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Mario Party 3
Developer(s) Hudson Soft
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release date Japan December 7, 2000
USA May 7, 2001
Australia September 3, 2001
Europe November 16, 2001
Genre Party
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Nintendo 64:
Media N64 icon.png Cartridge
Nintendo 64:

Mario Party 3 is the third installment of the Mario Party series, and the last one for the Nintendo 64. The game is centered around the Millennium Star, who replaces Toad as the host. The most notable change is that players can now hold up to three items instead of just one. The game includes 70 new minigames, as well as a feature unique to the Mario Party series: duel boards, on which two players fight each other using partners. The game is also the first game in the Mario Party series to have a solo mode story campaign.

Story and Objective[edit]

From the Mario Party 3 instruction book:

Mario and friends find the Millennium Star.
Mario and friends are transported to the inside of the toy box.
A Star is Born: In the center of the vast universe, a remarkably bright star was born. It was the star that is born only once in a thousand years, the Millennium Star. According to the legend, whoever possessed the mystical star was destined to become the Superstar of the universe. However since the Millennium Star was but a newborn, it fell from the starry sky.

Around that time, Mario and his friends were all happily relaxing when suddenly the Millennium Star came crashing down. Mario and his friends soon began arguing about who should keep the Millennium Star.

Suddenly, the Millennium Star gave off a brilliantly bright flash of light. And with that bright flash, Mario and his friends were transported into a toy box!

"Greetings. I am the Millennium Star. You must pass my test to prove yourself worthy of possessing me. You must journey across many lands and collect the Star Stamps. If you can collect all seven, I shall accept you as the top Superstar in the universe."

Who will collect the seven Star Stamps and become the universe's top Superstar?

In Battle Royale Mode, players have to get as many Stars as possible. Stars can normally be obtained at a cost of 20 coins.

In Duel Mode, players have to defeat their opponent with their partners. Each player starts with five heart pieces.

In Story Mode, a single player must battle his or her way to earn the rank of Super Star. To do so, they must fill their stamp card with Star Stamps. The Star Stamps are Wit, Kindness, Strength, Love, Courage, Beauty, and Mischief. The trend the game will follow is Battle Royale, Duel, Battle Royale, Duel; and this continues until the player's next objective is to earn the Beauty Star Stamp. At this point, the player plays a Duel against Daisy, followed by a final Battle Royale on Waluigi's Island.

Star Stamp Battle Royale Board Duel Board Opponent
Wit Chilly Waters Gate Guy WarioA
Kindness Deep Bloober Sea Arrowhead YoshiA
Strength Spiny Desert Pipesqueak Donkey KongA
Love Woody Woods Blowhard PeachA
Courage Creepy Cavern Mr. Mover MarioA
Beauty Not present Backtrack Daisy
Mischief Waluigi's Island Not present Waluigi and two other random characters

A - If the player is using this character, that opponent is replaced with Luigi

For the Millennium Star, his original plan was to have a straight run-through of seven (since there are seven Star Stamps) Battle Royale Boards. However, when the Millennium Star is about to stamp the player's stamp card, another character bursts from the castle and say they deserve this. The two argue, and Millennium Star decides to go to a Duel Board. The player wins (they must to continue) and the other character runs away in disappointment. After the stamp is received, the next Star Stamp is shown and another Battle Royale begins.

When the Beauty Star Stamp is revealed though, Daisy makes a sudden appearance before a Battle Royale could even begin. The Millennium Star mentions it, but Daisy strikes a pose causing the Millennium Star to fall in love with her and offers her the Beauty Star Stamp. The player says it is not fair and the two argue. The Millennium Star regains consciousness and says they will go to Backtrack to settle it. Suddenly, Bowser appears and tries to take the stamp but Daisy swats him away in one blow. After the player defeats Daisy, she mopes and runs away. Tumble states Daisy said she never lost, not even to her father. The player then receives the Beauty Star Stamp.

The Mischief Star Stamp is then revealed, but then Bowser appears and unknowingly sends it flying into the castle, declaring the player must battle him to earn it. Everyone notices it is gone, and Waluigi comes out of the castle with the stamp trapped in a cage. Waluigi and Bowser fight each other, but to everyone's surprise, Waluigi won. He tells the player they will go to Waluigi's Island. Bowser tells the player to avenge him for what happened. Although long time foes, the player silently agrees and chases after Waluigi. After the battle is over, Waluigi is pounding the floor in frustration yelling he won't forget what happened. The Millennium Star gives the player the Mischief Star Stamp.

Despite winning all the stamps, the Millennium Star declares there is one person left the player must battle. The player is seen thinking hard of who could it be. Both the player and Tumble are surprised when the Millennium Star exclaims the player must defeat him in Stardust Battle to win. When the player defeats him, they ask to be the greatest superstar in the universe (although ownership of the Millennium Star was the original offer). The Millennium startles everyone admitting he isn't the real Millennium Star and flies away in shame. The player drops to the ground in disappointment, unable to believe it was all for nothing.

Suddenly, Tumble begins glowing and his dice head opens to reveal a small white star. He explains he is the real Millennium Star, and was watching the player the whole time. After returning the castle and the grounds to its normal state, he promises the player he will make them the superstar of the universe. The credits roll. The final scene, set in front of the castle, is Mario lying on a folding chair, Luigi and Peach are talking to each other nearby, and Donkey Kong is sitting near the three just watching. In the back, Wario and Waluigi are apparently arguing, Daisy is sitting and watching the butterflies, and Yoshi is in the far back chasing a butterfly. The closing scene is a table with a box with the words "Mario Party" on it. A die (the same color as Tumble's head) is thrown onto the table and the word "END" appears on the lower right corner.


As in all Mario Party games, there are always other modes to play:

  • Mini-game Mode: Players can play all the mini-games that they have collected here, even secret mini-games, organized by type.
    • Battle Room: A bonus game mode where players can compete in a random set of minigames. Players can choose how many points are needed to win, along with which minigame type will be used.
    • Game Guy's Room: A single player can play all of the four Game Guy minigames, and try to get as high of a score as possible. Mario's Puzzle Party Pro can be played here. The Story Mode must be beaten for this room to be unlocked.
  • Story Mode: A single player can go through the storyline. It is set what boards have to be completed in what order. There are Battle Royale and Duel boards. After each Battle Royale board, the player has to fight a certain character on a duel board for a Star Stamp. If the player is to duel with the character they are playing as, they will battle Luigi instead. Unlike Party Mode and Mini-game Mode, Princess Daisy and Waluigi are unplayable in this mode, instead acting as NPCs.
  • Party Mode: A multiplayer that can go through Battle Royale, Duel Mode, and can also go through settings.

Playable Characters[edit]

The game brings back the original six playable characters from the last two Mario Party games and introduces two new characters, Princess Daisy and Waluigi. However, they can only be playable in Party Mode and Mini-game mode.

Mario Luigi Princess Peach Yoshi
MP3mario.png MP3luigi.png MP3peach.png MarioParty3yoshi.png
Partner Koopa Troopa Partner Goomba Partner Toad Partner Boo
Favorite Item Golden Mushroom Favorite Item Skeleton Key Favorite Item Plunder Chest Favorite Item Warp Block
Star Stamp Courage Star Stamp Any but Beauty and Mischief* Star Stamp Love Star Stamp Kindness
Wario Donkey Kong Princess Daisy1 Waluigi1
MP3wario.png MP3dk.png MP3daisy.png MP3waluigi.png
Partner Bob-omb Partner Whomp Partner Snifit Partner Piranha Plant
Favorite Item Dueling Glove Favorite Item Reverse Mushroom Favorite Item Cellular Shopper Favorite Item Poison Mushroom
Star Stamp Wit Star Stamp Strength Star Stamp Beauty Star Stamp Mischief

*Luigi steps in as the opponent if the player is playing as the specified character.
1Character is not playable in Story Mode.


Just like Mario Party 2 did for Mario Party, Mario Party 3 referenced and took gimmicks from Mario Party 2's boards to use in its own boards. For example, Waluigi's Island uses the main gimmick from Space Land, along with a gimmick from Luigi's Engine Room from Mario Party; in one island, when a total of 5 Happening Spaces have been landed on, all players will lose all of their coins (Space Land), and all islands and routes contain Red Warp Pipes that lead back to start, at the Green Warp Pipe (Luigi's Engine Room).

Battle Royale Boards
Board/Logo Board Name Description Difficulty
ChillyWaters MP3.png
Chilly Waters This ice-themed board has the players get twenty Coins for them to purchase a Power Star from the Millennium Star. While the players are trying to complete this task, they are faced with the two most prominent features of this board; the Action Time, and the ice-y five-way junction in the middle. The Action Time on this board will be triggered if a player lands on a Happening Space on either the board's leftmost column, or on the board's uppermost row; it may also be triggered if a player passes by Mr. Blizzard on the uppermost row. If a player manages to wake Mr. Blizzard up when passing by, he will ask the player to pay him five Coins for him to initiate the Action Time. The Action Time of this board includes Mr. Blizzard rolling a snowball leftwards (then downwards), or rightwards (then downwards). If the player hits A Button in time, he/she will jump over the snowball; however, if they don't, they'll be chased by the snowball. If two players are standing on the ice-y five-way junction at once, then the ice will crack. When the ice cracks, the players who are standing on the cracking ice will flee to the southeast corner of the board. Star.PNG

DeepBlooberSea MP3.png
Deep Bloober Sea This undersea-themed board has the players get twenty Coins for them to purchase a Power Star from the Millennium Star. There are three notable features of this board; the two Action Times, and the two Happening Space-heavy pathways in the middle. One of the Action Times on this board is triggered when the player is trying to pass by the junction placed in the middle-left part of the board. When it is triggered, the player has to choose from an assortment of four buttons. If the player chooses the incorrect one (the incorrect one is randomized), he or she will have to take the path he or she did not choose; however, if the player chooses a correct button, he or she will be permitted to go on the path he or she originally chose. The other Action Time is triggered when a player lands on one of the Happening Spaces that are on the top-left corner of the board. When it is triggered, an arrow will rotate to select a random direction. After that, the player has to escape being sucked in by a Blooper by repeatedly pressing A Button. If the player fails, then he or she will be launched in the direction the arrow is pointing. When a player lands on a Happening Space on one of the two Happening Space-heavy pathways in the middle, he or she will be grabbed by Blooper. Blooper will then place the player on the other pathway that is parallel to the pathway that the player was on. Star.PNG

SpinyDesert MP3.png
Spiny Desert This desert-themed board has the players collect twenty Coins for them to purchase a Power Star from the Millennium Star. The most prominent feature of this board is the fact that there are two Millennium Stars: one that is a mirage (a fake), and one that is real. There is no way to differentiate the two from each other. When a player passes by the mirage, it will vanish. Another notable feature of this board is the two quicksand pits that are located on the lower-middle part of the board and the upper-middle part of the board. When a player lands on a Happening Space that is located around the perimeter of either quicksand pit, the quicksand pit will inhale all players standing on said perimeter. The other quicksand pit will then eject said players so they land on it's perimeter. The Action Time of this board is triggered if a player chooses to pass the path with two cacti. The player has to hit A Button with correct timing in this Action Time. If the player fails at doing so, then either cacti will send the player bouncing away in another direction. Star.PNGStar.PNG

WoodyWoods MP3.png
Woody Woods On this forest-themed board, players have to procure twenty Coins for them to purchase a Power Star from the Millennium Star. The most prominent event on this board is the arrows that are in three of the junctions in the forest. Whenever a player passes such junction, he/she is forced to walk that way. At the end of every turn, Monty Mole will change the direction of all the arrows on the board. A way for players to manipulate the arrows is to pass by one of his army-like huts and pay him five Coins for him to flip all arrows on the board. Another way for players to manipulate the arrows is to land on a Happening Space that is placed directly before a junction with an arrow. This will only flip the arrow in front of the player. The Action Time of this board is Woody. When a player lands on the Happening Spaces in front of him, he/she is given five seconds to choose from either a Plus Coin Fruit (which will give the player five Coins), or a Plus Block Fruit (which will make the player roll the Dice Block a second time). Action Time also happens when a player lands on a Happening Space at Warukio. He will make the player choose from one of these two fruits: a Minus Coin Fruit, which will take away five Coins from the player; or a Reverse Block Fruit, which makes the player roll a Dice Block and go in reverse. Star.PNGStar.PNG

CreepyCavern MP3.png
Creepy Cavern On this cavern-themed board, players have to collect twenty Coins in order for them to purchase a Power Star from the Millennium Star. The most prominent feature of this board is Whomp. He is located at the middle of the board, blocking a passage to the upper part of the board via the middle-most path. There are two ways for players to make Whomp turn around: giving an Item - randomized each time - to him when passing by; or by landing on a Happening Space that is in front of him. Another notable feature of this board is the two horizontal railways. When a player lands on a Happening Space that is located on one of those railways, a mine-cart will appear. Any players who are placed on said railway will be chased by said mine-cart until the railway ends. Action Time in this board happens when a player passes a Thwomp that is located beside a railway, and pays him five Coins. The event includes the player jumping on a mine-cart (with A Button) and then riding to the end of the railway, subsequently moving any players who are on the same railway. Star.PNGStar.PNGStar.PNG

WaluigisIsland MP3.png
Waluigi's Island This isle-heavy board has the players collect twenty Coins for them to obtain Power Stars when purchased from the Millennium Star. The two most notable features of this board are the circle at the bottom-middle part of the board, and the island at the top-left corner of the board. The circle at the bottom-middle part of the board has a number, which will always be at five at the start. For this number to decrease, players have to land on the Happening Spaces that are placed on the circle. When this number reaches zero, it will cause an explosion that covers the entire circle. Any players that are caught in the explosion will lose all of their Coins. The spaces that are on the island located at the top-left part of the board will always show what the rest shows, minus the Bank Space. However, instead of always being one type of space, the type of space shown will change from turn to turn. Action Time in this board is triggered when a player is at the four-way junction at the center of the board. The event has the player press A Button to jump on the pad. After landing on the pad, the player is forced to go the way the arrow that is up-lit shows. Star.PNGStar.PNGStar.PNG

Battle Royale Spaces[edit]

Battle Royale Spaces
Image Space Description Rarity
BlueSpace MP3.png Blue Space If a player lands on this space, he or she will obtain three Coins. The amount of Coins gained will be doubled during the Last Five Turns Event. Common
RedSpace MP3.png Red Space If a player lands on this space, he or she will lose three Coins. The amount of Coins lost will be doubled during the Last Five Turns Event. Semi-common
ItemSpace MP3.png Item Space When a player lands on this space, an Item minigame will be played. Toad or Baby Bowser may appear. They will ask the player a question, and, depending on the answer, they will give the player Items or not. Rare
HappeningSpace MP3.png Happening Space When a player lands on this space, an event will happen. The event that happens depends on the board. Semi-common
MP3 Starspace.png Star Space When a player passes by this space, he or she will be asked by Millennium Star if the player will trade 20 coins for a star. One per board (two in Spiny Desert: a real and a fake one)
BowserSpace MP3.png Bowser Space If this space is landed on, then Bowser will appear. He will usually try to steal Coins and Stars from players. He may give players certain Items. Rare
BattleSpace MP3.png Battle Space When a player lands on this space, a Battle minigame will be played. The amount of Coins that the players pay is decided by a roulette. Rare
BankSpace MP3.png Bank Space Whenever players pass this space, Koopa will make players pay five Coins. If a player lands on this space, all previously paid Coins will be given to that player. Two per board
ChanceSpace MP3.png Chance Time Space Players who land on this space will initiate Chance Time. Rare
GameGuySpace MP3.png Game Guy Space Players who land on this space will have to pay all of their Coins to Game Guy. After this, a Game Guy minigame will be played. If the player succeeds at it, then the amount of Coins will be doubled(or more, depending on the minigame). If the player fails, then all of his or her Coins will be lost. Rare

Duel Boards[edit]

What happens when the players' hearts and coins are both the same.

Duel Mode can be played in Duel Mode and Story Mode. Duel Mode can be selected by selecting the red star in the main menu. Duel Boards can only be played with two characters. The objective is to defeat the opponent by attacking them with partners. Each player has a heart gauge, consisting of five segments. The game is over when 20 turns end (when '20 turns' is selected in game length) or when one player's heart gauge is empty. If 20 turns have finished, the player with the most hearts is the winner. If heart counts tie, then the player with the most coins wins, but if that count also ties as well, the match is a tie.

Players start with one partner and can gain another (or replace one) when they reach their start space, which also gives them ten coins. Partners are given to the player at random using a roulette (on every third return, the player gets a "Lucky Roulette", which slows the roulette, allowing the player to more easily obtain a desired partner). Each partner has a salary where they are paid when the player's turn starts. If a player cannot afford to pay the salary, the partner(s) leave(s).

In the middle of every board is Belltop, a mechanical toy. Every time a player passes him, the numbers on his hat goes down by one. Whenever the hat reaches 0, all players go to him and play a duel mini-game. After the winner receives his/her coin prize, the timer is reset to 5.

In Story Mode, after a Battle Royale map, the player's character is about to receive a Star Stamp when another character emerges from the castle and says they deserve it. To settle this dispute, both characters are sent to a Duel Board (with the exception of Waluigi, who challenges the character to his Battle Royale board, Waluigi's Island). The winner receives the Star Stamp. (Note that Luigi's board can be anyone except Backtrack)

Duel Boards
Board Board Name Description Opponent
GateGuy MP3.png Gate Guy This board's main gimmick is the two Gate Guys. When players pass by one of them, they will be asked to pay an optional fee of five Coins. If the player decides to pay, then he or she will be able to use the middle-most path as a short-cut to get to the other side of the board. Wario
Arrowhead MP3.png Arrowhead The main gimmick of this board is the Arrowheads. When players pass by them from the outer perimeter of the board, they may choose to go directly to a Start Space, essentially creating a short-cut from a Start Space to the next. Yoshi
Pipesqueak MP3.png Pipesqueak The main gimmick of this board is the four Warp Pipes. (Hence the name "Pipesqueak") There is one Warp Pipe in each corner of the board. Players may choose to enter a Warp Pipe when they pass it. When they do that, they will be taken to a random Warp Pipe that isn't the one the player chose to enter. Donkey Kong
Blowhard MP3.png Blowhard This board's main gimmick is the Blowhard in the middle. When players pass by it, it will send the players and their partners up in the air. This will change the position of any partners the player has (if a partner is in front, then that partner will be in the back and vice versa). Peach
MrMover MP3.png Mr. Mover This board's main gimmick is Mr. Mover. At start, it will be colored blue, which means that it will take players stepping on it to the left. Every turn, Mr.Mover's colors switch between blue and red. When Mr.Mover is colored red it will take players stepping on it to the right. Mario
Backtrack MP3.png Backtrack The unique feature of this board is the Reverse Spaces. When a player lands on one on this board, it will not make that player go backwards with another Dice Roll; it will change the direction which is moved, and it will also change the positions of the partners. Daisy

Duel Spaces[edit]

Duel Spaces
Image Space name Description Rarity
MP3 BasicSpace.png Basic Space When a player lands on it, it will become that player's space. When the opponent lands on the "owned" space, he or she must pay an amount of Coins to the player who "owns" the space. The amount of Coins paid depends on what turn it is. If the "owner" lands on it, then he or she will obtain Coins. Very common
MP3 Power-upSpace.png Power-up Space When a player lands on this space, his or her partners will be doubled in attack, health, and salary. The effect will wear off when the player returns to start, or if they get the "Power Down" event from a Happening Space. Rare
MP3 ReverseSpace.png Reverse Space If a player lands on this space, then he or she will have to roll the Dice Block again. The amount of steps shown will then be traveled backwards. In Backtrack, the direction which players move change and so does the position of all partners. Semi-rare
MiniGameSpaceMP3 Duel.png Minigame Space When a player lands on this space, a Duel Minigame will be initiated. Semi-common
HappeningSpace3D.png Happening Space If a player lands on this space, a roulette will roll. The player will get to stop the roulette. The effect decided by the roulette will then happen. Semi-rare
GameGuySpaceDuel.png Game Guy Space When a player lands on this space, then he or she must pay all of their Coins to Game Guy. After this, the player will play a Game Guy minigame. Rare

Duel Mode Partners[edit]

Duel Mode Partners
Partner Attack Health Salary Default Partner Other Unique Abilities
BabyBowserIcon MP3.png Baby Bowser 1 1 -3 None Sometimes changes into Bowser and does triple damage; if transformation fails, no damage is taken. The probability of transformation success is 40%.
Bob-ombIcon MP3.png Bob-omb 1 1 -3 Wario Jumps over an opponent's partner and attacks them directly; disappears after only 1 attack, since it explodes.
BooIcon MP3.png Boo 2 1 -3 Yoshi If attacked, will counter-attack for equal damage before disappearing. Will not attack back if hit by a Chain Chomp in its multi-attack if it's not directly in front of the attacking Chain Chomp.
ChainChompIcon MP3.png Chain Chomp 1 2 -6 None Attacks opponent and all partners simultaneously.
GoombaIcon MP3.png Goomba 2 1 -2 Luigi N/A
KoopaTroopaIcon MP3.png Koopa Troopa 1 2 -1 Mario N/A
MrBlizzardIcon MP3.png Mr. Blizzard 1 3 -2 None Attacks the opponent farthest away from him.
PiranhaPlantIcon MP3.png Piranha Plant 3 1 -5 Waluigi Can sometimes offer extra dice. These dice allow the player to move up to 3 more spaces.
SnifitIcon MP3.png Snifit 2 2 -5 Princess Daisy Can sometimes give the player two to four coins at the start of a turn.
ThwompIcon MP3.png Thwomp 0 2 -4 None Although it has zero attack, it can attack partners and defeats them instantly; but does nothing to the opposing player.
ToadIcon MP3.png Toad 1 1 -1 Princess Peach If a player lands on an opponent's Basic Space, no coins are lost.
WhompIcon MP3.png Whomp 0 4 -3 Donkey Kong Unable to attack since he has zero attack.


If the player gets 2 of the same partners, the Millennium Star will call it a glorious (_____) (fill the blank with the partner). It also raises the attack by one (with the exception of Thwomp and Whomp, whose salaries are decreased by one instead). The following combinations will cause the Millennium Star to comment on it, but the attack won't be raised.

  • Whomp and Thwomp make an earth shaking combination!
  • Toad and Koopa Troopa make an economical pair!
  • Mr. Blizzard and Snifit make a long-range pair!
  • Boo and Mr. Blizzard make a chilling combination!
  • Bob-omb and Chomp make a dangerous duo!


Items appear only on Battle Royale boards. They can be bought at an item shop or obtained on an Item Space. Either Toad or Baby Bowser runs the shop, both selling different items. Some items can only be collected through an Item Space.

Mario Party 3 allows the player to carry three items at once, as opposed to the single item the player can carry in Mario Party 2.

Item Description Price
Items Purchasable From Toad
MP3 Mushroom.png Mushroom When used, the player can roll two Dice Blocks before moving. The results of the two rolls is then added together. The player can then move that many spaces. If the player gets two matching digits (e.g., a six and another six), the player will get ten Coins, however, if the matching digits are sevens, the player will obtain twenty Coins. 5 Coins
MP2 Warp Block.png Warp Block When used, the Warp Block will appear above the player using it. The player will then hit the block. The effect of this is that the player will switch places with a randomly chosen opponent. The player can then roll a Dice Block to move normally after having warped. It is Yoshi's favorite item. 5 Coins
MP3 Cellular Shopper.png Cellular Shopper When used, the player will be able to chose to call either Toad or Mini Bowser. When the player has called, the player may shop items in the usual manner. It is Princess Daisy's favorite item. 5 Coins
MP3 Dueling Glove.png Dueling Glove When used, a Goomba will appear, initiating a Duel minigame. Before doing this, he will ask whom the player wants to challenge, and for how many Coins that are to be battled for. The player may not choose more Coins than what the participator that has the lowest amount of Coins has (e.g., the player cannot choose to duel for twenty Coins if the other dueler only has nineteen Coins, even if the player challenging has more than twenty). This is Wario's favorite item. 10 Coins
MP3 GoldenMushroom.png Golden Mushroom When used, the player can roll three Dice Blocks. The result of these three rolls are then added together, enabling the player to move that many spaces. If a player gets three matching digits, they will receive twenty Coins (e.g., a five, another five, and another five); however, if the matching digits are sevens, the player will obtain fifty Coins. It is Mario's favorite item. 10 Coins
MP3 Boo Repellent.png Boo Repellant This item will activate itself when a player who is carrying it around is targeted by Boo. The effect it has is that it will fend off Boo. If it is used by the player before they move, the item will be discarded. 10 Coins
MP3 Magic Lamp.png Magic Lamp When used, the player will summon the Mushroom Genie. He will then escort the player to the Star, where they may purchase it for twenty Coins. It will always take the player to the correct Star Space in Spiny Desert. 20 Coins
Items Purchasable From Baby Bowser
MP3 Reverse Mushroom.png Reverse Mushroom When used, the player using it will choose a player to target (this can also be the player who uses the mushroom). The next time the selected player moves, that player will have to go backwards the amount of steps as shown on the Dice Block. It is Donkey Kong's favorite item. 5 Coins
MP3 Poison Mushroom.png Poison Mushroom When used, the player using it will choose a player to target (can also be the player who uses the mushroom). The next time that the chosen player moves, that player's Dice Block will only be able to roll numbers from one to three. It is Waluigi's favorite item. 5 Coins
MP3 Bowser Phone.png Bowser Phone When used, the player will call Bowser. Bowser will then ask who is calling him, the player chooses one of the players (can be the player itself). Bowser will then perform his events to that player as if the player landed on a Bowser Space. 10 Coins
MP3 BowserSuit.png Bowser Suit The player who uses this will get a dress that resembles Bowser. The player then gets to roll the Dice Block. Any players who the masqueraded player passes will lose twenty Coins to the masqueraded player. 10 Coins
MP3 Lucky Lamp.png Lucky Lamp When used, the Mushroom Jeanie will appear. She will then move the Star from its current location to somewhere else, essentially making it the counter-part of the Magic Lamp. 10 Coins
MP3 PlunderChest.png Plunder Chest When the player uses this item, the player gets to choose an opponent to steal an item from. If the designated player has more than one item, the item stolen will be chosen randomly. This is Princess Peach's favorite item. 10 Coins
MP3 BooBell.png Boo Bell The player who uses this item will summon Boo. Boo will then ask who the player wants Boo to steal from, and what to steal. 15 Coins
Items Purchaseable From Both
MP3 Skeleton Key.png Skeleton Key This item will be activated automatically when any player who possesses it passes special gates. When activated, it will ask the player passing if they want to use it or not. This item may be used at the start of a player's turn, during which the key will ask the player if the player wants to discard it or not. This is Luigi's favorite item. 5 Coins
MP3 Item Bag.png Item Bag When a player purchases this item, the player will then get to hit the bag that appears above the player one to three times (this depends on the amount of items the player has prior to hitting it). The player will receive an item each time the bag is hit. The items the player receives also depends from which salesman the bag was bought. 30 Coins
Rare Items (Obtained through an Item Space, a Hidden Block, or purchasing an Item Bag from Toad)
MP3 Wacky Watch.png Wacky Watch When used, this rare item will set the game to such a time that there will be five turns left. Effectively, this can either increase or decrease the time a game is played. N/A
MP3 Barter Box.png Barter Box When this rare item is used, the player who uses it will choose an opponent. What will then happen is that the player chosen and the player using the item will swap items. N/A
MP3 Koopa Card.png Koopa Kard This item will activate automatically when a player who possesses it passes by a Koopa Bank. When activated, it will allow the player to earn all Coins deposited in the bank thus far. N/A
MP3 Lucky Charm.png Lucky Charm When a player uses this item, they will summon Game Guy. Game Guy will then take all of the player's Coins, and a Game Guy minigame will be initiated. This can also be used to force another player to play a Game Guy minigame. N/A


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Pre-release and unused content[edit]

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Regional Differences[edit]

NTSC vs. PAL[edit]

Language select

Exclusive to the PAL version is a language select, despite Canada and Mexico being neighboring countries to the United States. First time playing a cartridge brings it up, but subsequent use of the screen needs A Button held down before turning on the console.


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Audio.svg Mario Party 3 - Waluigi's Island
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Mario Party 3 received mixed to positive reviews. It has a 74% rating from Metacritic, based on 12 reviews, and a 73% from Game Rankings based on 17 reviews. IGN gave it a 6.4 and GameSpot gave it a 7.5. In Japan, Famitsu magazine scored the game a 31 out of 40.

Mario Party 3 is the 26th best selling game for the Nintendo 64, selling approximately 1.9 million copies: 1.02 million copies in Japan, 720,000 copies in North America, and 160,000 copies elsewhere, as of December 31, 2009.

The Mario Party 3 installment also won the Console Family Award from the Academy of the Interactive Arts and Sciences of 2002.


  • This is the first Mario Party game to feature a Story Mode and mini-games that could be unlocked and played anytime without purchasing them first, a system that has become standard would continue to be used in future installments.
  • On the game's cover artwork and wallpaper featuring the entire cast of characters that have an example of a Battle Royale Board Map which is based on Chilly Waters, the spaces illustrated are circle-shaped like the previous games, yet in the game they are octagon-shaped.
  • Upon failing an Item minigame in the Japanese version, the announcer says "MISS!" with said word also on screen. This was changed in the North American, Australian, and European versions to say "GAME OVER" instead, but retaining the original narrator's voice recording from the first game.
  • The instruction manual incorrectly states that Thwomp has an attack stat of 2 instead of 0.
  • This is the final Mario game to be released for the Nintendo 64 in all regions except Australia, where that title goes to Paper Mario.
  • Mario Party 3 is one of the few games in which Mario speaks in coherent sentences; this happens when he challenges the player for the Courage Star Stamp.
  • This is the last Mario Party game to feature multiple minigame tracks for when there is just one winner, multiple winners and a new record.

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