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N1 Out of the Woods

Out of the Woods is the first level in Wario Land 3. It is located on the north sector of the world and is set in a forest environment colored are green and brown. Various tall trees can be seen in the background of the setting. The level itself is divided into three areas, which themselves branch off into different places. In all three areas, Wario can explore the ground level and the higher areas on the tree's branches to find hidden goodies. The first area's upper regions are filled with Applebies, which cause Wario to get fat when they hit him. The second area features some underground tunnels and and leads to a river with strong currents. The strong stream washes Wario away if he falls in, unless he finds a proper upgrade for his swimming abilities. The most prominent feature of the third area is a giant tree with a face, which is also home to the level's boss: Anonster the spider. A flaming torch can also be found here, as well as an area full of Silkies.


Gray Chest: Axe[edit]

A close-up of the Axe

The Axe[1] is the first treasure Wario can find in Wario Land 3 and therefore is available right from the start. It is located in a Gray Chest, which can be found in the forest part inhabited by Silkies. The Gray Key, which is necessary to obtain the treasure, can be found near the upper regions of the second forest area.

After Wario successfully obtains the Axe, a cutscene will commence, in which Wario will strike down a big tree near the river that flows through the northern sector of the world. This opens the way to the bridge that leads over the river and allows Wario to access two other levels of the world: The Peaceful Village and The Vast Plain.

Red Chest: Jar[edit]

The Jar and the storm cloud

Getting the Jar[2] from the Red Chest requires the Ground Pound which Wario learns once he puts on the Lead Overalls found at The Volcano's Base. With his new move he can force the mole-like creature from the second forest area, which blocks the way to the underground caverns, to move out of his way. In the caverns Wario can find the Red Key, as well as the appendant treasure chest. To reach the container, though, the player must first complete a game of golf to get rid of the barrage blocking the way.

Once obtained safely, a rain cloud emerges from the artifact and quickly moves over the crater on the west sector of the world. There it begins to rain heavily which fills the crater with rain water. A level called The Pool of Rain will then become accessible to Wario, along with the level A Town in Chaos.

Green Chest: Prince Frog's Glove[edit]

Wario finds Prince Frog's Glove

Prince Frog's Glove[3], also called the Swim Fins[4] or Super Swimming Flippers[5], is an upgrade for Wario's swimming skills that becomes available after obtaining the Pouch from the Cave of Flames and the Eye of the Storm from The Stagnant Swamp. The two items will then create a magical storm which causes the leaves of this level's trees to become loose and fall down. Wario can use the falling leafage to cross the forest's river and its strong currents to reach the Green Chest.

These flippers increase Wario's swimming abilities so he can Super Swim[6][5] through moving bodies of water against the upstream. This new ability makes new areas at the Bank of the Wild River, The Steep Canyon, and Beneath the Waves accessible.

Blue Chest: Gold Music Box[edit]

The final music box

The Gold Music Box[5] is the last of the five music boxes is hidden inside the big tree with the face. Wario can attempt to get it after collecting the Gold Magic from the Castle of Illusions. The substance will then flow into the tree's nose, causing it to open its mouth and enabling Wario to enter. Inside the tree, Wario can find many Silkies and birds, which he must sometimes use as stepping stones in mid-air in order to progress inside the plant. At the top he will find the Blue Chest's guardian, a spider called Anonster.

Wario faces off against Anonster the spider

To defeat the giant spider, Wario has to hit it six times in total: Three times in the air and three times on the ground. At the beginning of the battle, Anonster rapidly leaps down, connected to the ceiling via spider-webs. It will then spit a blast of web at Wario, which will transform him into Ball o' String Wario and throw him out of the battle on contact. He has to avoid the projectile until it touches the ground. Wario can then pick it up and hurl it at the boss at the ceiling. A direct hit will cause the spider to fall down, where it can be attacked with a Ground Pound. Anonster will continue to shoot web at Wario while on the floor, so the player has to be careful. After another hit, Anonster will return to the ceiling and repeat its former strategy. After each successful hit on the ground, it will spit one additional web projectile. The battle ends when the boss receives enough damage, and a staircase made of pieces of web will lead Wario to the Blue Chest. The treasure can be accessed with the Blue Key, which can be found along the way to the top of the tree.

Once Wario receives the fifth and final music box, he can head on into The Temple and confront the hidden figure, who is revealed to have cursed all of the world's inhabitants.


Musical Coins[edit]

  • If Wario can throw a Spearhead to some enemy blocks, he must avoid some Applebies to get it.
  • If Wario is hit by Count Richtertoffen, he will transform to Flat Wario. While in that form, Wario must avoid an Omodonmeka to get a coin.
  • After getting Prince Frog's Gloves, Wario can swim to a Musical Coin.
  • Wario must Ground Pound to make the Webbers go down, then use leaves to reach the top. Wario should then Ground Pound again and stand on another Webber to get a coin.
  • In another room, Wario must roll to get a coin.
  • Wario can jump from a Spearhead to go high with the Hi-Jump power up. He must jump from a bird to claim it.
  • Before the ladder in the tree, a Doughnuteer appears. Wario should transform to Fat Wario to go down hitting the donut blocks to get that coin.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 出発の森
Shuppatsu no Mori
Woods of Departure


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