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Welcome, newcomer!

Founded in August 2005, the Super Mario Wiki is an encyclopedia for everything in the Mario universe. Since we are a wiki, anyone has the ability to edit or create articles on the site. In January 2010, the MarioWiki became a founding member of NIWA, an alliance of independent Nintendo wikis.

Feel free to make use of our information or even help us on our quest in creating the most complete Mario resource on the Internet. Please be advised that our coverage includes unmarked spoilers: read at your own risk.

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Just click on the "Create account" link in the top-right corner of the page to get started. Creating an account allows you to become a known and respected member of the MarioWiki community.

If you already have an account, you can create your own user page to tell people about yourself. You also have a talk page, which enables other users to communicate with you on any subject. For more benefits of becoming a user, see here.

Recent changes

This page allows you see what changes have been made recently on the MarioWiki. You can go to the edited page to see how the article has been changed. Using this tool, you can see what other users are adding and perhaps even add your own knowledge on top of it.

If you need any help editing or want to learn more about the Super Mario Wiki, visit our help page for more information. If you want to practice using wiki syntax, check out the sandbox to see what you can do.