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Also see Help:Media.

Here's how to add a picture:

1a. Find an image you want on your page on any other page in the wiki, or on the image list page.
1b. If you want to upload a new picture, go to the upload file page.
2. Once you've found or uploaded an image, find out its name (including the extension), which will be something like File:Image name.
3. Now, find a nice place on your user page, edit the code, and add this text, replacing the name and caption appropriately:

[[File:Image name.png|thumb|Caption]]

4. If you want to control the size of the thumbnail, you can specify its width in pixels. For a 100 pixel wide thumbnail, this would be:

[[File:Image name.png|thumb|100px|Caption]]

5. Thumbnails automatically go to the far right-hand side of a page, but you can make it go to the left side instead:

[[File:Image name.png|thumb|left|100px|Caption]]