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Screenshot of Welcome to Greedville
Hub area for the site

Welcome to Greedville was an Adobe Flash microsite developed by Nintendo, made to promote the release of Wario Land 4 on the Game Boy Advance. It allows the player to explore Wario's hometown,[1] which is full of memorabilia dedicated to him. In the center of town is a golden statue of Wario with a plaque reading "Our Hero". When clicked, the statue sings "Wario" to the tune of the repeated "Figaro"s in the aria "Largo al factotum". Other buildings include, from left to right, the Pyramid Theater, Wario's Arcade, Wario Mart, a Post Office, and the Greed $chool. If the player does certain things at some of these locations, they earn Wario Bucks, which can be spent at Wario Mart.


Pyramid Theater[edit]

The Pyramid Theater is the leftmost building in the town. When inside, there are several things the player can interact with. On the left, there are two documents that can be enlarged. The first is a Gazette review of the movie, reviewed by Wario himself. The other document is a memo, presumably made by the studio that made the movie, as it mentions "Greedville Studios LLC" under someone with the name "Thaddeus P. Gradgrind, Chief of Production". As for the movie itself, the player has the option to click through a slideshow of different screenshots of Wario Land 4, as well as view trailers for it. However, the files for the trailers are missing and have currently not been recovered, so it is unknown what trailers played in the theater.

Wario's Arcade[edit]

Wario's Arcade consists of three arcade-like games that can be played to earn Wario Bucks. These games are:

When the player wins one of these games, they gain 10 Wario Bucks.

Wario Mart[edit]

This is where the player can spend the Wario Bucks they have earned. Items in the store include strategy tips for Wario Land 4, a guide to make a book cover to print, wallpapers, screensavers, and a printable car that can be folded out of paper.


Post Office[edit]

The post office's only interactable feature is to sign up for the Nintendo Power Newsletter.

Greed $chool[edit]

The Greed $chool is the rightmost building in the town, and has 2 interactable items for the player to click. The first is a link to the Mario vs. Wario comic that was released in Nintendo Power a few years before. The other one is the Greed $chool Test, which has a long series of multiple-choice questions that the player has to answer like Wario would. The test has a total of 20 questions.



  1. ^ Nintendo Power Magazine Volume 152, page 28. "If you want to find out where Wario acquired his money-grubbing, treasure-hunting instincts, you can tour his hometown, Greedville, on Wario Land 4's official Nintendo site."