Zombie Wario

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Zombie Wario
WLIIZombieWarioSprite.png WL4 Wario10.png
Used on Wario
Item needed Zombie, Skeleton Bird
Power(s) given Invulnerable to enemies, pass through platforms
First appearance Wario Land II (1998)
Latest appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
“Hey!! Wait a sec! What’s happened to me!? I’ve got a fork sticking out of me, but I’m no piece of meat! Who stuck this in me? I’ll get you!”
Wario, Wario Land 4

Zombie Wario is one of Wario's transformations in Wario Land II, Wario Land 3 and Wario Land 4. This undead alter-ego is triggered by being touched by a Zombie (Wario Land II and Wario Land 3), touched by a Ghost (Wario Land II), spat at by a Skeleton Bird (Wario Land 4), or coming in to contact with Cractus's Drool (Wario Land 4). When a zombie, Wario is impervious to all enemy damage, can defeat almost all enemies on touch, and fall through thin floors, making it quite useful at times. Unfortunately, he moves at a very slow speed, can barely jump, but he can't jump higher unlike his normal form (in his first appearance in Wario Land II, he couldn't jump at all), and often his ability to fall through thin platforms is used to hinder him. To return to his normal form, Wario must walk into light or fall into a body of water. He also sometimes falls apart and then might come alive again.

Zombie Wario appears once in Super Mario-Kun. Wario transforms into Zombie Wario by Cractus's drool. Sunlight reverts him to normal.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゾンビ[1]
Zonbi Wario

Zombie Wario
Spanish Wario Zombie[3][4] Zombie Wario
French Wario Zombie[5] Zombie Wario
German Zombie-Wario[6] Zombie Wario
Italian Wario Zombie[7] Zombie Wario


  • The artwork of Wario Land II shows Zombie Wario's skin still fresh, apparently; however, his in-game sprite shows him white as a sheet. In the Game Boy Color re-release, Zombie Wario's in-game sprite instead shows his skin as a darker orange, and in Wario Land 3, a darker green, possibly because of decomposition.
  • In Wario Land 4, although the artwork shows Zombie Wario's skin with a purple tone, the in-game sprites show his skin with a green tone, due to decomposition.
  • The artwork of Wario Land II and Wario Land 4 show Zombie Wario lacking shoes, though his in-game sprite shows him wearing shoes.


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