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An Item Shop in Mario Party 4

Item Shops in the Mario Party series, first appearing in Mario Party 2 and having successors in Orb Hut in Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, and Candy Shop in Mario Party 8, are locations where players can purchase useful items (usually one per visit) for a certain amount of coins. Players can enter Item Shops by simply passing over an arrow that does not count against the Dice Block roll. Item Shops typically have a limited, random selection of items, dependent on how many coins the player has, that changes every visit. If players have less than five coins, they cannot enter Item Shops.

In Mario Party 2, the shopkeeper is a Koopa Troopa. Bowser Land, while still having an Item Shop run by a Koopa, features a special shop run by a Baby Bowser. When players pass this shop, they are forced to buy the item the Baby Bowser offers them. These items are sold in higher prices than those at the regular Item Shop. In Mario Party 3, the shops are randomly run by Toad or a Baby Bowser. Toad and Baby Bowser can run a single Item Shop at different times. While they both sell Skeleton Keys and Item Bags, most of the items they sell differ. Toad sells items that help the user, such as Mushrooms, and Baby Bowser sells items that put opponents at a disadvantage, such as the Cursed Mushroom. In Mario Party 4, the Item Shops are run by the species of current board's host. In Mario Party DS, the shop is run by a Monty Mole, and players can buy multiple items if they can, an unusual trait of Item Shops.

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