Invisible Wario

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Invisible Wario
Invisible Wario WL3.png
Applies to Wario
Item needed Mad Scienstein's potion
Power(s) given Invisibility
First appearance Wario Land 3 (2000)

Invisible Wario[1] is a reaction of Wario in Wario Land 3.

When hit by a potion thrown by Mad Scienstein, he turns invisible, even to the player, only momentarily turning visible at intervals. Beyond the glimpses of visibility, the occasional cloud of dust through running or the scrolling of the screen could indicate Wario's position. It is needed to pass seeing-eye doors, where normally they would block Wario if he is nearby while visible. Wario can revert back to normal by going through a pipe, getting hit by an enemy, being covered by a Teruteru, or triggering a different reaction like Zombie Wario.

Screenshot of Invisible Wario
Dust cloud underneath Invisible Wario

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 透明[2]
Dutch Onzichtbare Wario[3] Invisible Wario
French Wario invisible[4] Invisible Wario
German Unsichtbarer Wario[5]
Italian Wario invisibile[6] Invisible Wario
Spanish Wario Invisible[7] Invisible Wario

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