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This is a list of quotes from the game Mario Party DS. They are listed alphabetically by character.


  • "Bwahaha! You fell for one of my traps AGAIN! Now gimme the Sky Crystal!"
  • "See my Minimizer here? Guess what it does! It shrinks you all down to size!"
  • "Bwahaha! Your Sky Crystal is mine! Now all I need are the other four!"
  • "Kamek, I'm done with these peewees. Give 'em the boot!"
  • "It's time for you to plunge into the Bowser Zone!"
  • "That's my most dreaded attack, the Zero Flame!"
  • "Bwahaha! Welcome back, small fries! Want to party some more?"
  • "Check out my pinball machine! No one's got better games than me!"
  • "OK, kid! Let's see these insects try to survive! I'll squish their Superstar!"
  • "Bwahaha! So you're the bug I get to squish, [character]?"
  • "Then get ready for another shrinky serving from the Minimizer!"
  • "HEY!"
  • "You broke the Minimizer! NOOOO!!!"
  • "Hey, this party ain't over yet! I've got an even-more-secret weapon!"
  • "Behold, the Megamorph Belt! Let me give you a taste of its power!"
  • "OK, I got this great gadget for our final fight!"
  • "Cower before the power of my new Megamorph Belt!"
  • "Aw, phooey! This stinks!"
  • "NOOOO! Not my Sky Crystal!"
  • "Bah! How could a bunch of pathetic peewees get all the Sky Crystals?!"
  • "Gah! ...Gather the sky's reveal an incredibly fun challenge..."
  • "That's what the ol' legend is here at the castle."
  • "And I was gonna find it all for myself! Until you clowns wrecked my plans!"
  • "Uh, whazzat? You want me to play WITH you? Uh, what weirdos you are!"
  • "I guess if you're gonna beg a big shot like can I say no?"
  • Final 5 Frenzy - "Bwahaha! It's time for the Final 5 Frenzy!"
    • "Let's see how you shrimps stack up! (giving out the current standings) Haw, haw! [character] is in last!?"
    • A tie for last place - "Huh? You're ALL evenly losing!? Then I'll CHOOSE who to pick on! I think I'll call out... [character]!"
      • "So you need a little help from the big guy, huh? Spin this wheel and see what kind of boost you get!"
    • Get 20 coins! - "Bwahaha! Looks like you need spending power! I'm gonna give you 20 coins. How's that for generosity? Bwahaha!"
    • Get 30 coins! - "Bwahaha! Looks like you need spending power! I'm gonna give you 30 coins. How's that for generosity? Bwahaha!"
    • Get 10 coins from others! "Bwahaha! Hey, you really need help! More than I wanna give you! So... All other players have to cough up 10 coins! I'm moved to tears! Now don't blow all your coins in one place! Bwahaha!"
    • Get 1 Star! - "Bwahaha! Aw, shucks! Here's 1 star as a present for you! Be grateful for that! Bwahaha!"
    • Stars for 5 coins! - "Bwahaha! Now everyone can get Stars for only 5 coins! I know how good it feels to get 'em the easy way! Bwahaha!"
  • Bowser Event - "Bwahaha! You landed on a Bowser Space! Now it's my turn! How should I mess with you? What to do... I GOT IT!"
    • Gimme Coins! - "You gotta gimme coins! Stop your grumbling! Gimme 20 Coins!"
      • "Whuzzat? That's too steep? OK, I'll cut you some slack. How about you just gimme 10 Coins, then?"
      • "Bwahaha! Who doesn't love coins? Especially YOURS!"
    • Gimme Stars! - "You gotta gimme a Star! Don't grumble! Just gimme your Star!"
      • "Bwahaha! Isn't that just SUPER? I got myself a Star!"
    • Gimme Charity! - "You gotta gimme charity! Stop your grumbling! You gotta give 10 coins to each player! Don't like helping your friends?"
      • "There! Everyone best buddies now? Bwahaha!"
    • Gimme Equality! - "OK, EVERYONE gets hit by this one! You gotta gimme equality!"
      • "Today's your lucky day, (character)! I'm gonna divide up everyone's coins... No one's king of coinage when you're all the same, suckers!"
      • "Here we go! It's time to cough it up and gimme equality!"
      • "See, I treat you all equally. I've got no favorites!"
  • "See you suckers on a Bowser Space some other time!"

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • "Watch me play, Dad! I'm the pro in these parts!"
  • "You rascals need roughing up! And Bowser Jr. is glad to help!"
  • "What's it going to be? Let's spin the wheel and find out!"
  • "Yeah, if there's a tie...I'll place the piece wherever my DEVIOUS mind desires!"
  • "Yeah, feel the frenzy!"


  • "That's right!" (happy)
  • "Owhhh..." (sad)
  • "I'm the superstar!" (wins a minigame or board)
  • "Hup!" (jump or attack)
  • "Oh!" (surprised or damage)

Hammer Bro[edit]

  • "Here's my Hammer Bro drum solo! HA! My music's so MOVING!"
  • "Take this, tiny!"


  • "Welcome! It's time to face my magic!"
  • "Get a load of this spell. I call it Kamek Spell No. 8!"
  • "Didn't I send you and your friends off to the middle of nowhere?! What a stubborn bunch you are! I guess I'll just show you your place again!"

Koopa Krag[edit]

  • "Find that cantankerous Kamek! Whomp him good 'til he lets me out!"
  • "Hack-hack! Pttooie! Wheeeeze! Gracious, that book was musty!"
  • "Please take this doodad I found as thanks!"
  • "Here, ride this magic book! Fly it all the way to that bully!"


  • "Oh yeah!" (happy)
  • "No..." (sad)
  • "I'm a superstar!" (wins a minigame or board)
  • "Ha!" (jump or attack)
  • "Ow!" (surprised or damage)


  • "Ya-ha!" (happy)
  • "Oh no!" (sad)
  • "I'm-a the super-star!" (wins a minigame or board)
  • "Ya!" (jump or attack)
  • "Ugh!" (surprised or damage)
  • "Let's-a go!"
  • "Here we go again!"

Monty Mole[edit]

  • "Welcome to the Item Shop!"
  • "Want to buy another item?"
  • "Thank you!"

Multiple Characters[edit]

  • "Mario Party!" (title screen)

Musical Notes[edit]

  • "Be still my beating heart, it's you! I'm the Musical Note B."
  • "But... but... you don’t have enough coins!"
  • "Congrats! Came careening here at last, chum? I'm the Musical Note C."
  • "Crikey! You don’t have enough coins!"
  • "I declare! Delightful to meet you! I'm the Musical Note D."
  • "Dare I say it? You got diddily for coins!"
  • "Eeeeee! Sorry, I'm a wee bit jumpy! I'm the Musical Note E!"
  • "Egad! Not enough coins!"
  • "Frankly, I'm far more fantastic than the others! I'm F, of course!"
  • "Forget it, friend! First find more coins!"
  • "Good gracious! I'm giddy you got here! I'm the Musical Note G!"
  • "Goodness! You don't have enough coins!"
  • "I'll trade you a Star for 5-30 coins."


  • "So who got the most Stars?"
  • "Want to trade coins for a Star?"
  • "Who do you want to be your friend?"
  • "You get coins to share! How friendly!"
  • "And (character) is a friend in need of coins!"
  • "Wow, what good friends you are, (character) and (character)!"
  • "Now let's party!"
  • "There's the first/next Star!"
  • "Oh, no! You don't have enough coins for a Star."
  • "You don't have enough coins to buy anything, so you can't go inside."
  • "Sorry! You can't shop on the final turn."
  • "Sorry, you can't pick up an item on the final turn."
  • "From that day forward, (character) and the crew enjoyed the biggest parties around!"
  • "You unlocked Triangle Twisters!"
  • "Now that the Sky Crystals are together again, what secret will they reveal?"
  • "That's the end of the match!"
  • "Believe in yourself, (character)! The crew is counting on you!"
  • "Give those Dice Blocks a tap to see who goes first!"
  • "A Duel Space! It's time for a fight!"
  • "And here are the final results!"
  • "What luck! The horn is going to blast you near the Musical Note!"
  • "Who will succumb to the sweet strings?"
  • "You turned on a metronome! A different Musical Note will now come into play!"
  • "The three magic jars have moved! You can open each for 10 coins."
  • "You got spat back to the start!"
  • "The enchanted frame is calling for help!"
  • "Want to take a shortcut over the tops of these books? It's only 3 coins!"
  • "You don't have 3 coins, so you can't take the shortcut."
  • "Tap the Spinner! See if you're a winner!"
  • "Oh, no! You're in the Bowser Zone!"
  • "It's time to take a chance on the Wheel of Wonder!"
  • "Beat him at his own game!"
  • "Oh, it's a Hidden Block!"
  • "Go ahead and bash that block!"
  • "But never mind that! Let's get on with the fun!"
  • "OK, spin that wheel!"


  • "Yes!" (happy)
  • "Oh, no." (sad)
  • "I'm a superstar!" (wins a minigame or board)
  • "Huh!" (jump or attack)
  • "Oof!" (surprised or damage)

Piranha Plant[edit]

  • "Grawr Charble Grawr! (Hey, what's cooking? YOU ARE!)"
  • "Grawr Harhar Grawr! (Haw, haw! Can't stand the heat?)"
  • "Grak Glub Grok... (Ack! I fouled that up!)"


  • "Yay!" (happy)
  • "Oh, no!" (sad)
  • "I'm the superstar!" (wins a minigame or board)
  • "Ha!" (jump or attack)
  • "Ah!" (surprised or damage)


  • "That dumb Hammer Bro is beating up my music instruments! Get rid of him!"
  • "Thank you! Here's something for your troubles. It fell from the sky!"


  • "Oh yeah!" (happy)
  • "Waaah..." (sad)
  • "I'm the superstar!" (wins a minigame or board)
  • "Ho!" (jump or attack)
  • "Yeow!" (surprised or damage)


  • "(laughs)" (happy)
  • "No!" (sad)
  • "I'm the superstar!" (wins a minigame or board)
  • "Wa!" (jump or attack)
  • "Uh!" (surprised or damage)


  • "I need help! That grouchy Piranha Plant is making a mess of my garden!"
  • "Would one of you wee folk stop that brute? Pretty please?"
  • "Oooh! Huge thanks from me to you! Please take this, (character)!"