Electric spark

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This article is about the obstacle in Wario Land 4. For other uses, see Spark (disambiguation).
Electric spark
Sprites of electric sparks from Wario Land 4
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Screenshot of an electric spark in the level Pinball Zone, from Wario Land 4
Wario running from an electric spark

An electric spark,[1] also simply referred to as a spark,[2] is an obstacle in Wario Land 4. Electric sparks appear only in the level Pinball Zone, within rooms containing pinball puzzles involving the use of Chomp balls. Electric sparks are continuously generated by rods that are attached to the tops of ceilings or platforms. The sparks fall and then travel along the ground, harming Wario on contact. However, the Fat Wario transformation is immune to a spark's effects. The rod that the sparks come from cannot be destroyed.

Depending on the game mode difficulty the player has selected, electric sparks may not activate at all until the level's latter rooms. On the S-Hard mode, all electric sparks are functional.