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Autoconfirmed users are defined as users who have had an account on the Super Mario Wiki for at least one week and have made at least ten edits. New users gain certain rights upon becoming autoconfirmed. This rank was established on February 21, 2007 as a way to prevent vandals from joining and immediately moving pages en masse. On November 23, 2009, the restrictions were increased in response to a new wave of vandalism, this time centering around the massive uploading of spam images and the creation of new pages.

Some rights gained upon meeting the autoconfirmed requirements include:

  • Creating non-discussion pages
  • Moving pages and files
  • Editing semi-protected pages
  • Uploading files from a URL
  • Uploading new versions of existing files
  • Participating in proposals and talk page proposals


What rights do new users have?
New users have all the same rights as autoconfirmed users, except for the rights listed above.
What if a new user wants to create their user page?
They have to be patient and earn the ability to create a user page by contributing to the wiki.
Can a user become autoconfirmed without making any edits?
No. You must make at least ten edits and they can be on any type of page.
Is there a way to become autoconfirmed more quickly?
No, users have to wait for the seven days to pass.
Do users have to be autoconfirmed to be promoted to patroller/sysop/bureaucrat?
Well, kind of. If a user hasn't been on the wiki for at least a week, chances are that they aren't experienced-enough to be promoted.
Can users bypass autoconfirm?
No, every user has to go through this process.