Helio (Wario Land 3)

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Helio (Wario Land 3)
“Ha-ha! And you're next!”
Helio, Dr. Mario 64

Helio, originally known as Yellow Belly,[1] is a balloon-like being that first appeared as one of the bosses in Wario Land 3. Helio looks like a balloon with arrowheads on his arms.


Wario Land 3[edit]

Yellow Belly is a boss found in the Desert Ruins. When Wario first enters the boss's arena, Yellow Belly emerges from the hollow section on the wall. It mainly attacks by swooping down in its attempt to poke Wario with its stinger, and occasionally throws one of its stingers at Wario. If hit by either attack, Puffy Wario is triggered and causes Wario to eject from the arena as he floats past the thin platform. In this phase, Wario must attack Yellow Belly by using a Smash Attack on its head when it swoops down. After that it drops a pump from its mouth, which must be Smash Attacked on, before Yellow Belly throws one of its stingers towards the pump to retrieve it, though the stingers in this phase won't puff up Wario. The pump itself can be pushed out of the way to prevent Yellow Belly from taking it back. Every time the pump is activated, Yellow Belly's body is inflated and grown bigger, requiring Wario to jump higher to get above its head. After the third pump is pressed, Yellow Belly pops, defeating it and opening the manhole that houses the Blue Chest, containing the Bottom Half of Sun Medallion.

Dr. Mario 64[edit]

Helio's character select icon for Dr. Mario 64

Yellow Belly, now named Helio, later appeared in Dr. Mario 64 like many other Wario Land 3 characters. It patrols the sky, watching for ongoers. In Dr. Mario's story, it is angered by Dr. Mario and Wario while they chase Mad Scienstein to get the Megavitamins. Because of this, it pops Puffy Wario as he was puffed up by Jellybob beforehand, only to sting Wario and trigger Puffy Wario again. For Dr. Mario, who is just behind Wario, Helio threatens to sting him, starting the match. He is not battled by Wario, instead Lump battles Wario in his story. Helio is also playable in the game's Vs. modes, where its AI difficulty is in the middle, alongside Lump and Hammer-Bot; this is the only game where Helio is playable, excluding the port in Nintendo Puzzle Collection.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 風船魔人ふうせんまじん[2] / フーセンまじん[3] / フウセンまじん[4]
Fūsen Majin
Balloon Fiend
Chinese 气球酷哥
qì qiú kù gē
Balloon cool guy
Spanish Globo[5] Balloon