Wario's Whack Attack

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Wario's Whack Attack
Developer(s) Unknown
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Release date 1998[citation needed]
Genre Action
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Wario's Whack Attack was a browser game that was available to play on Mario Party's official website, which is now inactive. Along with Mario's Memory Madness, it is among the oldest Mario-related promotional games released by Nintendo. Wario's Whack Attack was built in Adobe Director and used the Adobe Shockwave 7.0 plug-in.


The player had to help Wario resolve a Piranha Plant infestation that was caused by Bowser. The gameplay resembled a generic whack-a-mole game where, using the mouse, Piranha Plants had to be hit as they popped out of the nine pipes on the screen. The goal was to advance through as many rounds as possible by hitting a certain amount of Piranha Plants per round within a time limit. For a round to finish, the player had to wait until the timer reached 0. Failing to meet the goal in a round resulted in a game over.

For every Piranha Plant that got hit, two coins would be added to a score. Along with Piranha Plants, multiple Bowser's heads would also repeatedly pop out of pipes and had to be avoided, as hitting them forced the player to restart the round; hitting three of them ended the game. Bowser's heads interfered more frequently as rounds passed.

In the game's introduction, Wario informed the player about the following, via a speech balloon:

Hi, I'm Wario!

You've arrived just in time. Bowser and those nasty Piranha Plants are clogging up my pipes.
Help me stomp them into submission and prevent Bowser from wreaking his evil havoc. To play, click on the plants as they pop up from the pipes.
Whack a certain number of plants per round, and you will advance to the next level. For each plant you pound, you will collect coins. Get as you[sic] many as you can!
But beware of Bowser! When he rears his ugly head, don't click on him, or you will have to start the round over. If you hit Bowser three times, he'll throw you out of the game.
Ready to save the day? Just click the "start" button.

Good luck!


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