Above the Clouds (Wario Land 3)

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S6 Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds is a level appearing in the game Wario Land 3. It is located in the south part of the music box world. It cannot be accessed at the first time, as the gate leading to the sky is closed. By retrieving the Sky Key from Tower of Revival, Wario is then able to access this level.

As its name implies, the level takes place in a sky. The platforms Wario can use are appearing and disappearing clouds. So the player has to control him carefully, or else he will fall.

This level also has a balloon tied to a building at the entrance. Wario has to cut the balloon to make it float and make a new area accessible. The moon also makes an appearance in this level. However, it can only be seen after Wario gets the Full Moon Gong from Sea Turtle Rocks. The moon can only be entered at night.


Gray Chest: Crayon (green)[edit]

The green Crayon is in the Gray Chest found at the entrance. However, Wario needs its key to open it. To get it, Wario must jump on the clouds and enter the first door he sees. Here, he must fall down to get the Gray Key. Than, he has to use a series of clouds to get back where the door is and avoid the Hebarii attached to the roof. When he exits the room, Wario has to get back to the entrance and open the Gray Chest.

Once the crayon has been collected, it flies to the tower on the north side of the world. The scene is initially monochrome, but gains another color for each crayon Wario manages to find. There are seven crayons in total hidden throughout the game, and once Wario finds all of them, he will be able to play the golf mini-game there at any time the player desires. The green crayon colors the greenery that surrounds the building.

Red Chest: Fire Drencher[edit]

The Fire Drencher putting off the flames

The Fire Drencher is located in the Red Chest in the room inhabited by several Beam Robota, along with the Red Key. Wario has to avoid their attacks, or else he will have to start from the entrance of the room.

After Wario manages to get the Fire Drencher, he opens new paths in The West Crater and The East Crater since the drencher extinguishes the flames blocking the way.

Green Chest: Jackhammer[edit]

The Pick-Axe drilling holes in the ground

The Jackhammer in the Green Chest requires the Scissors from the Cave of Flames. Upon entering the level, Wario will find a mini-game door. He has to enter it and play golf to make a mini-game block rise. Then, he has to go to where the balloon went (it can be found above the door leading to the Red Chest's room) and enter the door on it. Wario will find himself in a room full of zombies. He has to turn into an undead to reach the bottom of this room, grab the Green Key and come back to the entrance. Wario now has to get past the mini-game block, go down the ladder and open the Green Chest.

This treasure drills holes and make wind come out to reach The East Crater's top.

Blue Chest: Pick-Axe[edit]

The Pick-Axe in the Blue Chest requires the Full Moon Gong from Sea Turtle Rocks. After entering this level at nighttime, Wario must to make his way to the top of this level until he sees a shiny moon that can be entered via a door. Wario should grab the Blue Key below it before entering the moon.

Here, Wario has to use the Togēba enemies to get a rock and break Enemy Blocks to reveal a door and enter it. In this room, Wario has to use red platforms to reach the Blue Chest (if he falls, he has to restart again).

This treasure makes a new area accessible in The East Crater.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雲の上
Kumo no Ue
Above the Clouds