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Bureaucrats are administrators who have been given some additional user-management rights. They are the highest rank achievable by promotion, second only to the proprietor overall. When a user is promoted, the bureaucrat rank does not replace the administrator rank, but is merely added to it (similarly, the proprietor holds both lower ranks). Staff are designated by the highest rank they hold.


Along with the normal responsibilities and abilities of an administrator, bureaucrats can rename users, and must keep an eye on MarioWiki:Changing username for new rename requests. They also have the ability to promote and demote other users after the staff as a whole agrees on new appointments or dismissals, or if a retiring admin or patroller requests a demotion to autopatrolled. Bureaucrats can demote themselves if they choose to step down from the rank, and can give themselves or other users bot status temporarily so that large-scale maintenance work does not flood Special:RecentChanges, although this is rarely necessary. Other bureaucrat tools include being able to merge user accounts, and editing email addresses to assist with account recovery.

Bureaucrats are also required to step in in the rare occurrence of administrators or patrollers making mistakes, such as giving inappropriate warnings or otherwise abusing their power and authority. While the staff as a whole discuss these matters behind the scenes, any corrective measures (i.e. removing an admin/patroller-given warning) should be done by a bureaucrat so that there can be no challenges to the ruling. It is expected that bureaucrats stay on top of all admin discussions and important wiki matters, and are willing to take the initiative whenever strong leadership is needed.

Current bureaucrats

The following is a list of all current bureaucrats, including the proprietor:

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