Bowser's Pinball Machine

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This article is about the Party Board from Mario Party DS. For the minigame in Mario Super Sluggers, see Bowser Pinball.
Bowser's Pinball Machine
Bowser's Pinball Machine
Appears in Mario Party DS
Availability Unlocked by completing Story Mode

Bowser's Pinball Machine is a board that appears in Mario Party DS. It is the final board to go through in Story Mode. When the player finishes successfully Bowser's challenge in Story Mode, the board is unlocked and can be chosen in Party Mode. Despite being a Bowser- and pinball-themed board, no Bowser Spaces or pinballs appear on the board, though the space still appears on the board results screen. It shares the former trait with Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! from Mario Party 7.


There are Green Spaces that bring the player to the Bowser Zone or the Star Zone. In the Star Zone, the player randomly gets 1–3 Stars.

At the Bowser Zone, there are five Green Spaces. If the player stops at one of them, Bowser spits out a Zero Flame, and the player loses all their coins and Stars (but not their items). One can be hit by the Zero Flame only if one lands on one of the three Green Spaces by the plunger. Although the plunger will most likely fire the player into the Bowser Zone, there is a one out of ten chance that they will hit a bumper that bumps them into the Star Zone. All of the Green Spaces in the Bowser Zone activate the Zero Flame. If the player has a Double Dice Set, Triple Dice Set, Warp Dice Block, or Star Pipe, they can easily escape the Bowser Zone and avoid the flame.

The board has a jackpot event towards the beginning of the board. Two icons match up on the screen, and the player must match a third icon to win the prize. In the Korean version, the jackpot event changes slightly. The player gets coins if the UFO icon hits the central spinner. More coins are awarded the sooner the player reacts.[1]

Landing on the Green Spaces near the flippers knocks the player all the way to the top of the board; the player hits a bumper and then gets ten coins.

Landing on the Green Space near the roulette lets the player bet coins on where they think the spinner will land. There are three areas: ×2 is the largest, ×3 is the second smallest, and ×5 is the smallest. If the spinner lands on the area the player bets on, the player wins the number of coins they bet on multiplied by the number on that area. As casino gambling is illegal in South Korea, the Korean version changes the roulette event to a Whack-a-Mole game. The player earns coins if they hit Bowser or Bowser Jr. while the reward is decreased if they hit a Bob-omb.[1]

Landing on the Green Spaces near the cannon launches the player in the direction of their choice.

Story Mode[edit]

In Story Mode, this is the last board played. The heroes arrive in Bowser's Castle and realize they are still small. Bowser, along with Bowser Jr., picks them up and throws them in his Pinball Machine.

If the player has the most stars and coins in ten turns, Bowser tries to shrink them again with the Minimizer. However, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong come at the last moment, although only coming for the free food in his party, and break the Minimizer, which makes everyone grow back to their normal size. Bowser then tells them that he has another weapon, the Megamorph Belt. The Superstar faces Bowser in the minigame Bowser's Block Party, and if they win, the player clears Story Mode.


The Star is always on a random location on the board. Players can buy one Star for 20 coins (five if the Final 5 Frenzy shows Stars for five coins). Once someone buys one, a new one appears.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space
Blue Spaces
Red Space
Red Spaces
? Space
Green Spaces
Friend SpaceDuel Space
Friend Spaces/Duel Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 51


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパのピンボール
Kuppa no Pinbōru
Bowser's Pinball
French Flipper de Bowser Flipper of Bowser
German Bowsers Flippertisch Bowser's Pinball Table
Italian Il Flipper di Bowser Bowser's Pinball
Korean 쿠파의 핀볼
Kupa ui Pinbol
Bowser's Pinball
Spanish El pinball de Bowser Bowser's Pinball


  • If a player gets into the Bowser Zone due to a Space Swap Hex, the usual message "Oh no! You're in the Bowser Zone!" will not pop up.


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