Cheep Cheep Falls

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Cheep Cheep Falls
Cheep Cheep Falls
How to unlock Win the Lakitu Cup
Number of holes 18
Par 72
Appears in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Tournament Cheep Cheep Tournament

Cheep Cheep Falls is the second course in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Cheep Cheep Falls resembles Lakitu Valley and is only playable after completing the Lakitu Valley course in Tournament Mode. It is harder than Lakitu Valley, despite its similarities, with more bunkers and water hazards. Despite the name, there are no Cheep Cheeps on the course, and only two of the holes are actually situated around a waterfall, these being holes 1 and 18. Hole 17 is the only one to not contain any water at all.


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  • Hole 1 (Par 4, 394 yards): This hole is situated near a large waterfall. A few bunkers are placed around the edges of the fairway, and the course is rather bumpy. However, there are no other hazards in the path to the green.
  • Hole 2 (Par 4, 328 yards): Just like the previous hole, this hole is mostly straight but a little bumpy. A small river runs to the right of the rough, but it is unlikely that players will hit it there, as it is far from the fairway. A few bunkers are located around the green as well.
  • Hole 3 (Par 3, 187 yards): This small hole is home to a long river that stretches across the area. The green is on the other end of this river, and a few bunkers surround it. The fairway is also surrounded by pine trees.
  • Hole 4 (Par 5, 528 yards): Being a par 5 hole, this hole is longer than other holes in Cheep Cheep Falls. The fairway is surrounded by thick forests of pine trees, and a large lake is placed to the left of it farther into the course. Occasionally, bunkers can be seen on the edges of the fairway, although only one of these obstacles is around the green. Some pine trees are also located in the middle of the fairway.
  • Hole 5 (Par 4, 402 yards): The beginning of this hole is placed between a large lake and several pine trees. Three bunkers can be found on the edge of the fairway on the first curve, along with a few more of these hazards around the green.
  • Hole 6 (Par 4, 359 yards): The fairway in this hole is cluttered with several round bunkers and pine trees. The fairway curves to the right around a group of trees at the center point of the course, leading to the green.
  • Hole 7 (Par 3, 146 yards): This hole is rather basic; it features a small lake off its right side and a forest of pine trees on the left. Two bunkers are also around the right side of the mostly-flat green.
  • Hole 8 (Par 4, 351 yards): This rugged hole is outlined by three bunkers on its right side. A tree is also placed near the beginning of the stage on the fairway. Some more bunkers can be seen around the bottom portion of the green.
  • Hole 9 (Par 5, 554 yards): This large hole features a wide fairway with a hill on it. While a few bunkers surround the edges of the fairway, a river cuts through the center part of the stage. The green, which is outlined by more bunkers, is slightly tilted to make the course more challenging.
  • Hole 10 (Par 4, 405 yards): The beginning of this hole is set around a series of pine trees. A small lake is to the left edge of the fairway, and several round bunkers are placed on a hill on the eastern side of the path. More bunkers are located around the rather flat green as well.
  • Hole 11 (Par 3, 175 yards): This course is quite small, and player can easily hit the ball towards the green in one shot. The rugged green is located on a large area of land between two rivers and is also surrounded by several bunkers.
  • Hole 12 (Par 4, 370 yards): A narrow river cuts through the beginning of this course, coming from a large lake found to the right of the area. The fairway here is wide, but a little bumpy; however, the green is mostly flat.
  • Hole 13 (Par 5, 514 yards): This course is full of hills, along with small, round lakes that are all occupied by a single island with a lone tree on it. Two large bunkers are placed around the green, and a few others are on the outside edges of the rugged fairway.
  • Hole 14 (Par 4, 377 yards): This course is a little bumpy, but mostly straight. A body of water is located on the eastern side of the fairway, while a forest of trees is on the other side. The green is surrounded by several bunkers, and a large tree stands in front to it.
  • Hole 15 (Par 3, 159 yards): A large lake cuts through the center of this course. On the other side of the lake is a giant area of land with the green present on it. The flat green is surrounded by a few bunkers to faze players.
  • Hole 16 (Par 4, 386 yards): As with the previous hole, a body of water cuts through the center of this course. Bunkers are also located in the middle of the fairway, and a few trees can also get in the player's way. The green is almost completely flat, but a large bunker is placed to the left of it.
  • Hole 17 (Par 5, 502 yards): This course features a few curves. A large forest of pine trees surrounds the fairway, which is cluttered with a few large bunkers. The course also features a large hill and a rather rugged green surrounded by bunkers.
  • Hole 18 (Par 4, 381 yards): This hole is set near a large group of waterfalls. A river runs through the center of the course. To the left of the river is the green, which is surrounded by bunkers, and the right side of the river features some hills, trees, and additional bunkers. A small bridge can be seen stretching across the river.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビアンコレイク
Bianko Reiku
Bianco Lake
Italian Cascate di Pesce Smack Cheep Cheep Falls
Spanish Cataratas Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep Falls