DK's Jungle Adventure

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Not to be confused with DK's Jungle Ruins.
DK's Jungle Adventure
Appeared in Mario Party
Availability Default
DKs Jungle adventure.oga

“Here in the jungle stand the mysterious ruins. Rumor has it that a great treasure is hidden here. If you look for this treasure, surely one of you will find it.”
Koopa Troopa, Mario Party


DK's Jungle Adventure (short version of Donkey Kong's Jungle Adventure) is Donkey Kong's board in Mario Party. It has only 1 star out of 3 of difficulty, meaning that the board is easy. The only other board with the same difficulty as this is Mario's Rainbow Castle. This board is formally considered the first of the game.

Players have to find Stars in order to open a chest in the ancient ruins. However, only the player with the most Stars can do so. Because of this, the players confront each other and try to get the most Stars.

At the end of the game, the winner joins all of his or her Stars together to make a giant one, which it acts as a key to open the chest. It contains a Golden Banana Bunch, and the winner is rewarded with it while the 2nd place player, the 3rd place player, Toad, Koopa, a Boo and a Whomp watch. The 4th place player is chased down the board by the rolling boulder.


The board's main feature are the split paths that have a Whomp guarding one direction. In addition, all the Happening Spaces are spread out on the board.


  • If the player encounters a Whomp, they can pay 10 Coins to pass on the path that the Whomp is blocking. If the player pays, the Whomp lets them pass, but continues to block the same path against the other players. If they don't pay, the Whomp moves to block the other path after they move down it, opening the first path for other players to freely pass.
  • If the player encounters a Coin Stone, they can only pass if they have 20 Coins. In that case, the Coin Stone hides and the player can choose the path to take. If they don't have 20 Coins, nothing happens.
  • If the player lands on one of the 9 Happening Spaces, a rolling boulder starts to roll (starting from north-east) and rolls to the left, then down, passing on Bowser's path. Any players that are in the path of the rolling boulder escape successfully, but end up near the Start.
  • If the player chooses to take Bowser's path (behind a Coin Stone) they are forced to buy a useless Gold-plated Bowser Statue for 10 Coins.


The following table shows how many spaces there are on the board, and how many there are of a certain type.

Type of Space Number of Spaces
BlueSpace MP1.png
Blue Spaces
RedSpace MP1.png
Red Spaces
HappeningSpace MP1.png
Happening Spaces
ChanceSpace MP1.png
Chance Spaces
Mini-GameSpace MP1.png
Mini-Game Spaces
MushroomSpace MP1.png
Mushroom Spaces
BowserSpace MP1.png
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 86

There are no Chance Spaces initially on the board, though every time a Star is bought from Toad, a Chance Space replaces the space he was on.


  • Supposedly, there is treasure hidden somewhere in the ruins. Do you really think so?
  • Rumor has it that the treasure is a banana made of gold. Did you know that?
  • The ruin has many traps set in it, so be careful.
  • Be courageous, don't let the traps get you, and keep on searching. Surely, the treasure can be found.
  • You need a "key" to find the treasure, but where is the "key" to be found?
  • It's just a hunch, but doesn't the stone coffin above the altar look a little strange? Doesn't it?
  • But beware! There are many traps in this jungle! Whatever you do, don't step on the ? Spaces, as your safety cannot be guaranteed. – Koopa Troopa
  • You wanna go down this path I'm on? – Whomp
    • Then I'll move. - Whomp, if answered "yes"
  • You hear a voice beyond the door: "People who don't have 20 Coins can't come this way!"Coin Stone
  • You're looking for treasure? Then let me give you this... This is a mystical secret! The Gold-plated Bowser Statue! I'll give you this for just 10 Coins! By the way, the Bowser Statue won't do a thing. Ah, hah, Hah, HAH, HAH! – Bowser


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンキーのジャングルアドベンチャー
Donkī no Janguru Adobenchā
Donkey's Jungle Adventure
French La jungle de DK DK's Jungle
German Donkey Kongs Dschungel-Abenteuer Literal translation


  • This board is the only one to have two Boos on it.