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This page is for assisting users with account recovery and deletion. For changing your current username, see MarioWiki:Changing username.

Requests made here are not guaranteed and are ultimately up to the discretion of the wiki's bureaucrats.

What to do

I have one account and I forgot my password

My email address is on the account

Great! Use Special:PasswordReset to have a temporary password emailed to you. From there you can log in and set a new password.

The above method didn't work

Use Special:Contact to let us know and we'll work with you to recover your account.

I have multiple accounts to consolidate

I want my old contributions merged into my current account

Add a user merge request below based on the following formatting:

==== Merge: OldUsername into CurrentUsername ====
{{merge user|username with your old contributions|username you are currently using}}

I want to go back to using my old username

Your old account will be merged into your current account, and then your current account will be renamed to match your old username. This ensures that whatever password you're using right now remains your current password.

Add a user recover request below based on the following formatting:

==== Recover: OldUsername by CurrentUsername ====
{{recover user|old username you can no longer access|username you are currently using|desired username if different from old username}}

I would like my account(s) to be deleted

Deletion will anonymize any and all edits on the account and cannot be reversed. Add a user delete request below based on the following formatting:

=== Delete: YourUsername ===
{{delete user|your username}}


Recover: Shadow rocks! by TasteTheFiresOfHelp

1. Merge
2. Rename

Old username Current username Desired username
Shadow rocks! (talk) TasteTheFiresOfHelp (talk) Electrical Bowser jr. (talk)

I wanted to ask if there was a way I could get back to using my old account, Electrical Bowser jr., (changed to Shadow rocks! in very early 2014, just that I do not care for that one quite as much), and have TasteTheFiresOfHelp shut down so as to not violate username rules. -TasteTheFiresOfHelp

Done. --Steve (talk) Get Firefox 09:40, June 8, 2022 (EDT)

Delete: Kevink32cub and Kevin33cubboy


Current username Account request
Kevink32cub (talk) DELETION


Current username Account request
Kevin33cubboy (talk) DELETION

Kevin here can you please delete my duplicate accounts for me please thanks -Kevingamer

Done. --Steve (talk) Get Firefox 09:40, June 8, 2022 (EDT)