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Why buy gossip tabloids about your favorite character when you can see these for free?


Antasma is an evil bat "king" (giving himself the King title).

("Affiliation: himself.")

  • Antasma and Swooper are both bats. Whether they are related or not is unknown.


An Arukaroten is a Chain-Chomp like creature that are inside Bowser but he kidnaps Princess Peach but Mario, Luigi and Bowser wanna fight and save Peach.

("Bowser! User your stomach muscles to crush the Arukaroten!") - DarkNight (talk)

Baby Birdo[edit]

Baby Birdo

Baby Birdo is the baby form of Birdo. Baby Birdo has yet to appear in any Mario games. She is one of the only babies not to be a star child. She looks extremely similar to her older self, except for her personal bow. Birdo.jpg A photograph of the current appearance of Baby Birdo.

Games starred in:


("A baby with a wedding ring?")

Baby Bowser[edit]

Although he is the child of his father and mother.......


The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
"Toddler Terrors of Time Travel"
Baby Mario Bros.
Baby Mario and Baby Luigi.

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi appeared in an episode of The great adventure of Mario 2, "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel". In this episode, Yoshi and Kooky von Koopa attempted to use Kooky's Time Travel Tube to go back in time to Brooklyn and stop the X-men. from getting transported to the habbo Hotel via going through a teleporter disguised as a bathtub they were fixing. The current day Mario Bros. attempt to stop them, by following Koopa and Kooky through to Habbo. However, due to a glitch in the Teleport Travel Tube, everyone on board is turned gay. Baby Toad however manages to retrieve the Tube after it is fixed and turn himself and the Mario Bros. back to Habbo. The Mario Bros. and Toad later stop Yoshi's scheme.


Physical Description

Baby Luigi is very similar to Baby Toad. Both have a reputation of being quite "gay". He also has a thin layer of brown hair always covered by his trademark "L" hat. The only major difference between Baby Mario and Toad is that Toad is obviously an alien mushroom, while Baby Luigi wears a green shirt and green hat. Also, Baby Luigi's sneakers are green and Toad hates sneakers.

Baby Luigi[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

(This section had 14 fully detailed paragraphs. 14. Count them.)

Baby Peach[edit]

Baby on Wii

['nuff said]

Baby Rosalina[edit]

(Note that these "articles", along with a few other attempts not archived here, were written before Baby Rosalina's actual debut in Mario Kart 8.)


Baby Rosalina, State together with the young Polari, this 3D image. Baby Rosalina has no magic wand as Princess Rosalina has. But only later when she gets her degree she has achieved. Baby Rosalina not even exist, but everyone has ever had a baby, so why is Baby Rosalina here.

("You coincidence, this image is actually extremely accurate to the real deal. The only thing really different is the respective colors of her pacifier and her shoes. That's all." - Toadette the Achiever (talk))

("And then later, another real deal's artwork is getting closer to its "source material", with the colors of her pacifier and her shoes. Even her pose is strangely similar. Just remove her white lab coat." - Infinite8 (talk))

Baby Rosalina is the baby version of galaxy princess, Rosalina. She hasn't been in very many games. Her most famous appearance is in Diaper Duty 2: The Eggs. Baby Rosalina appears in the Super Baby Partners Squad game. She helps Baby Mario & Baby Luigi rescue Baby Peach & Baby Daisy from Baby Bowser by giving them special abilities and a few hints. She becomes a playable character after the game is completed.

Games she appears in:
Diaper Duty 2: the eggs
Diaper Duty 3: Baby Peach's turn to shine
Diaper Duty 4: Piranha Plant storms
Diaper Duty 5: Koopa Kid Gets Mad
Diaper Duty 6: Baby Birdo is born
Diaper Duty 7: The Nega star children
Diaper Duty 9: The lost island
Super Baby Mario Kart

(Where is Diaper Duty 8?)

("Where is the first game even?") Shadic 34 (talk)

Baby Toad[edit]

Baby Toad bon.png

Baby Toad is a little Toad. He always sleeping and he love Mario

("he always sleepin' n' shit" -- Super Radio (talk))

Baby Waluigi[edit]

Baby Waluigi.png

Baby Waluigi

("If anyone needs any help after seeing this image, I know a good therapist." - Stooben Rooben (talk))

("Well that's not creepy at all")


“I love golden coins. Like always.”
Baby Waluigi, Yoshi's Island Wii (Coming Soon)

Baby Waluigi, comes in for almost nothing Baby Waluigi has a Spiny Shell (Mario Kart Item), and a coin in his hand. He hates Baby Weegee (not Baby Luigi).

Baby Waluigi, has a Spiny Shell (Mario Kart Item) and a coin in his hand.

("Great, another Baby Waluigi")

Beanbean Guard[edit]

Beanbean Guards are shown to not be very bright as they do not know of the many things the Mario Bros. tells them (Princess Peach, Chuckola Reserve, etc.). They also do not seem to be very powerful or good at their job, as they are beaten by Fawful numerous times.



  • The letter "ö" is only used in the Estonian, Finnish, Icelandic, Turkish, German, Hungarian and Swedish languages.


After Bleak has sustained enough damage, he will seem to go into some sort of seizure (quivering and making bizarre noises) and then explode, giving out a Bonus Coin.

(why are comparisons to having seizures one of the funniest entries?)

(The text was later changed to 'After Bleak has sustained enough damage, he will go into some sort of laughing fit and then explode (Die Laughing)'. He's literally dying of laughter, I'm metaphorically dying of laughter.) Bazooka Mario (talk)

Blue Yoshi[edit]

Super Mario Run description

"Yoshi is Mario's loyal adventuring buddy. He is a 15 year old squeaker and raging homosexual in denial. He can Flutter Jump, and he's got no fear of spikes! Popular with Blue Toads."

("This was added on September 8th, 2017 and remained until an anonymous user removed it on November 21, 2017. Clearly I suck at my job." - Alex95 (talk))

Blue yoshi is playable in many of the yoshi games and some mario games. This includes Yoshi's crafted world and Mario kart 8 Best yoshi ever!

Bob-omb (Paper Mario: The Origami King)[edit]

In battle, Bobby can damege enemies by exploding.

(Note that this was included when the page was created a month before the game came out)

Bobby deserved better.

After Bobby died, I was staring helplessly at the tv screen for a couple of minutes, shocked, silent, my grieving is still not over and I will be taking my time with this. I have never imagined that a very cute, lovely and lighthearted game like this would hit me at the back like a sudden brick on the face. As the player, when I first met Bobby the bomb-omb it was awkward but funny and adorable. At first I didn’t know what to do with him. Then we knew that he had amnesia. When me and Olivia offered for him to join us to create new memories. He joined us, we laughed, ran from bad guys, we even fought some of them fearlessly. We even ate together some canned tuna and it was an amazing time. The thing is, he did now even know what his story was so this is why he didn’t tell mario and olivia anything. But when olivia was crushed under the boulder and would be stuck forever, bobby looked at me and said that he wanted a favor. He asked if we could go to that ship and fetch something important because he assured us that that it would save Olivia. So we went on another adventure, little did I know that it would be the last time I would ever see his innocent and adorable little face. That friend face that made me miss him so much after all these adventures. I can’t stop crying over this. I am now running out of breath as I am typing this because I tend to succeed at expressing myself a lot when I write so I could let it out. My dear friend, our lovely, kind, adorable, funny, courageous and white-hearted Bobby. Our friend is gone. I’m crying now and I can’t continue this game. I need to take a little break. If I knew, if mario knew, if anyone of us knew what was going on in his mind we would have NEVER agreed to go to that ship. Olivia would have NEVER agreed to this. I love you bomb-omb. I love and miss you Bobby already. So much, you poor, sweet courageous little boy. Our buddy had already a tough time before all this. Then this happens.. damn you nintendo. Damn you for making me feel this way. I swear I can’t breathe. I am drinking water and I will probably need a lot of time to recover. I can’t believe you are gone. I miss and love you Bobby. Thank U. Thank U for everything. Gdbye.

Justice for Bobby.

(The most tear-jerking funeral speech since the time I attended Luvbi's. ~Camwood777 (talk))


  • The Bonecoaster is probably a dead snake (possibly even a dry snake).


Booster attempted to eliminate Mario with some Bob-ombs, but Mario escaped the deadly blasts.

(The explosions do no damage in the overworld and walking into a bomb just begins a regular battle.)

The only time Booster wants to fight Mario is when his Snifits find him behind the curtains (when unsuccessfully hiding from them), though even then Booster believes that it is the Mario doll that he is fighting and not the real Mario.

(Pictured: Booster thinking he is fighting a doll)
Mario failing the minigame at the top of Booster Tower Battle with Booster


[...] in place of Bowser's chestplate are two "raised circles".

("And the award for most laughable euphemism goes too...")


Common sense

Bowser's plans are also sometimes complicated in themselves and involve numerous crimes such as abduction, theft, robbery, terrorism, abuse, harrassment, blackmail, arson, destruction, numerous attempts of mass murder, minion facilitation, child endangerment, assault, and even acts such as frame-up, fraud, and identity theft as evident in Super Mario Sunshine.

("The christ is "minon facilitation", anyway?")

Artwork of Bowser in Super Mario 64 DS (also used in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)
Bowser is usually portrayed as angry and remorseless.

While Bowser has been shown from pure relentless evil to a comical villain, there have been hardly any instances where Bowser has shown any form of emotion other than anger or hatred. Bowser has never shown any remorse for his actions, which have led to numerous atrocities and caused much destruction from the Mushroom Kingdom all the way to the outer reaches of the universe. Bowser also seems to lack sympathy and has disregard for any form of life. Bowser's many attacks on the Mushroom Kingdom could have easily taken many lives, but Bowser has never shown any remorse when doing these attacks, only focusing on obtaining power and ruling the Mushroom Kingdom with Peach at his side. In Paper Mario, Mario's defeat at the hands of Bowser, to which Bowser mockingly laughed at, could be considered murder as he is only able to rise up after the combined energy of the Star Spirits. In Super Paper Mario, Bowser has shown to have no problems killing his own minions when they attack. He has even on occasions abducted infants to fulfill his nefarious goal of conquest and did not care in the least for their well being. Perhaps Bowser's biggest demonstration for disregard for other lives is in Super Mario Galaxy, where his plot was to wipe out entire galaxies to create a cosmos he can control.

"(The following pictures are great pictures to showcase Bowser's pure evil:)"

Bowser losing a game and getting mad at his Game Boy.Super Mario Bros. 3 promotional artwork: BowserGroup artwork showing Mario playing the Game Boy, with Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser watching, from Game & Watch Gallery.Bowser being hit by a panelBowsermt641.png

Bowser (Super Mario Galaxy Boss)[edit]

Bowser (Super Mario Galaxy Boss)
Species Koopa
Galaxy Bowser's Star Reactor
Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
Bowser's Galaxy Reactor
Bowser's Lava Lair
Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet
Bowser's Galaxy Generator
Mission(s) The Fiery Stronghold
Darkness on the Horizon
The Fate of the Universe
Bowser's Big Lava Power Party
Breaking into Bowser's Castle
Bowser's Fortified Fortress
Dome Fountain
World World 2
World 4
World 6
Star given SMG: A Grand Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.
SMG2: Grand Star icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
“I don't have time to chat, so let's cut this short... Shorty
Bowser, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bowser was a Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 boss, just like nearly every other Mario game. In Super Mario Galaxy, Bowser stole some Power Stars and Grand Stars from Rosalina and her Luma friends. Therefore, Rosalina told Mario (or Luigi) to get them back. So you had to fight Bowser for it. That's how he became a boss.

("The tale of how Bowser became a boss is one that will be told for the ages.")

Bowser Jr.[edit]

Mario Tennis Aces

In Story Mode, Bowser Jr. and your father are secondary antagonists and allied with King Bask to disrupt the progress of the Mario.

Brown Yoshi[edit]

Due to the absence of Brown Yoshis in recent games, and with the prevailance of Orange Yoshis instead, many consider Brown Yoshi and Orange Yoshi to be one and the same. Of course, it's also possible that Brown Yoshis are simply endangered.


It's appearances usually take place in the past and are almost never seen in the modern day, implying that they've become extinct or at least critically endangered.

("Habitat destruction and poaching finally got to them." LeftyGreenMario (talk))


  • Bugaboom's eyes look strangely hypnotic, meaning that it may not have been the one who planned the Mandibug attack and just may have been hypnotized into assaulting Mario. Of course, this may also mean that Bugaboom is simply demented.
  • It then proceeds to attack Mario just like a regular Mandibug would except it is much bigger.
  • Glamdozer's boss music seems to be a remix of Bugaboom's theme. They also have similaraties, as both a bigger version of their species, and both need to be ground-pounded to be defeated, like their species.


Byleth's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
The Mighty Jinjonator in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

("Sothis is what the Mighty Jinjonator looks like?" Arend (talk))


Cackletta is an evil sorcerer witch from the Beanbean Kingdom and is the main antagonist of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the Game Boy Advance, and its 3DS remake. She also appeared as a Sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Chap (green)[edit]

  • The word "chap" is a slang term for a male person. Perhaps interestingly, this namesake of Chap's is actually used elsewhere in Super Paper Mario, such as in Flamm's nickname "the Map Chap."

Chief Chilly[edit]

Out of all the moustached bosses from Super Mario 64 DS, Chief Chilly takes greatest pride about his moustache.

("I'm trying to remember how many moustached Bosses there were in SM64DS. I can only think of two." - Garlic Man (talk))

("There were three" - Toadbrigade5 (talk))

Cloud Strife[edit]


Conker the Squirrel[edit]

While currently portrayed by Rare as a vulgar, adult-oriented figure (as seen in mature-classified games such as the non-canonical Conker's Bad Fur Day),

("What I think this is to say is that Conker's Bad Fur Day isn't canon to Diddy Kong Racing. Aside from the fact that is too speculative, the way that this is written makes it sound like Bad Fur Day never happened in Conker's universe." - Wikiboy10 (talk)

"Crotch-Face Guy"[edit]

"Crotch-Face Guy" is a character that appears in the episode "Robo Koopa/Captain Lou is Missing" of the "Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" "Crotch-Face Guy" is a mysterious character, and many wonder what his true identity is. It is thought that, following the storyline of the live-action episode that pairs with "Robo Koopa", "Crotch-Face Guy" may actually be Captain Lou Albano hiding from Cyndi Lauper. However, it is later discovered that Captain Lou Albano was actually out getting some "Good Fried Chicken", and would return in an hour. This leaves viewers wondering who this "Crotch-Face Guy" really is.

Some believe this "Crotch-Face Guy" to be the Margarine Man, but it was later discovered in the song Mr. Roboto" by Styx that the Margarine Man, in reality, was Kilroy the neighbor. Could Kilroy be both "Crotch-Face Guy" and the Margarine Man? Is this the Margarine Man's "Secret Secret, he's got a Secret?" Could there be others? Is Kilroy posing as people you know in your life? He could be anywhere.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! was originally thought to be safe from characters such as Kilroy, and most especially "Crotch-Face Guy". Perhaps this was the cause of the show's cancellation. Could "Crotch-Face Guy" actually be Captain Lou Albano's mother? So many questions unanswered and so much confusion over one "Crotch-Face Guy".

(Note that this seems to be making a "character" out of a simple animation errorMedia:Crochet-Face Guy.png)


While nobody understands what they say initially, they are actually very intelligent and often discuss complex issues, such as family matters, stocks, the environment, and even university applications, but they mostly do this when no one is around, and when in presence of other people, they mostly make "caw" sounds. Their intelligence is a reference to how actual crows are highly intelligent species in the animal kingdom, rivaling chimpanzees.

(This was the leading paragraph of the article, which, I later realised, refers to their appearance in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Since it makes no mention of that, it made me scratch my head.)

Dark Star[edit]

  • Culex, from the first RPG Mario, has a attack called "Dark Star". However it's possible that it doesn't has anything to do with "this" Dark Star.
  • Oddly enough, the Dark Star has more menacing eyes than Dark Star X.

("So red eyes are more menacing than blue eyes? How did I miss that?" - YoshiCookie (talk))

("But keep in mind that menace is in the eye of the beholder." - Walkazo (talk))


Dedar is so confident in his abilities that he suggests Toad should plan on having some excuses for losing. Toad, of course, made him eat his words.

Diddy Kong[edit]

return of the werdos

The old render of Diddy Kong.Diddy Kong first appeared in revenge of the werdos the last donkey Donkey Kong Country, here he was still Donkey Kong's apprentice and an in-training video-game star. Wanting to humor an over eager Diddy,but diddy got mad at dk and banished him from the jungle forever Donkey decided to let Diddy guard his Banana Hoard. Unfortunately, when DK assigned this duty to Diddy he hadn't expected the Kremling Krew to attack. Unable to hold off an attack by a Krusha, Diddy was sealed in a barrel. The next morning Donkey awoke and, realizing his bananas were missing, he found and released Diddy and the two set off to reclaim them and drive the Kremlings off of Donkey Kong Island. Eventually Donkey and Diddy managed to defeat King K. Rool and the Kremling Krew.

werdoland 2 diddys distruction

Disaster soon struck in werdo land 2 diddys distruction, when the Kremling Krew kidnapped Donkey Kong burned him in a fire took diddy with him when he did it then burned his face and whisked him away to their own island, werdo Isle. K. werd threatened to never return Donkey Kong unless he was given the mario of Banana crack, which Diddy agrese to give because all the trouble that he and Donkey Kong went through to help him in the previous game. It was up to Diddy and werdo sqad to venture through werdo Isle and dystroy Donkey Kong with Captain K Rool. Near the end of werdo land 2 diddys dystruction, Donkey Kong was dystroyed by Diddy and the werdo squad and werdo Isle sank them to the ocean.

("These edits are weird")

("Don't you mean "werd"?")


In fact, the only thing we actually know for certain about him is his gender and how he joined Count Bleck.

The Dinosaurs[edit]

The Dinosaurs are a group of, as the name indicates,inhabiting Diamond City

("The Dinosaurs are a pizza chain.")


However, he unhealthily holds in his anger, which he releases by pecking golden statues of his boss.

("This is a wiki about the Mario series, not a repository of health advices for fictional characters.")


(This image has the file name "DolphinCuteSun":)
(What the author of that name didn't know is that the full picture looks like this:)
Artwork of Mario jumping from some Dolphins from Super Mario World

Donkey Kong[edit]

Donkey Kong's defining traits are his inhuman strength, unusual appearance, love of bananas, his eccentric voice, and his red tie. Despite being called a "donkey", he resembles more of an ape than an actual donkey.

Who is Donkey Kong?

Donkey Kong's exact role in the Mario series is somewhat sketchy. His original appearance portrayed him as a villainous-or just stupid and confused-ape with unequaled strength.

Additional confusion has been caused by the appearance of a character called Donkey Kong Jr. in some recent Mario sports games, who appears to be younger than the present Donkey Kong. This could be disregarded however, since Baby Mario also sometimes appears alongside Mario during spin-offs.

Physical Appearance

Donkey Kong has muscular pecs, a slim stomach, and large triceps and biceps; all surrounded in chocolate brown fur.

("Mmm, delicious chocolate gorilla fur.") - User:Pirate Goomba


It's said DK is a two hundred pound western wandering gorilla, however this has not been completely cleared with Miyamoto or Nintendo

Donkey Kong Country Wii

Donkey Kong Country Wii is a video game in development by Rare and Nintendo (collectively called "DK Wii") for the Wii. It was announced by Nintendo of America president and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime and a trailer was briefly shown during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009. The game features 3D side-scrolling gameplay. Fils-Aime stated that Donkey Kong Country Wii would "take you deeper into Kong's story," and also noted that the game would be a return to the style of the traditional series as opposed to the Konga series, though the game will have you fighting King K. Kool and his army of Kremlings and the new main villain of the series Emperor Wart. It is scheduled for release in 2011.

("Why was this part of the Donkey Kong article?")
("It's worth noting that this "section" was created before Donkey Kong Country Returns, a Donkey Kong Country series installment...surprise, surprise...for the Wii, officially released in year earlier." - Toadette the Achiever (talk))


  • Although usually faster than Bowser, Donkey Kong appeared as the slower character in Mario Super Sluggers. Why Bowser had the higher running stat in that game is unknown.


Donkey Kong and Mario have had quite rivalry for some time. This rivalry has taken a new course as witnessed in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, though in most cases it's really Mario that never learns and almost always assumes bad faith.

("Would it be assuming bad faith at this point? Your stores robbed, your property damaged, your employees kidnapped, and your girlfriend traumatized? All over children's toys?")

Donkey Kong Jr.[edit]

One of Donkey Kong Jr.'s alternate colour schemes in Mario Tennis, for the Nintendo 64, gives him pink fur, making him identical to the Pink Donkey Kong Jr. It is not known if this pink Donkey Kong Jr. is meant to be the Pink Donkey Kong Jr. of Donkey Kong Jr. Math, or simply a form of the actual Donkey Kong Jr.; the resemblance between the characters of the two games may even be a coincidence.

(It should be noted that the Pink Donkey Kong Jr. fandom has since become very strong in the Super Mario Wiki community.)
(Also no, his alternate colors in Mario Tennis are not pinkMedia:DKjr Colors.png. - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))


Super Mario 64

The first known Dorrie from Super Mario 64 lives in an underground lake in the Hazy Maze Cave. He spends his days swimming in circles, but will gladly give Mario a ride if he gets on his back. It is also possible to steer Dorrie by carefully climbing up onto his head; Mario will lose control of movement for a moment, then the player can control Dorrie by facing the direction they want to go in. Ground Pounding on his head will cause him to lower his neck, making this task easier. A sign near the lake in which he takes residence states that he might eat visitors if they get too close, although he otherwise proves to be a harmless creature. Apparently, Dorrie is a Plesiosaur, possessing a rather younger complexsion.

Dr. Crygor[edit]

In addition to being a scientist, Dr. Crygor is a WarioWare, Inc. employee. As such, he frequently appears as one of the stage or mode hosts in the WarioWare games. He has a niece. His niece is Penny. Check out Penny for more.

("Never mind the 'oh hey let's just split this into separate sentences for no reason' writing that could easily be replaced with 'He has a niece named Penny', this news-site style link (or lack thereof) is just ridiculously funny." -TheDarkStar (talk))


  • [...] On a similar note, the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team main antagonist, Antasma, shared several traits to Dracula, including transforming into a bat, having vampiric traits, and to a lesser extent speaking in a Slavic accent (although it should be noted that Dracula in the Castlevania series, with the exception of Portrait of Ruin and to a lesser extent Captain N, does not have him speaking with a Slavic accent). In the Russian version of the game, his name is even a pun on Dracula. The character Count Bleck from Super Paper Mario also shared some traits to Dracula, namely in terms of motives for acting as the main antagonist being the result of losing his beloved (which was taken from the 1992 Francis Coppola adaptation).

(We don't have an article on Bram Stoker's Dracula so let's just cram all this information on the page for the Castlevania antagonist.)


As soon as he gets on it, the Dromedary starts to run very quickly and Mario gets flung away. Later in the comic, he meets the very same Dromedary again. Angrily, it kicks him away. The fact that Mario lands miles away from the animal suggests that it has supernatural powers.

("To be fair, real, non-supernatural dromedaries aren't green like this specific Dromerdary, so I can understand the assumption." - Arend (talk))


During the events of Diddy Kong Racing Drumstick attempted to challenge the invading alien wizard, Wizpig. Unfortunatly this was the last that was seen or heard of Drumstick.

  • It is possible that Drumstick's overalls may be based on those of Mario.

("Right, because overalls are an exclusive attribute of Mario's." - Results May Vary (talk)

Turned into a frog

During Diddy Kong racing Diddy Kong Racing Drumstick spends most of his time cursed in the shape of a frog by Wizpig because he was the best racer on Timber Island. Diddy Kong and all the other racers trying to defeat Wizpig, did not notice Drumkstick in his frog form until they had collected four gold trophies and thirty-nine Golden Baloons, WHEN they found a frog with a red roosters feather, they ran it over and it turned out to be Drumstick, and after being run over he returned to his normal form.

Transformed with a more powerful spell

In the remake of Diddy Kong Racing (Diddy Kong Racing DS) Drumstick was again turned into a frog, this time however when Diddy Kong and co tried to run him over to revert him to his normal form it did not work, instead they had to throw him into the air adn on top of a water fall, onto a small patch of grass, with a frog liek shape on the wall behind it.

("Several of these sentences make Drumstick's transformation into a frog sound more dramatic than it really was." - Results May Vary (talk)

Dry Bowser[edit]

This may be because his transformation pushed his anger and hatred of Mario to the extremes, possibly completely corrupting himself. In other words, Bowser's mean to the bone. [...] Dry Bowser's personality is similar to his living counterpart, Bowser. He is a cruel and ruthless villain, and his roar is even more terrifying than the living Bowser's.


Sadly, if no one is near Eevee, it won't do anything at all leaving it useless in large stages.


It appears in Mario Party: The Top 100 where it is a collectible unlocked when all the minigames from Mario Party 5 are unlocked. In this game it appears along with all the other six Star Spirits.[1][2]


("As if the failure to italicize game titles and usage of other wiki articles as sources weren't bad enough, this went unnoticed for over a year. The section was added on January 27th, 2020, and was not rewritten until March 26th, 2021." - Waluigi Time (talk))


  • Emoglobins may be emo, which their name confirms.

False Bowser[edit]

Though evil, he fights exactly like Bowser.

("Isn't Bowser already evil to begin with?")

Concept and creation

The reason for the fake Bowsers in the original Super Mario Bros. is due to the fact that, while the game was still in development, since all enemies have their sprites flipped upside-down when they are defeated (including Goombas, which had two death animations, with the other being flattened, and except for Piranha Plants, which simply disappear, and Bullet Bills, which stay rightside up, while defeated Koopa Troopas and Buzzy Beetles turn into upside-down shells), one of the programmers accidentally inserted an upside-down Koopa Troopa shell when portraying Bowser's death animation as if he were defeated with fireballs. The developers liked this idea, and as a result, this idea was extended to most of the Bowser battles in the game.

(Here's a masterclass in how to make a fairly simple statement way more confusing and hard to read than it needs to. Never use one word where three might do and redundantly state which enemies have their sprites flipped, because simply saying "except [the ones that don't]" would just not have been obvious enough.)


Fawful art from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
Full name Fawful
Species Beanish
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003)
Latest appearance Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)
Affiliation(s) Himself, Cackletta, Metaboss

Fawful is a mechanical genius, but his common sense suffers due to his uncontrollable anger, which often causes him to act in a delusional and somewhat autistic manner. His name comes from the words "guffaw" (a term that refers to powerful laughter) and "awful."

(The real gem isn't the edit itself, but the notes for adding it and immediately removing it:)

  • "Autists are geniuses who lack social skills. That's Fawful for you right there."
  • "That in no way is what an autistic person is."

(Stay classy, guys. Just... Stay classy. ~Camwood777 (talk))


Fawful's extreme rage makes him a psychopath, often harming others without cause or sympathy ("Finally! Now is the time where my true might shines, like many angry sunbeams of rage!"). Fawful only cares for Cackletta in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and frantically helps her when she is not hurt, but ignores her when she is hurt. Yet, Fawful's speech prior to his final battle against Mario and Luigi reveals that he's very disturbed at how it was his genius that allowed Cackletta to live on while he remains a lackey and lets her obtain all the power and glory. This was apparently the start of Fawful's true lust for greater power and gratification, having had enough of serving others and allowing his genius to be used for their own gains and not getting anything back in return, not even recognition.

Fawful delights in taunting his enemies before obliterating them ("Your lives that I spit on are now but a caricature of a cartoon drawn by a kid who is stupid!"). Fawful is quite deranged, he has several megalomaniac desires, and aspires to create great chaos in the world. He lusts for the ultimate dark power and does not care for the consequences that it would bring to the rest of the world, willing to let it be plunged into endless chaos with millions of lives being consumed by his warped desires.

Fawful is also arguably the most self-absorbed villain in the series, building statues in his honor wherever he goes, hosting shows about him, speaking of himself in third person in honor, constantly making speeches on his genius, and even giving his army his own likeness. To further show off his image, Fawful created several Fawful merchandise sold to his minions, and even made some of his minions look like him (such as "Fawful Guy").

("Did you know Fawful is grimdark? Me neither.")


However, Frankie had the misfortune of falling in love with Francesca, Don Pianta's daughter, making him an enemy to the Don and the Pianta Syndicate. The two lovebirds decide to elope, and Mario is asked to find them on the Don's behalf. Mario finds them at the harbor in Rogueport, but is conflicted, unsure if he should reveal their location to Don Pianta. However, Francesca and Frankie return to the Don, and through Mario's intervention, the boss gives the couple his approval.

Funky Kong[edit]

Before of events of Donkey Kong Country, Funky Kong was sergeant of United States Marine Corps.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Funky Kong's role is expanded upon in the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest when he comes out as homosexual.

  • It should be noted that Funky Kong is considered to have the best theme song in whatever game he appears in.

Giga Lakitu[edit]

Angry King Lakitu
King Lakitu is angry.

DO NOT under estimate this lakitu to much or it will be the end of that life (note: do not over estimate him either).



Gobblegut has a few jagged crystals protruding from its head, and it has a large bulbous chin that has numerous scars on it (most likely due to the numerous times it slams his chin into solid rock). It also has orange eyes with a demented look to them.

Goomba (Super Paper Mario character)[edit]

A Goomba betrays Luigi and joins Nastasia.
The Goomba betrays Luigi in favor of Nastasia
“Hey lady! Got room for one more on your team?”
Goomba, Super Paper Mario

An unnamed Goomba appears during the second interlude of Super Paper Mario, after the events of Chapter 2-4, along with his apparent partner, Gary. The two come across Luigi in Castle Bleck, having been scattered along with the rest of the attendees of the wedding of Princess Peach and Bowser. They convince him to help them find an escape route, while promising to abandon him should they fail. After a short journey, they run into a dead end and are cornered by Nastasia and a group of brainwashed enemies. Gary is brainwashed, to the other Goomba's horror. The Goomba then betrays Luigi and willingly joins Count Bleck, the only known member of the Koopa Troop to do so. After swearing his loyalty to the count, he helps the other enemies hold down Luigi, allowing Nastasia to brainwash him into Mr. L. The Goomba is not mentioned for the remainder of the game, but it is possible that he is one of the few Goombas found in the castle during Chapter 8.


As stated in her Tattle in the underground area of Shhwonk Fortress, Goombella is the only Goomba who wears shoes.

("Goombella has the same feet as any other Goomba..." -LeftyGreenMario (talk))

Head Honcho Carpaccio[edit]

Head Honcho Carpaccio is a transformation of Carpaccio in Wario: Master of Disguise. Carpaccio used the financial might of his company to develop a morphing technology that helped him become into this transformation.

("In case it wasn't clear he changes." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Herman Smirch[edit]

Because of the series' early cancellation, the truth about Smirch's misadventures was never truly revealed - that he had merely hallucinated Tatanga, Daisy, and Mario coming out, and none of it was happening at all.


Although Wario seems to love his hen very much, she may be his unwilling prisoner. During Wario's attempt to bring her home, she is constantly trying to run away. This may, however, be merely because she is roused up by the turn of events in her peaceful life.

Holly Mackerel[edit]

Unlike traditional depictions of mermaids, she has comely female human legs and a fish's head and torso.

("That seems a little opinionated.") - Niiue (talk)

Hot Roderick[edit]


Artwork of Hot Roderick from Wario Land: Shake It!

....where does the resemblance even start?)

(Well, I think it starts here: if you really, really, really stretch it, they have a similar color. The resemblance ends here: if you really, really, really stretch it, they have a similar color.)

Iggy Koopa[edit]

Iggy Koopa (known as Hop Koopa in the cartoons) is the second Youngest[1] of the Koopalings, [...]

1. ^ its right

Invincible Raccoon Mario[edit]

Find info. on White Raccoon Mario(wich is the same).

Joe and Mac[edit]

  • The Tyrant Triffid, an enemy from the Joe & Mac series, bears a close resemblance to the Piranha Plant. They are mythical man-eating plants similar to the venus flytrap that spit poisonous seeds. Their large ruler, the Legendary Giant Tyrant Triffid, has a position similar to Petey Piranha.

("Here's another case of 'drawing arbitrary comparisons, particularly to something that didn't come until years later in Petey's case (and not even being the subject of the article).' What makes this really special is that while this was added at the end of April 2011, it wouldn't be removed until the end of May 2021, ten years plus one month later.") - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk)

K. Lumsy[edit]


K. Lumsy is to remain in the cage as punishment for his actions and is only to be released when he learns to be a vicious destroyer who has no sympathies towards the Kong Family.


Kamek artwork Kamek is a high ranking Magikoopa in the Koopa Troop. Kamek has cared for Bowser since he was a child. Kamek's first appearance was in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island where he foresaw that two babies born that night would cause great trouble for the Koopa Troop. Kamek captured one of them, Baby Luigi, but failed to find the other one, Baby Mario. Kamek continued to serve Bowser for many years, trying to kidnap Mario & Luigi, but failing. Kamek is also a leader of his own group known as the Toadies, who follow Kamek's every whim. Kamek also made an appearance in the spin-off game, Mario Party DS, once again serving as Bowser's Acolyte. Somehow, he has managed to appear again in New Super Mario Bros. Wii as he continues to assist the Koopalings and Bowser.


super mario 63

kamek plays a impotent role in the online remake of super mario 64 super mario 63. kamek is the companion of bowser and eventually betrays bowser and goes of on his own. at his castle mario must battle a magical bully to get a red shine sprite and go unlock a room in the attic. and helps mario save princes peach at the end of the game.



Kamek is a character that is devoted to Bowser; he does what his master wishes, without question. This means that if Bowser gives an order, no matter how ridiculous or difficult, Kamek will follow it. In addition, Kamek views Bowser like a son to him, as evidenced by his psychopath quote "That's... my child?" in reference to Bowser. He is also very evil, formulating diabolical schemes with little thought as to how they will affect innocent people, such as kidnapping the Baby Mario brothers and attempting to destroy his enemies without a second's hesitation and instead a feeling of joy (apparent in his speeches to the Yoshis before setting one of his monsters on them).

("I like how some of those try-hard personality sections tries to put on a air of intensity and sophistication, even with such poor content. 'The bad guy is very evil, making bad things which are very not good and that without any feeling of goodness.'")


In that game, Kamek is shown to be quite polite, though he takes clear enjoyment in either conjuring Bad Luck Spaces or scorceling them into Extra Bad Luck Spaces (exempting instances where the victim is Bowser or Bowser Jr., in which case he is apologetic to his liege and horrified at having to do so).


Kaoru playing her Family Computer.
Kaoru, during an intense bout of Super Mario 3.

Kaoru is a fictional Real World young girl who's only appearance is within the Super Mario's Fire Brigade OVA. As said appearance remains un-translated, her personality and mannerisms are guessed for the sake of this entry.

Kaoru appears to be a fan of games as shown by her dedication to her run of Super Mario 3 in the OVA's opening scene. She also seems to disagree with her brother, Tatsuya as evidenced by her slightly rude tone of voice while playing. From the fact that she took her mother's sparklers without asking, we can also assume that she has a mischievous streak to her.

Later on in the short, we can also see that her relationship with her father differs from the kinder tone she has with her mother. Kaoru also seems to be used to her father's drunken escapades and disapproves of them, denying him a kiss as well as sassing him when asked to pour a bath for him. Due to Mario's advice earlier on in the film, she also is one to spring to action when earthquakes hit, informing her mother about the running gas stove.

("Immediate self-contradiction, an article shorter than my big toe, and an outright statement of speculation - and what BOLD speculations they are! Good thing it only took two years for someone to actually start the rewrite... I think I'm gonna need a drink now.") --Lord Grammaticus


  1. redrect Magicopa

("Kemik, Magic cop.")

King Bob-omb[edit]

Although it's never been outright stated, it's heavily implied that King Bob-omb is homosexual. From his fascination with mustaches to his willingness to die for Bowser, there's very little evidence to suggest the contrary.

("I wouldn't call talking about mustaches in only one game a 'fascination'....but more importantly, what?!")

("It's two now." - Toadette the Achiever (talk))


Strangely, the cannonballs in Super Mario 64 looked just like him, only without any features except the body.

King Boo[edit]

Apparently wearing a small crown is enough to make you king, but ones from Burger King aren't enough to make your girlfriend call you her majesty. I suppose that's another story.

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition

King bill and Boo can be eaten with mushrooms.

("I don't want to know what is capable of possibly eating a King Bill. Also, what does this have to do with King Boo? - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

King K. Rool[edit]

K. Rool's greatest weakness is his own incompetence. It's very common for him to be defeated, simply because he keeps repeating his mistakes in a fight, such as in Donkey Kong Country, when he keeps throwing his crown, allowing Donkey and Diddy to jump on his head, and in Donkey Kong 64, where his constant showboating also gives the Kongs an opening to attack.

King MacFrights[edit]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホリーボーテ三世
Horībōte Sansei
「ホリーボーテ」is a pun of「ハリボテ」(haribote, papier-mâché) and「ホリー」("holy", used in expressions such as "holy Jesus!") or possibly「ホラー」("horror"), and「三世」means "the Third"

King Olly[edit]

  • King Olly's physical design of very sharp edges and points is a visual pun on his personality. Olly has what can be described as a dark emo or "edgy" personality.

("It's not a phase, Olivia! I swear!" - EleCyon (talk))


  • In The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023 animated film by Illuminaton), Kirby is not seen making a cameo due to the mistakes in the movie.

Koopa (Mario Party DS)[edit]

Koopa and Koopa Krag in Mario Party DS
Koopa with his grandfather

Koopa is a Koopa Troopa and the grandson of Koopa Krag. He appears in Mario Party DS as a supporting character and is first seen when Mario and his friends travel to Kamek's Library. Mario finds out Koopa Krag has been trapped in a book by Kamek. Koopa asks Mario and his friends to help free his grandfather. When they free him, Koopa Krag and Koopa give Mario and his friends the fourth Sky Crystal.

Koopa also appears as a board figurine. To unlock his figure, the player must earn 24,000 Mario Party points. If the player earns 23,000 points, they can obtain Koopa's friend badge. Koopa is one of the five characters with a friend badge. The other four are Diddy Kong, Toadette, Donkey Kong, and Wiggler. Koopa appears as a normal green Koopa Troopa. He has a green shell and a pair of boots with yellow skin.

Koopa Kid[edit]

Additionally, a certain Koopa Kid shopkeeper ran an unethical Item Shop in the Bowser Land, where players were forced into buying random items.

("The Item Shop, from further investigation, is heavily involved in the Black Market," - LeftyGreenMario (talk))


How [Bowser] treats them is debatable as he has never had any intercourse with them besides the credits of Super Mario World.

("Sickest Typo I ever saw." - Sir Grodus (talk))

("Actually, this is misleading, but correct. The first definition of intercourse in the third edition of the Collins English Dictionary is "communication or exchange between individuals; mutual dealings." Still, don't do this." —Soler (talk).)


how ever the nintendow company dose perticuly seem to care and contunes to pretent game paper work suggesting(but not out right claming) they are his children. even thaw Shigeru Miyamoto revild they are not his derect children the are the ownly other memders of bowers speaces other them bowers Jr. ever shown(thaw boom and his sister are also the same they are referd to has the forgonten koopalings implying they were actuly part of the groop)witch seems to imply they are in some way related to him. this is further hinted by the fact they seem to have some degree of athourity over Kamek who anser directly to the royal family.

("If you can successfully read this, you win a medal." - Yoshi876 (talk))

Lady Bow[edit]

Bow is named after Bowser.

("As if Bowyer's name is confusing enough..." - Toadette the Achiever (talk))

List of implied characters[edit]


Meatball is an implied in the Super Mario World cartoon episode Mama Luigi by Mario. When Yoshi eats Mario, he says, "Now I can see how Meatball feels." Yoshi replies, saying that he dosen't like meatballs, and he spits out Mario. Meatball's never mentioned after this.

If Mario knows how Meatball feels when he's eaten, Meatball would be eaten as well, and it's possible that Meatball lives in The Underwhere.

("Uh, meatball as in food..." - YoshiKong (talk))
("In the metaphorical sense, no less." - Archivist Toadette (talk))

Old Man Skoo

It is also unknown what species Old Man Skoo was during his lifetime, although the instance of "koo" in his name may suggest that he was a Koopa.

Princess Peach's mother

Princess Peach's mother has yet to appear in person. She was referenced by Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen. According to the princess, her mother had given her the Visionary Jewel from the Country of Treasure (possibly as a gift.) She also mentions that her mother had passed away prior to the events of the film. Her political position in Mushroom Kingdom government and her relationship with Peach's father, King Toadstool, are not explored. Princess Peach's mother is unknown but most likely alive.

("Well, that's reassuring." - YoshiKong (talk))

Tiptron MK. II

His name is a reference to Custom Robo.

Lord Fredrik[edit]

Names in other langues
Lord Fredrik
Language Name Meaning
French Sire Frighorrifik Refrigerator Guy

("Fredrik, the refrigerator guy")

(Wait, is it supposed to say "langues?" -Mags (talk) 21:15, February 7, 2021 (EST))


Artwork of Luigi from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
Luigi, as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
Full name Luigi, Luigi Mario (film only)
Species Human

Culture: Italian

First appearance Mario Bros. (1983)
Latest appearance Fortune Street / Mario Kart 7 (2011)
Latest portrayal Charles Martinet (1996-present)
Affiliation(s) Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Yoshi, Toad

Most fans are pretty sure that Luigi hates King Boo a lot because of Boos seem to be his worst fear or the fact that King Boo captured Mario.


When Luigi uses his Final Smash, the Negative Zone, it sounds like Luigi says, "hell". This may be one hint that Luigi has a really depressing life.


Toad had really good terms with Luigi for a very long time. He gives him special items in Luigi's Mansion. Luigi and Toadette are actually secretly dating.


Luigi is a crybaby like Baby Mario from Yoshi's Island series.


When speaking, he talks in a strong italian accent like his brother (except in Mario Strikers Charged, where he speaks in a Spanish accent)


With the help of E. Gadd, he was freed from his pastel prison in a rather comedic way.

("This is poetry all of a sudden?")


Lubba is a particularly portly purple Luma who first appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

(This particular sentence has been the subject of rigurous edit warring, and has resulted in the page been protected. It was even the subject of a popular tweet.)


Madame Broode and Chain Chompkins[edit]

  • Madame Broode is the first ever good character to appear in the Super Mario franchise.
  • I love her so much.

Mad Jack[edit]

your voice is similar to voice of Gruntilda, the main villain of the Banjo-Kazooie serie.

(I do not sound like that hag! Stop being such a mean old nag! -Doc von Schmeltwick)

Talk:Mama Toad[edit]

Mama Toad is the mom of all the toads

("......if she's a Toad, wouldn't that include herself?" - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))


The following two images are a commentary made by a former administrator on the very poor state of the Mario page circa 2010.

A commentary of the Mario page.
A commentary of the Mario page.

[...] In the third cinematic, after defeating Bowser's team in Challenge Mode, Mario celebrates with the other characters in the center of the infield. After doing so, Mario and the other characters march toward the entrance of the Baseball Kingdom to gaze towards the binary sunset before the lights turn on for the night.

("I don't see any indication that Mario games take place in a binary star system.") - Mario (talk)
("What do you mean the Mushroom Kingdom's not on Tatooine? There goes my headcanon...") - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk)
("Mario does not fully trust Peach, despite the fact that she is the one he has to save.") - FanOfYoshi (talk)


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Mario, Luigi, and Starlow
Mario & Luigi with Starlow

Mario & Luigi are back again in their latest appearance, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story! A new disease, the blorbs, which make toads grow to a giant size, has effected the Mushroom Kindgom citizens from a mysterious man in a grey cloak selling Blorb Mushrooms. Mario & Luigi attendant a meeting when a misunderstanding with Bowser entering caused a fight with Mario. After defeated, Bowser gets a lucky mushroom? from the same grey cloak man, who later turns out to be Fawful! The mushroom makes Bowser inhale everything, including Mario, Luigi, Starlow, and the Princess!

Mario & Luigi are found inside Bowser, that is knocked out in Cavi Cape. The Bros. and Starlow help Bowser get his castle back from Fawful. Along the way, Bowser meets Broque and Broggy, gets the ability of the Vacuum block, has Mario & Luigi make him stronger/bigger/faster from his body, and Bowser makes a minion-leader relationship with Chippy (Starlow's nickname for him). When Bowser finally reaches his castle and retakes it, Bowser is grown fat from winning the fight against Midbus, a giant pig.

While Bowser is fat, Mario & Luigi find Peach in the Flab Zone, who is kidnapped in front of them by Alpha Kretin. After a long chase, and learning the Bros. Badges, the Mario's traps and defeats Alpha & Beta Kretin, freeing the Princess. Peach, after the boss battle, tells them that Fawful probaly wants the Dark Star, so he can control the Mushroom Kingdom. And, even worse, needs Princess Peach! As they find an exit, Peach is taken out of Bowser's Body by Fawful and is once again kidnapped! Meanwhile, Midbus gives Bowser a treadmill to lose his extra pounds on.

After the rapid weight lost, with Bowser's calories literally on fire, gets blown by to Cavi Cape by a lot of bob-ombs. Bowser travels the tunnels to find a few monty moles, which he (Mario & Luigi) help dig a route to Toad Town for his secret escape exit for later kidnappings. After the tunnel digging, Bowser is knocked out once again when defense detectors shoots him with electricity. Mario & Luigi find pipes (which is odd) that leads them out of Bowser's Body. So they head to Peach's castle, but is stopped by a barrage that Fawful made to prevent access. In need of help, the Mario's go to Dr. Toadley, who, after another Bowser fight, tells them to find the three star cures to heal the Blorbs and break the barrier.

After the Mario Bros., Starlow, and Bowser (who overheard them talking about the cures) find the three cures, breaks the barrier, and enters Peach's castle. Mario & Luigi travel until they find Bowser knocked out in a island of trash. And, after fighting Junker, go back into Bowser, and wakes him up from his back pain. So, after going through the castle all to finding the Dark Star awakening and Fawful becoming Dark Fawful, who is sent flying by Bowser. Dark Star enters Bowser, who copies his DNA, but is incomplete thanks to the Mario Bros., and combines with Dark Fawful to create Dark Bowser!

Bowser follows Dark Star to a tower top, and an epic battle begins! After Mario & Luigi defeat Dark Star Core and Bowser defeats Dark Bowser, Fawful does a explosion that was suppose to kill the Mario Bros., but only ended up destroying him instead, and expelling everyone else from Bowser's body, freeing them. After realizing that the Mario's were inside Bowser, Bowser and Mario & Luigi fight, which ends the story and starts the usual chaos in the Mushroom Kingdom. At the end, it is revealed that Mario and Luigi win yet again and Bowser is back at his ruined castle, recovering from the injuries he sustained in their fight.

("The abundance of exclamation marks is the best part." — PnnyCrygr (talk))



Throughout his illustrious history, Mario has been referred to as various names besides "Mario". Here is a listing of his aliases from Mario games and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!!.

Name Game or Episode Mario is referred to Who/What refers to Mario
Basin Brain "Jungle Fever", "20,000 Koopas Under the Sea" Bowser
Big bro Various games Luigi
Big Brute Super Mario 64 DS Rabbit
Bro Paper Mario series, Super Mario Galaxy 2 Luigi
Butch Mario "Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid" Episode title
Butterball Super Paper Mario Mr. L
Captain Super Mario Galaxy 2 Lubba
Captain 'Stache Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Pa-Patch and Flavio
Captain Kidder "Pirates of Koopa" Himself
Clumsy Crush-a-lot Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Zess T.
Criminal Varmint "Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid" Mouser
Crocodile Mario "Crocodile Mario" Episode title
Cutlet Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Big Massif, Lil' Massif
Darling Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Flurrie
Dear Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Toodles
Dr. Mario Paper Mario Whale
Drain Brain "Mario and the Red Baron Koopa", "Princess Toadstool for President" Bowser
Drains-for-Brains "Brooklyn Bound" Bowser
Dumber Plumber "The Trojan Koopa" Bowser
Faucet Face "King Mario of Cramalot", "Star Koopa", "Oh, Brother!" Bowser, Luigi, Ludwig
Faucet Flop "Crocodile Mario" Bowser
Faucet Freak "Jungle Fever" Bowser
Gonzales Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Residents of the Glitz Pit
The Great Gonzales Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Grubba, Yoshi, and other various characters.
Handsome Mustache Man Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Ms. Mowz
Hero of Legend Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Black Chest Demon
Heroic Mustache Man Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Ms. Mowz
Horrible Rabbit Grabber Super Mario 64 DS Rabbit
The Human Blur Super Mario 64 Koopa the Quick
The Human Rocket Super Mario 64 DS Koopa the Quick
Jumpman Donkey Kong, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Donkey Kong, Audience member in the Glitz Pit
Lasagna Lovin' Loser "King Mario of Cramalot" Bowser
Linguine Breath Super Mario 64 Wiggler
Little Appetizer Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Hooktail
Little Lasagna Lover "Mario Meets Koop-zilla" Bowser
Little Mario Donkey Kong Jr. Game's flyer
Luigi Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Pennington (mistakenly)
Lunkhead "Super Koopa" Bowser
M Mario is Missing! Luigi
Macaroni Mouth "Star Koopa" Bowser
Maria Super Paper Mario O'Chunks
Mario Master "Oh, Brother!" Ludwig
Mario-san "Karate Koopa" Misaki
Mariotta Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Garro
Marty-o Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Puni Elder
Master Mario Super Mario Sunshine, Mario & Luigi series, Paper Mario: Sticker Star Toadsworth, A Toad
Mister Man Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Goombella
Mr. Big Shot Paper Mario Red Goomba
Mr. Bigtime Gambler "Rolling Down the River" Luigi
Mr. Cutie Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Ms. Mowz
Mr. Jumpsallthetime Super Paper Mario Mr. L
Mr. Mustache Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Beldam
Mr. Squishy Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Zess T.
Murphy Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Kroop
Muttonhead "Pirates of Koopa" Bowser
New Bee Super Mario Galaxy Queen Bee
Nozzle Nose "The Mark of Zero" Bowser
Old Man Super Mario Galaxy Penguin
Old 'stache guy Super Mario Galaxy Penguin
Pain-in-the-Drain Plumber "The Ten Koopmandments", "7 Continents for 7 Koopas" Bowser
Parmesan Plumber "Mario Meets Koop-zilla" Bowser
Pathetic Plunger Pusher "Crocodile Mario" Bowser
Pepperoni Plumber "King Mario of Cramalot" Bowser
Pesky Plumber Various episodes Bowser
Pinhead Plumber "The Bird! The Bird!" Bowser
Pipesqueak "Oh, Brother!" Bowser
Pipesqueak Plumber "Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid" Bowser
Plumb Bum "Mario of the Deep" Bowser
Plumb Dumb "King Scoopa Koopa" Bowser
Plumb Scum "The Unzappables", "The Ten Koopmandments" Bowser
The Proverbial Mustache Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Don Pianta
Provolone Bonehead "The Provolone Ranger" Bowser
The Provolone Ranger "The Provolone Ranger" Episode title
Puny Plumber "Karate Koopa" Bowser
Red-Cap Luigi's Mansion One of the possessed portraits in the Parlor
Red man of mustache Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time The Star Gate
Robo-Router "Robo Koopa" Bowser
Royal Mario "King Mario of Cramalot" Mervin
Scum Scrubber "The Bird! The Bird!" Bowser
Sherlock Mario "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario" Episode title
Shortie Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Bowser
Shy Guy Paper Mario A Toad in Toad Town during Chapter 4
Sir Stomp-on-Stuff Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Zess T.
Slick Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Doopliss
Stache Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Super Paper Mario Various characters
'Stache Man Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bob-omb Buddies
Stompy Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Zess T.
Stupid Mario Bros. "Crimes R Us" Kootie Pie Koopa (Referring to both Mario and Luigi)
Super Coward Bros. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Bowser
Super Loser Bros. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bowser
Super Stupid Bros. Super Paper Mario Bowser
Sweetie Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gearmo
Thanta Clauthe Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Hermie III
Two-bit Tortellini Taster "Mario Meets Koop-zilla" Bowser
Whiskers Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Kylie Koopa
Wretched Fool Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Shadow Queen (Referring to both Mario and his partners)
Yeti-lip Super Paper Mario Fracktail

("According to MarioWiki, being on the receiving end of petty playground insults is just you taking on new alter egos.") - Bazooka Mario (talk)

("I had a feeling that Basin Brain was secretly Mario") - Pirate Goomba (talk)

  • Mario and Peach and their relationship going from friendly to romantic has been in the early 2020s subject and target of toxic and bigoted ageist and neo-puritan attacks on social media based on irrational basis. They criticized it because of Peach being supposedly 16 (average legal age of consent in Japan and most of North America and Europe) and 18 (average legal age of majority and adulthood in the world) basing merely on the release of the game Super Princess Peach, while Mario being in his early 40s basing on his first appearance in the 1981 game Donkey Kong, although Shigeru Miyamoto stated previously that Mario is around 24-25. While Princess Peach's age has never been officially revealed probably to avoid further problems of this kind (although previous sources suggest that she may be between around 18 and around 20/early 20s), this didn't stop the recent ageist stigma in the West (particularly in America) regarding age differences between consenting legal/adult individuals, even between fictional and foreign fictional characters (like in this case).

("This was in the trivia section. And also on the Mario article, as if we don't already have a list of controversies on here.") - DrippingYellow (talk)

Mario (species)[edit]

Mario (species)

Marios are identical mustachioed human race who love to play with each other, or any Nintendo characters including the real Mario. They first appear in the upcoming game called Mario's Mirror Mania, where he is divided into eight of them with many colors.


A Mario's best feature is his moustache, which keeps him cute and playful. While playing with him, you'll pull his moustache, stretch it back and let it go to drive him nuts. Just like Mario, his species use to jump, run, slide and kick their way. They probably hug and take care of each other while they have white gloves, along with their color. Marios also have eyes, these are related to Mario's. He himself has blue, and the others' have different colored, except for the others in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Four different costumes of Mario in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Outfit Pigment

The color of their hat and shirt can be anything, even black and white. They can change their color by grabbing a fireflower, and yet their colors are related to Yoshis or the Neopets from the Neopets website. In the Super Smash Bros series, a player changes one of a Mario's five or six colors when they chose him. In the upcoming game Mario's Mirror Mania, Marios had abilities depending on their color and Mirror Mushrooms. If a Pink Mario gets a Mirror Mushroom, it could hurl love-hearts at foes. If a Green Mario gets a Mirror Mushroom, it could use earthquake. Their overalls' color is in conjuction with their clothes, except their pair of brown shoes; a red Mario has blue overalls, a blue Mario has pink overalls, ect.

(Yep, this is an evolution of the Double Cherry. I heard that E. Gadd mistakenly puts a Double Cherry in his machine, give it to Mario and BOOM. Tsunami (talk))


Interestingly, when Marth uses Counter, he will say "Soko da", which translates to "There it is". This means he has found an opening to attack, and there it is.

Master Hand[edit]

It has been disputed as to what the Master Hand is; some say it is a god-like being with reality-warping power, while others say it is nothing more than a child with an overactive imagination playing with its toys (this assumption is strengthened by the fact that the hand is shown in a child's room and removing the dolls from a toy chest in the original Super Smash Bros.).


After conversing some more about Watchitt, Merlumina told another long story, and, for the first time in Paper Mario history, she indeed caught Mario sleeping and threw a fit about it (calling Mario selfish and insensible above all else).

Meta Knight[edit]

Meta Knight is one of Kirby's rivals and sometimes friend. Meta Knight was born in Dream Land, where Kirby also grew up in. As such, he loves his home, and will do anything to make it a better place. Unfortunately, his ways sometimes involve violence (like trying to create a war with Dream Land to cure them of their laziness), and he will not hesitate to hurt even Kirby, to get what he wants. Despite this, he is actually a mis-understood villain. He is also the only other one of Kirby's (unknown) species, only further tying the two together.

Metal Mario (character)[edit]

Unlike Mario, Metal Mario often plays the role of Mario's rival.

("I wonder how Mario was his own rival." - Tails777 (talk))

Metroid (species)[edit]


(This was in the infobox. Note that "full name" is not even a valid parameter for species infoboxes.)


Miis in Mario Super Sluggers have wooden bodies with painted on baseball uniforms.


It should also be noted that all male Miis are right-handed batters, while the female Miis are left-handed batters in this game. Both genders are right-handed fielders though. For some reason, they don't speak in the game. (probably due to the fact they are not alive, but animated dolls)


  • MIPS, Also looks very high in this picture. He may have had a bit too much to toke before getting himself lost in the Basement of princess peaches Castle.

Mole (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)[edit]

They are generous, outgoing, backward and unsophisticated people that Mario and co encounter during the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Morton Koopa Jr.[edit]

He will wander around open any doors; however, if he finds Mario or Luigi inside an elevator, he will step inside for a moment, then step out and spit the ill-fated plumber's cap on the floor. Fortunately, the Mario Bros. were able to move on.

Nao Kimori/Sal Out[edit]

She appears in Wario Ware Touched and Twisted. If you don't know who she is, she is the girl who sings the background music of Mona's stages in Twisted, and Mike's Theme in Touched. Also, she appears in the unlockable video in Wario Ware Touched that is accessed by playing Touched with Twisted in the Game Boy Advance slot. Needless to say, she's the local idol singer, but beyond that, not much is known about her.

In Twisted, as I've already said, she appears between microgames. When you win, she cheers, and when you lose, she falls on her face as the song she sings distorts a little. She also appears several times in Mona's Cutscene.

Nao Kimori/Sal Out is a human.

Naval Piranha[edit]

After being hit with enough eggs, Naval Piranha succumbs to the abuse and is defeated.

Nina (Super Mario Maker 2)[edit]


Nina has a big breast wrote “Super Mario Maker 2”.

("People really need to keep their inappropriate comments to themselves.")
("What is it even trying to say? Is it saying that Nina's chest wrote the game or its title, or that the game wrote a comment about her chest? Neither makes any sense." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))
("I finally get it. They're trying to say that Nina has the game's title on her shirt, only it was written by someone who thought they were the funniest person alive.") - DrippingYellow (talk)


Blue (Grande Homem) Noki is the most famous of all the Nokis for his clutch play against the Bowser Blue Shells in the Mario Baseball League World Series. Unbelievable stats in the series mixed with his clutch performances at the plate against the Blue Shell's captain and ace, Keith Bowser, led him to being awarded with the series MVP award. It was later discovered that Noki had a one night stand with Kate Upton after the heroic performance. This loss sent Bowser down a spiralling path that he still has yet to recover from and the last the media had ever heard from him was "Blue is a great athlete and a great guy, but there is no way that guy wasn't juicing".


  • When she transforms into a giant hammer, that's a reference how Mario uses a hammer for his main attack in Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars, The Paper Mario Series, and in the Mario & Luigi series.

("What else would it be a reference to?") - Swallow (talk)


He also speaks with often unfinished, though usually incomplete sentences.

("His sentences are usually incomplete, but they're also usually incomplete." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Paper Mario (character)[edit]

Paper Mario
Paper Mario
Species Human, Paper Cutout (literal)
First appearance Super Mario Maker (as a costume) (2015)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (spirit cameo) (2018)



("Penguins look like penguins. Shocking." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Penguin Toadette[edit]

Penguin Toadette Is My Favorite Character she appeared In Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, Baby Santa's Music Box, Baby Van Gogh: World of Colors, Baby Neptune, Baby Einstein: Numbers Nursery, Baby MacDonald: A Day on the Farm, Baby Noah: Animal Expedition, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, Baby Monet: Discovering the Seasons, Baby's First Moves, World Music, World Animal Adventure, Neptune's Oceans and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. This my Favorite Character she can be Dancing with Rudy Reindeer, Theo Van Goat, Penelope Penguin

People who looked remarkably like Mallow[edit]

(This was a redirect to Nimbus; it should be noted that Mallow himself is a Nimbus.)

("Surprised that Lakitu's Cloud wasn't included." - Arend (talk))

Petey Piranha[edit]

After capturing the spectating Peach and Zelda in cages, Petey blasts Mario away with a cannonball from his mouth (How does a Piranha Plant learn how to do that?) before Mario can destroy a Subspace Bomb that has been dropped by the Ancient Minister, leaving Kirby as his only opponent.

Peti pirhana[edit]

Peti is an Flower who is very good at being bad! He has recently appeared in mario strikers charged football. He is not a very nice flower because mario was not nice to him, that was when luigi turned against mario. He is rarely with maro now, he is with bowser!


Phantom of the Bwahpera
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (upcoming)

Phantom of the Bwahpera is a character set to appear in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. He is a levitating, heavyset Rabbid with an Enlightenment-style attire and an underside resembling a bubble with a pornograph inside. His name is also a pun on the Phantom of the Opera.

("His pornograph isn't very well hidden." - Shokora (talk))


Occasionally, Piantas have been known to have same-sex relations with each other, which could point out Nintendo's stance on the controversial topic that is homosexuality.

Pirate Goomba[edit]

Pirate Goomba is a Pirate Goomba.
Pirate Goomba.

Pirate Goomba is a pirate Goomba.

(It should be noted that this line quickly became a running gag around the Super Mario Wiki.)

Pirate Goombaa[edit]

Pirate Goombaa is an upgraded version of Pirate Goomba.


Character Interactions
Princess Peach
Main article: Princess Peach

In Mario Golf, Plum and Peach were partners. She was in the intro along with Mario, Luigi, and Peach. They were shown golfing together. Since Daisy replaced Plum, it is possible Plum had a good relation with Peach just like Daisy does. But Peach is not her mom. Mario


She has a good relation with Mario, And probably is one of his friends. She might be Mario's relative, or not.

("How can she be both his relative and not be his relative at the same time?" - King Pikante (talk)


He is also sick with a slow working, yet deadly, virus. It inflicts him with green skin, three hairs, poor eyesight and unsightly liver marks. It is implied this virus was what killed Scarlette.

("[citation needed]" - Alex95 (talk))


The difficulty of controlling him makes Poochy seems a little stupid, as even the title of the level Poochy Ain't Stupid tries to deny.

Yoshi's Crafted World
Artwork of Poochy riding Yoshi

("Yoshi is always to be ridden. No matter the context. He is but a gween donkey." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

  • Poochy was not even mentioned in Yoshi's Island DS.
  • A pokemon's name is an exact replica of his name.Poochyena.Poochyena is also a dog.

  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Yarn Poochy appears as a spirit, but Poochy himself is mysteriously missing. This possibly hints at Poochy becoming a playable fighter in the future.

Princess Daisy[edit]

[...] in Mario Kart Double Dash!! daisy shares with Princess Peach the heart alows daisy to get any item that hits her kart!!!!!!!


In regard to the fact she has only been kidnapped once, she enjoys not being kidnapped.

Relationship with Other Characters

Arguably the greatest evidence for any existing relationship between Luigi and Daisy is in the Super Mario Bros. film, released in 1993. Luigi and Daisy were quite clearly depicted as being infatuated with one another in this movie.

("You do realize that those people are two different characters, right?" - SuperFlameGuy (talk))

[...] she acts pissed when the camera is approaching her after a boogie or a double boogie.

Princess Peach[edit]


you may not know this but Rosalina is actually peach`s daughter in the story chapter the dream of rosalina`s story it shows peach as her mom so that clearly makes mario her dad. but she is not from the same timeline as it says the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way… So.. you’ll see.” to mario.

("Oh boy, looks like another overexcited person watched Game Theory again.")

In Yoshi's Island, Toadstool was not in the game at all. Instead, Baby Mario and Yoshi rescued Baby Luigi from Kamek the Magikoopa.

("I really needed to know that she wasn't in this game. Thanks for pointing it out." Yoshi K (talk))

Talk:Princess Peach[edit]

Peach doesnt make sense in the Marioverse (Mickeyverse)

who was da dude who created Peach? she is nonsense and a VERY MINOR character. Rosalina should be in her place or maybe another princess... Sonic Rocks 19:16, 25 October 2008 (EDT)

In the Mickeyverse, Peach is almost unknown, what makes her useless in this wiki. I would rather delete her article but i'm not a SySop.Sonic Rocks 19:16, 25 October 2008 (EDT)

("...She's one of the four main characters...")

("Sure, because being unimportant to one franchise makes her equally useless to the one she originated from...?")- 8BrickMario (talk)

("What I find funny about this is that it wasn't Sonic Rocks (talk) who posted this, it was Super-Yoshi (talk). Looking through his contributions, Sonic Rocks never said this, and Super-Yoshi included an additional comment:

"...This is MarioWiki. If you wanna go to a Mickey Wiki, then nobody's stopping you, however you made some good edits here too. Peach is one of the big eight, too."

Super-Yoshi appears to be complementing himself by complementing a post from a user who didn't post this and didn't have very good edits. Proof." - Alex95 (talk))

("Actually, you just didn't do enough research, and he wasn't "complementing" himself either. I simply moved it from the Luigi talk page to Peach's (hence the summary). I wouldn't frame comments, I'd lose my sysop status if I did :)") - Super-Yoshi (talk)
("...Oh. Alright, well thanks for clearing that up." - Alex95 (talk))

Professor Elvin Gadd[edit]

  • If one listens to his theme from Luigi's Mansion, one can clearly tell he is subscribed to r/hiphopheads


After Puftoss is electrocuted five times, he will deflate like a balloon, flying into the air, falling back to the water, and going back underwater again (perhaps to heal his wounds).


As far as any rational being is concerned, his physical appearance resembles absolutely nothing this side of death itself (besides, possibly an eggplant).


("This caption was added on December 27, 2021 and removed only a year and a half later on August 10, 2023." — 1468z (talk))


  • The real game's tattle mispells "Puni" as "Puny".

("Did you write the game's tattle?" — Stooben Rooben (talk))


Initially, Pyoro must dispose of various falling beans either by eating them or shooting seeds at them, but this evolves into fending off evil insects that want to destroy Pyoro's flowers, home, etc.

("Who would've thought WarioWare had such powerful character arcs?" — SolemnStormcloud (talk))

Rainbow Shell[edit]

"I'm Rainbow Shell, and I love Wendy!"

Spine Koopa, Super Mario Kworlds

Rainbow Shell is the tenth koopaling of Bowser's. He is a the only koopa with cruches. He has hair almost like Ludwig's, exept it has pointed edges. Rainbow Shell is in world eight with Bowser, his castle is Koopa Clown Car shaped at the bottom, and the top like the Reznor's fortress.

("He's in love with his sister :O" - YourBuddyBill (talk))

("Who's the 9th Koopaling?")

("Boom Boom, according to Prima's guide for Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3." - Shadic 34 (talk))

Rey boo[edit]

Rey Boo seems a bit on Big Boo. He has his eyes are closed, but... he is lighter, and then he will again be the same color!

("This makes no sense.")


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

During the trailer, he brutally killed Mega Man and Mario by impaling him with his tail and crushing his skull, respectively.



("that was an actual filename")


Rosie is an extremely vain flower that lives in Flower Fields in Paper Mario. Rosie is known for being very conceited and selfish, only caring about her beauty and possessions. In fact, Rosie would rather jeopardize someone else's life than give up one of her possessions that add to her beauty in order to help save that person. This actually happens during the events of Paper Mario. During the course of the adventure, Lily, a lily pad who lives in Flower Fields, witnesses her pond dry up. Of course, without the water the pond provides, Lily would wither away and die. When Mario asks Rosie for her precious Water Stone, the only item that could save Lily's life, Rosie refuses to give up the jewel, choosing to sacrifice Lily instead of her Water Stone. Thankfully, Mario offers her a Crystal Berry from Posie; Rosie then trades her Water Stone for the Crystal Berry. However, Rosie remains vain to the end, remarking that she only saved Lily's life so there would be one more flower alive to witness her beauty.

("This article's fluffy writing was done in vain." - Doomhiker (talk))

Sassy Squatch[edit]

it also should be noted that sassy squelch is an extreme sass master who uses derogatory terms in battle such as 'poo breath' and 'fart brains'. if you let him continue to say these things, your character will start crying uncontrollably and instantly die of overexertion. there will be a graphic and disturbing photoof Donkey kong holding his crying eyeballs as game over.

("When the original DKC game over screens weren't enough..." - Flogger (talk))

Shadow Mario[edit]

Shadow Mario
Shadow Mario with the Magic Paintbrush from Super Mario Sunshine
Shadow Mario
Species Koopa
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Brawl as Sticker (2008)
Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop,
Captain Planet


"Go Planet!"

"By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!"

Captain Planet, he's our hero Gonna take pollution down to zero

He's our powers magnified And he's fighting on the planet's side

Captain Planet, he's our hero Gonna take pollution down to zero

Gonna help him put asunder Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

"You'll pay for this Captain Planet!"

We're the Planeteers You can be one too 'Cause saving our planet is the thing to do!

Looting and polluting is not the way Hear what Captain Planet has to say!

"The Power is Yours!"

Shadow Mario, Super Mario Sunshine

("Hmm...I always thought that Shadow Mario polluted, not the other way around." - BowserJunior)

("He'd nonetheless fit right in with the least, as Sly Sludge's replacement." - Toadette the Achiever (talk))


Like Kid, in Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Sherry has grown to become a young woman.

("Don't compare a male with a female. You'll end up with an awkward sentence." - Alex95 (talk))
("OMG Kid transitioned!" - Bazooka Mario (talk))

Shiny RoboBowser[edit]

During the fight, various shiny paper minions (e.g. Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Shy Guys) will occasionally break off of Shiny RoboBowser's armor. While they don't actually do anything interesting, Shiny RoboBowser can absorb them at any time to repair his armor and recover health at around 25 HP per minion.

("Doing nothing interesting does not make it a shining affair! It makes it trash!")

Shogun of Skewers[edit]

The Shogun of Skewers is a mini-boss in Yoshi's Crafted World. It resembles an attacking Chompagobbler with a mustache and a blue hat. It first starts out as a Bushydo's dead body, but when Kamek alters it, it is alive, and has yellow clothings with black motifs on it, and holds a golden handfan.

("So when was someone gonna tell me Kamek dual-classed sorcery and necromancy? How'd the DM let him pull that stunt?") - Lord Grammaticus
("I'm the guy who made the page, btw.") FanOfYoshi (talk)

Six-Face Sal[edit]

To defeat him, Yoshi must jump on a paddle wheel and turn it to turn the wheel to the face that enlarges. However, the face that enlarges can throw-up Needlenoses.

Smart toad[edit]

Smart Toad

Bio Smart toad is the smartest of toad out of princess peach's toad

("And this is the "dumbest" writing out there." - Toadette the Achiever (talk))

Smokey the Dragon[edit]

His name is a pun on the fictional character Smokey the Bear.

("And yet he spits fireballs, something his apparent "namesake" would never ever turn a blind eye to." - Archivist Toadette (talk))


Appearing in the issue "Love Flounders", Smookers is a typical bimbo, dating Stanley the Talking Fish.


For every Blueprint the Kongs give Snide, he rewards them with a Golden Banana (in an increasingly bizarre way)

Snowman Wario[edit]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese だるま[1]
Sunōman Wario
(Wario Land 3)
Snowman Wario
(Wario Land 4)
French Wario de neige Snow Mario
  1. ^ Wario Land 3: Fushigi na Orgel Japanese instruction booklet, page 24
  2. ^ Wario Land Advance: Yōki no Otakara Japanese instruction booklet, page 29

(Spot the error.)

Solid Snake[edit]

  • during codec conversation, snake seems in not like sonic for no real reason. it may be because snakes and hedgehogs a enemies.

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

It is heavily implied that he has visited Mushroom World at least once. This visit was largely uneventful and ended in disappointment for Sonic.


A Failed Quest

Although a great video game hero, Sonic did not collect many coins. As a result, he did not even place in the top three (Link was #3, Yoshi was #2, and Mario was #1. Eventually Diddy Kong claimed first place.). Distraught, Sonic left Mushroom World, leaving behind his trademark shoes (next to a trash can).

Subcon (species)[edit]

Traits and abilities[edit]

Despite being capable of protecting the dream world and the kingdom, judging from physical appearance, the casual observer would regard them as physically weak.


("There was only one period here. ONE.")
("Are we not gonna adress the broken English?! Anyways, i was the person to have added this, but it was years ago.) FanOfYoshi (talk)

Sunglasses Vendor[edit]

The shirt serves no real purpose besides making Mario look more fashionable.

Super Dimentio[edit]

Despite being the final boss, Shadoo (with the heroes' dark clones' HP added altogether) is stronger than Super Dimentio. Also the Tower Power Pokey, Gooper Blooper, Mizzter Blizzard and Bowser in Paper Mario Sticker Star have more HP and attack then Super Dimentio.


("Do some fact-checking before comparing apples to oranges: Gooper Blooper has less attack than Super Dimentio.") - Bazooka Mario (talk)

Swanky Kong[edit]

SwankyKong.jpgSwanky Kong's original and first appearance.

Swanky Kong: Relationship unknown. Probably DK's twin brother (he does bear a striking resemblance).

(Found on the Kong family page.)

Travelers can pay Swanky a certain number of Bear Coins to compete in a variety of throwing contests against a skilled competitor. The competitor? Who better than the the original Donkey Kong himself, Cranky. If a contestant beats the elderly Kong, Swanky will reward them with Bananas and Bear Coins.


  • Swanky is often mistaken for Bluster Kong, another big-shot.

(Swanky Kong page)

Tanooki Mario[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese (Simplified) 狸猫马力欧
Límāo Mǎlì'ōu
Leopard Cat Mario
Chinese (Traditional) 狸貓瑪利歐
Límāo Mǎlì'ōu
Leopard Cat Mario
  • In Japanese folklore, tanooki are known for having gigantic testicles. With Luigi's transformation being changed to a kitsune, it can be seen as a form of emasculation (fitting his cowardly nature).

Thang Family[edit]

  • Papa T. is the father of the Thangs. He has a tall yellow afro, similar in appearance to Marge Simpson's hair.

(This line was on the page since its creation in 2006 and didn't get removed until 2021. -Hewer (talk))



That's why Super Paper Mario is girthy. Because it has Carrie in it. That's why he said Girth Points.

These points have no effect on gameplay, beyond morale.


Tiptron is a robotic version of Tippi, a partner of Mario in the game Super Paper Mario. At the end of the game, Count Bleck and Tippi marry each other, to stop The Void, and the player can no longer use Tippi which is incredibly sad.

Toad (species)[edit]

Toads dont appear in New Super Mario Bros., in the intro, the small things panicking aren't toads, they are toadsworths. Nintendo probably didnt want to make a new model just for toad, and used toadsworth's model instead. Toadsworth also appear in mushroom houses.

(While the information is technically correct, the way this is worded, unsourced, and taken out of context makes this sound like completely nonsense. -Baby Luigi (talk))

Althought the Toads are occasionally depicted as happy in some artworks, there are differences: Toadette rarely winks usually. Toads are never seen winking like this.

("So, uh, how often, exactly?" Doc von Schmeltwick (talk)

(Later, it would be re-added as this:)

Although the Toads are depicted a being happy in some artworks, there are differences. Toadette flirtatiously winks when depicted in several artworks, which is not present in any games the Toads appeared.

(Toadette from Mario & Luigi: Paper JamArtwork of Toadette in Mario Party 7 (also used in Mario Party DS, Mario Kart Wii and Mario Super Sluggers)←Like this???)


Interactions With Other Characters

Toadette is of the same species as Toadsworth.

("What a close relationship!" - Twentytwofiftyseven (talk))

("I think it should also be noted that Toadette and Dr. Crygor have two feet." - Stooben Rooben (talk))


[...]it has been stated in games and game booklets that Toadsworth is Peach's attaché and thus is subordinate to her (while if he were King, he would be the ruling monarch).


He has a British accent and talks British as well;.

("British is a language, who knew.")

True Mimi[edit]

The True Mimi is a just a horrible,horrible monster.She appears in Super Paper Mario.The first meeting of the true Mimi is when the player is asked to sign a paper.If the player chose to sign or not Mimi will appear and turn into her spider like form.She will change in these steps.

1:At the start is already disgusting.She twists her head around so that her tie is at the top.

2:Her tie will flash.Then it will come off.

3:No more eyes for Mimi!One pony tail will come off.The other will stay and stick to 1 of her legs when they sprout.

She will also be seen when battling The Sammer Guys.Also she will be battled by Princess Peach near the destruction of all worlds.

Uncle amiibo[edit]

  • Uncle Amiibo acts says stuff that a drug dealer would typically say such as "Hey, you got any Amiibo?" and "Did did you still wants to tap an Amiibo?". Just relace the word Amiibo with any type of drug and Uncle Amiibo sounds like a drug addict.

("I guess I know who to see if I want to smuggle in some illegal amiibo.") - LuigiMaster123 (talk)


Mario Party 8 artwork: Wario
Wario, from Mario Party 8.
Full name Wario
Species Human
First appearance Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)
Latest appearance Mario Sports Mix (2010)
Latest portrayal Charles Martinet
Affiliation(s) WarioWare, Inc., Waluigi, Green Lantern Corps
“In brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!”

Wario, Wario World

("Somehow I think the Orange Lantern Corps are more his style" - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))


It has also been found by credible leakers such as that bald guy on TikTok who says “VIDEO GAMES?!?” really loudly that Wario is the God of Heaven.


Wario later introduces Waluigi to the rest of his "pals" in Mario Party 3.


In Mario Party 6, Wario and Toadette's team name is named Secret Friends. This may refer that Wario and Toadette were once friends, secretly.


A poopoo head jerk

(That was a header for a section)


Relationships with Other Characters
Main article: Yoshi
Main article: Yoshi (species)

It is unknown if Yoshi and Wart have met or not, but he may have knowledge on Yoshis. It may seems Wart and the Yoshis shares bad chemistry, for stealing the Yoshi Eggs from them, scattering them all over Subcon so Mario and friends must recuperate the eggs in Super Mario Advance.


Personality and Etymology

In his first appearance, Mario Tennis, Waluigi was personified as a dark and even sinister character. The only sounds he made were psychotic groans accompanied by dark, twisted laughter. Whenever Waluigi scores a point, his eyes also glow a wicked purple.


Waluigi is a very strange character. Apparently he tends to engage in odd activities like stalking Luigi, and talking in senseless, third-person mumbles.


Certain aspects of Waluigi´s personality can be seen in his appearence. Wario and Waluigi have comically deformed faces. But, while Wario´s mouth is shaped like a smile most of the time, Waluigi is almost constantly seen with a scowling expression. Which is fitting, since he is never happy. Earlier bios state that Waluigi doesn´t tolerate the joy of the other characters, possibly because he lacks it, and he thinks he doesn´t deserve kindness.


She is a parody of Wanda from the Fairly OddParents.

("How can a character be a parody of something that hadn't been invented yet? Also, why the Yoshi category?" - Alex95 (talk))
("Wandalism, maybe?) FanOfYoshi (talk)


They speak with simplified, somewhat incorrect grammar, but it should be pointed out that their linguistic abilities are above average for trees.


  • watt and whittle may be related as they both start with W


Wingo resembles The Helmaroc King from the The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker as they both are villains, have a wind ability By using there wings, and both kidnap a Female involved with the story (Aryll/Toadette) and are rescued by one close to them (Link/Captain Toad) and in the end defeted


Wizpig, as he appears in Diddy Kong Racing DS.
Full name Wizpig
Species Alien Pig
First appearance Diddy Kong Racing (1997)
Latest appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS (2007)
“Well, lookie here! It's the little worm!”
Wizpig, Diddy Kong Racing

Wizpig is a gigantic magical pig-like alien and the main villain of the game Diddy Kong Racing. Not much of Wizpig's past is known, what is known though is that Wizpig, bored, decided to conquer his own planet. Succeeding in this endeavor Wizpig forcibly transformed his homeworld into a high-tech amusement park (for himself) called Future Fun Land. Eventually Wizpig once again, grew bored and decided to leave his planet to look for thrills on other inhabited worlds. One of the thrills Wizpig discovered was racing. This sport eventually became Wizpig's favorite thing to do, along with causing chaos.

Flying overhead the various racers.

From then on Wizpig went from world to world causing destruction and racing those who were brave enough to challenge him. After a while Wizpig would grow bored of the planet he was on he would leave it, possibly destroying it after he had his sadistic "fun" on it. Eventually Wizpig wound up on the planet inhabited by Donkey Kong and a multitude of others. Landing on Timber's Island, a neighbor of Donkey Kong Island, here he set to work. First Wizpig kicked Taj the Genie off his mountain, second Wizpig brainwashed several racers on the island to be his servants, finally Wizpig turned Timber's Island's best driver, Drumstick into a frog when he tried to challenge Wizpig.

Eventually a resistance to Wizpig's tyranny, lead by Timber, the son of the island's owners and his friend Diddy Kong, was made. After freeing all of Wizpig's servants from his control the adventurers gained all the pieces to Wizpig's amulet, which allowed them to challenge the giant pig wizard. After a grueling race the heroes managed to beat Wizpig who, in a fit of rage, teleported away. With Wizpig gone the heroes threw a celebration, unfortunately this party was cut short by Wizpig, who was hungry for revenge. Transporting himself and an opponent to Future Fun Land, which Wizpig had modified into a deathtrap. Here Wizpig demanded a re-match, this time on his turf.

After a long race consisting of dodging killer robots, electric fences and laser firing weapons the heroes once again prevailed over Wizpig. After his defeat, the rocket Wizpig was riding malfunctioned, stranding Wizpig on a deserted planet. The big bully finally got what he deserved. It is likely that Wizpig would have reappeared in Diddy Kong Racing's sequel, Diddy Kong Pilot and Diddy Kong Racing's spin-off, Donkey Kong Racing. However, these two games were cancelled when the owners of Rare sold their majority share in the company to Microsoft, causing Nintendo to sell its minority share to Microsoft as well. Wizpig has recently appeared in Diddy Kong Racing's Nintendo DS remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS and, strangely, he is an unlockable and playable character. He sounds less like an evil warthog, and very much more like Count Dracula. His stats in Diddy Kong Racing DS was the same as Taj and like Taj and T.T., he was shrunk down a little to fit a car.

Whomp King[edit]

Whomp King
Artwork of the Whomp King from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
The Whomp King, as he appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Full name Whomp King
Species Thwomp
First appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop, Bowser, Thwomps, Sliding Stones, Whomps, Whimps


After being beaten by them, he acknowledges that he was done, but then hints that he was not the only monster created by the Ancients, and that they go to the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials to find the other monster before being destroyed.

(In-game quote: "ARGH...I'M DONE!")

Wrinkly Kong[edit]

Donkey Kong 64

If a Kong steps in front of a Wrinkly Door, bone-chilling sounds of spirits are heard, and Wrinkly will pop out. Using her supernatural powers, she will give that Kong hints on what to do, revealing the whereabouts of one of their Golden Bananas in the area ahead of them.

(Who uses supernatural powers to provide hints? - Results May Vary (talk))


Piper is shown blowing them one at a time to everyone's pleasure.

Yellow Toad (Toad Brigade)[edit]

In Sweet Sweet Galaxy, he is found at the and says "I love mint chocolate!" which proves he does not sleep for the whole game.

("So much is wrong with this sentence. Where is he found?! Don't leave us hanging like that! Also, nice proof you got there.")


  • Yoshi is the reason why the famous Pokemon series is still here today.

(It was the GAME, not the character, that allowed Pokémon to become a worldwide phenomenon! Get it right! - Toadette the Achiever (talk))