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How are you doing reading my page? I am The Shadow Prince from the Super Mario Boards, and some people call me TSP for short there which I do not mind at all. I am currently reading the Artemis Fowl books finishing The Arctic Incident recently. I have beaten the first two Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games recently, but I am playing Yoshi’s New Island and EarthBound as well. I plan to major in Political Science, and am working hard on college classes right now.

I generally don't give friend requests anymore, but if you want to be my friend, feel free to ask.

I was also on the 12th Poll Committee.

The Shadow Prince's favorite and least favorites for movies and cartoon episodes: (this does not apply to things I watched for the first time a long time ago (before 2020), for example The Saddle Row Review/Newbie Dash for MLP Season 6 won't be on the list, like with Shawshank Redemption/Fan4stic for my 2016 movies)

I joined the wiki on June 27th, 2012.


Movies I watched in 2020

Favorite movie: The Green Mile

Least favorite movie: Nanny McPhee Returns

Movies I watched in 2021

Favorite movie: Saving Private Ryan

Least favorite movie: My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)

Movies I watched in 2022

Favorite movie: Encanto*

Least favorite movie: The Incredible Hulk*

  • There were only three movies I watched that year iirc lol

Cartoon episodes:

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episodes (Season 7)

Favorite episode: A Health of Information

Least favorite episode: Fame and Misfortune

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episodes (Season 8)

Favorite episode: The Hearth’s Warming Club

Least favorite episode: A Matter of Principals

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episodes (Season 9)

Favorite episode: The Big Mac Question

Least favorite episode: Dragon Dropped

Danny Phantom episodes (Season 1)

Favorite episode: My Brother's Keeper

Least favorite episode: Fright Night

Danny Phantom episodes (Season 2)

Favorite episode: The Ultimate Enemy

Least favorite episode: The Fenton Menace

Each of my friends have had one of these usernames at some point


-Bro Hammer


-Good Magikrazy

-Purity Essence









-Ninja Yoshi




-Master R.O.B.







-Yoshi K

-Super Candy

-World 6


-bubble lemon