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When games are ported, remade, translated or otherwise localized for different regions, various changes may be made and it is important to document these changes. Solid references, screenshots and back-to-back visual comparisons through the use of the {{multiple image}} template are useful assets, with the changes themselves being organized into bulleted lists.

Types of sections

As explained here, all uniquely-titled games receive individual articles, including reissues (namely, ports and remakes). On these pages, Level 2 headers can be used for List of changes sections (==List of changes==), with the understanding being that said changes are between the reissue and the original game. Compilation games can also use Lv. 2 headers, however each one should specify which game it concerns.

While games are sometimes renamed in the process of being translated or localized, unlike reissues, as they are still the same game, they are not given different articles. Any changes that do occur between the different versions are covered in Regional differences sections on the one article. As above, Lv. 2 headers should be used for these sections, and both types of sections can be further subdivided into specific kinds of changes using Lv. 3 headers.

Types of changes

There are four main types of changes. Gameplay changes can include new game physics or mechanics, different point allocations, and other changes that affect the playing experience. Level design changes do not affect gameplay beyond the specific changes made to certain levels, including structural differences, moved or new items, and altered time limits. Graphical changes do not affect gameplay at all, and include updating the graphics, fixing visual errors, and translating writing found in sprites. Actual changes to a game's script and credit sequences, however, are considered Textual changes, and can range from tweaking spellings and grammar, to translation work, to the addition of completely new narrative sequences, including any accompanying cutscenes.

In sections dealing with version differences, changes should be grouped under these four headers, provided each type of change is found in a given reissue or localization. For example, if no level designs were changed, that particular section can be omitted, and if only one or two bullet's worth of information is present, users can use their discretion on whether to create a section or not. Conversely, if there are numerous changes regarding another specific aspect of a game, additional sections may be created, with "Audio changes" being the most likely to occur. If a given change does not fit neatly into any of the major groupings, or if there are not enough differences to warrant a specific header, the information can simply be listed at the top of the overall section.