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The bad jokes and other deleted nonsense archive is the fun and controversy archive on the super mairo wiki. Its purpose? To have the most bad works documented. for fun!

On a more serious note, this archive was created to store vandalism and poor writing that users consider to be humorous. The archive is for anyone to edit, as long as the added content satisfies one condition: it must be funny.

Before editing, please read the following rules:

  • This is not a general vandalism archive.
    While it is true that what may be considered "humorous" is fairly subjective, common sense should play a part here. The Mario article being replaced with something along the lines of "MARIO IS A [insert swear word here]" is not funny; it is childish and obnoxious.
  • Do not add impertinent content to the archive.
    As stated above, information containing vandalism and poor writing is the only type of content that is acceptable to add here. Such content may include entire articles, sections of articles, file names, content in file pages, or "joke" proposals, but may only be taken from valid wiki articles or proposals. Content derived from user talk pages or any other namespace is generally not allowed.
  • Users reserve the right to remove content which they wrote.
    The focus of this archive is to store vandalism and poorly written material deemed to be humorous. However, there is an exception: if something you wrote happens to be archived here, you have the right to remove it if you wish for it not to be there (this obviously does not apply in the case of blatant vandalism). For this reason, there should not be any edit warring between users over any specific section being removed.
  • Newbie bashing is not tolerated.
    There is a difference between poorly written articles that new users may be susceptible to creating and something so confusing and devoid of information that you become suspicious of the writer's sanity. We accept only the latter variety in this archive.
  • Don't write badly on purpose.
    Don't create all-new material just to add to the archives, don't alter existing material to "make it funnier", and definitely don't vandalize actual articles in order to get them into BJAODN, because you will be punished.

Here are a few tips for organizing BJAODN pages:

  • Entries should be placed in alphabetical order.
  • Entries that have obviously bogus red links should be replaced with the {{fake link|}} template, like this.
  • Commentary is permitted, but users should show restraint in this matter. Commentary should make the entries funnier, and commenting just for the sake of commenting will be removed, as will lengthy back-and-forth exchanges.
  • You don't need to ask permission to add something.

Now, let the nonsense begin!


These are the small entries, organized by categories:

Complete "articles"

These are entries large enough to be separate from everything else: