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Pinball tulip
Sprite of a Pinball Tulip from Wario Land 4
A slot with jaws that continually opens and closes.
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Wario about to throw a Chomp ball into a pinball tulip, with a pinball digital counter behind him.
Wario about to throw a Chomp ball into a pinball tulip. The pinball digital counter nearby indicates there are three tulips left.

A pinball tulip[1] is an object in Wario Land 4. Pinball tulips are found only in the level Pinball Zone across six different rooms, with four in each room. They are slots that continuously open and close.

Wario must find each Chomp ball within the room and time its placement within a pinball tulip. This may involve throwing the ball or performing a Smash Attack to roll it into the tulip. Doing so successfully causes the pinball tulip to disappear, dropping a Bronze Coin worth 50 points and making the number on the pinball digital counter drop by one.

Once all four pinball tulips are cleared in a room, the digital counter reads zero, and approaching it causes it to disappear. This then allows the player to access the next room in the level.


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