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Articles which become too long should be split into multiple, smaller articles. The reasoning behind this is to increase the readability and reduce the load time for any given article.

Splitting an article usually entails taking lengthy or overly-detailed sections of an article and creating a new article for that topic. The section then remains on the original article, the {{main}} template is used to link to the new article, and a much more top-level summary is given in that section of the original article. For example, summarizing the "History" section of Mario to give a much more top-level overview and using {{main}} to link to a new page entitled "History of Mario".

Rule of thumb

The page size for our longest articles is given in Special:LongPages. The table below summarizes when an article may need to be split based on page size.

Article size What to do
> 100 kB Almost certainly should be divided
> 60 kB Probably should be divided
> 50 kB May need to be divided (likelihood goes up with size)
< 40 kB Length alone does not justify division