Coo-Coo Course

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Coo-Coo Course
Coo-Coo Course
Number of holes 1
Par 5
Appears in Mario Golf: Advance Tour

The Coo-Coo Course is a golf course in Mario Golf: Advance Tour located close to the Palms Club and the Golf Clinic and near the Links Club. The Coo-Coo course is unlocked after defeating Azalea in match play. The Coo-Coo Course only has 1 hole, which is a par 5 hole that is 520 yards (1548 ft.). The course can be practiced, but with only one shot. There is a cabin which is called the Coo-Coo Course Office upon entering. When the player enters the office for the first time, Grampie is seen laying on the bed. When talking to Grammie, she says that if the course is completed in a par or better, Grampie would feel like himself again.

The layout of the Coo-Coo Course contains the same objects as the Links Course due to the heath and mildly strong winds. However, the main gimmick of the course is that it has become run-down due to Grampie and Grammie neglecting to maintain it, and the grass is overgrown. The player's mission, then, is to score par or better on a hole that has no fairway, with what apparently used to be the fairway having become rough, and fast fairways having turned to semi-rough.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かんこどりゴルフコース
Kankodori Gorufu Kōsu
Cuckoo Golf Course; play on the phrase 「閑古鳥が鳴く」 (kankodori ga naku, literally "the cuckoo bird calls"), referring to the act of a business being in a slump or having few customers

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