to the right, and is flanked by two big heart-shaped lakes. Near the start is a Luigi topiary.
7 Peach Gardens (golf course) 3 138 yards

126 meters

153 yards

140 meters

173 yards

158 meters

In front of the tee is a big lake with a mushroom-shaped island. The "stem" is a huge bunker, and its "head" has a speed panel and "spots", one of which is the green. The lake is surrounded by Toad topiaries.
8 Peach Gardens (golf course) 4 348 yards

318 meters

368 yards

336 meters

388 yards

355 meters

This hole is quite long, but has only two speed panels. A Warp Pipe is seen on the left side, and flanking the green are topiaries of Wario and Waluigi.
9 Peach Gardens (golf course) 5 519 yards

475 meters

537 yards

491 meters

555 yards

507 meters

This hole has two separate fairways, with one speed panel on the small portion and two on the main stretch. Topiaries of Bowser and Bowser Jr. are seen here. Getting the ball onto the small fairway first is the quickest and safest way to get it onto the green.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーチガーデン
Pīchi Gāden
Peach Garden

Dutch Peach' Tuin
Peach's Garden
French Jardin Peach
Peach Garden
German Peachs Schlossgarten
Peach's Castle Garden
Italian Giardino di Peach
Peach's Garden
Portuguese Jardim da Peach
Peach's Garden
Russian Сад Пич
Sad Pich
Peach's Garden

Spanish Jardín de Peach
Peach's Garden