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This article is about the game for the Game Boy Color. For the microgame from WarioWare Gold of the same name, see Wario Land 3 (microgame).
Wario Land 3
Front box art for Wario Land 3
North American box art
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Nintendo R&D1
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Color, Virtual Console (Nintendo 3DS)
Release date Game Boy Color:
Japan March 21, 2000
Europe April 14, 2000
USA May 30, 2000
Virtual Console (3DS):
Japan May 2, 2012
Europe December 6, 2012
Australia December 6, 2012
USA August 29, 2013
Language(s) English (United States)
Genre 2D Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
Mode(s) Single-player
Game Boy Color:
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Nintendo 3DS:
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Game Boy Color:
Nintendo 3DS:

Wario Land 3 is a video game for the Game Boy Color released in 2000, and the third installment in the Wario Land series (fourth counting Virtual Boy Wario Land). It was rereleased for the 3DS's Virtual Console in Japan on May 2, 2012, in Europe and Australia on December 6, 2012, and in the Americas on August 29, 2013. To escape the world inside a music box, Wario must collect the five music boxes with the help of fourteen abilities.


A scene from the intro to Wario Land 3
Wario finding the music box
WL3 ending.png
The old man thanking Wario for defeating the figure

One day, Wario is flying with his plane over the woods until it runs out of fuel and crashes. Unharmed, Wario then stumbles upon a mysterious cave. Inside the cave, he discovers a music box. He wants to take a closer look, and that suddenly causes him to be magically sucked into the music box. In the music box, a hidden figure informs Wario that he is a god who once protected the world inside the music box, until an evil being sealed away his magical powers in five music boxes. In exchange for freeing it, the figure promises to send Wario back to his own world and let him keep any treasure he finds. With his mind on the money and the fact he can return to his own world, Wario departs on his quest, in search of the music boxes and the many treasures of this mysterious land.

After collecting all the music boxes Wario returns to the temple. Once there, the music boxes play a melody together. The song frees the sealed being, who turns out to be an evil clown-like demon. The inhabitants of the music box locked his power up in five music boxes; but before he got imprisoned, he turned all of the music box's inhabitants into monsters. The figure had great plans about again ruling the music box world and then the one outside as well. After Wario defeats him, he is met by the inhabitants of the music box, now restored to their former selves. An old man explains that they thought Wario would help the being to return to his old form, and tried to stop Wario from causing that catastrophe; they never thought Wario would defeat him. They thank Wario and transport him back to his world, along with the treasures that he has collected, as promised before by the hidden figure.


The base mechanics in Wario Land 3 are very similar to that of its predecessor, Wario Land II. If Wario touches an enemy, he is simply stunned or transformed in one of his many transformations, known as reactions in the Wario Land series (one exception is in the final boss fight, where Wario can be "killed" and get a Game Over). Wario can crouch and walk using the direction pads, use a Smash Attack by pressing the B Button button and jump using the A Button button.

The game has a more open structure than its predecessors. Wario starts the game with most of his powers from Wario Land II missing or toned down. To progress, the player has to collect treasures which grant him new abilities, open new levels or cause changes in the existing levels that allow one to reach previously inaccessible area. The world map is divided into levels, which the player can enter and leave as they please. Should the player not know where to go, they can go to the starting map icon, which indicates where to go next.

Each level contains a total of four color-coded treasure chests, and as such, the player may need to visit a level multiple times at different point of the game in order to obtain all treasures. To collect a treasure, the player must first find the chest's key. Most treasure chests require completing a puzzle to be collected, and some are guarded by a boss. Not all treasures are necessary to complete the game.

This Wario Land installment features a day and night system; after clearing a level, day turns in night or night turns in day. This system effects some levels, and some treasures can only be accessed at a specific time of the day.

Wario's reactions[edit]

The game includes reactions returning from Wario Land II, in addition to some new ones.

Image Name Description
Wario in Wario Land 3. Wario Wario's normal form with no reaction. He starts out the game powerless, but as he progresses into the game, he can collect power-ups that will allow him to perform the Smash Attack, swim and dive into the water, strengthen his signature Attack, lift light and heavy enemies, etc.
Ball Wario in Wario Land 3. Ball When jumped on by Shoot, Wario becomes a ball. If touched, he will be used to score a point, which will revert him to normal if he is still in the soccer game. He can slowly move left or right while bouncing, and can also be grabbed and thrown by the tortoise goalkeeper to revert to normal. Likewise, Wario can inflict the same effect on Shoot.
Ball o' String Wario in Wario Land 3. Ball o' String Wario When touched by a Silky while it is spitting string, Wario will roll back and forth across a course, bouncing off walls, until he eventually unravels back into Wario. This can be used to break blocks.
Bouncy Wario in Wario Land 3. Bouncy Wario After getting hit on the head by a Hammer-bot, Wario can jump to new heights. After an amount of time, Wario will return to normal. This form will end immediately if he jumps into water or on spikes.
Bubble Wario in Wario Land 3. Bubble Wario Wario is trapped inside a bubble, allowing him to endlessly float upward, until he hits something. While inside the bubble, Wario has the ability to resist currents in the water.
Crazy Wario Crazy Wario Wario becomes a hard-to-control, dizzy alter-ego. Unlike Wario Land II, Crazy Wario cannot exhale a poisonous gas to defeat enemies, and does not change color. Water will revert Wario to a normal state.
Electric Wario in Wario Land 3. Electric Wario After Wario is hit by a zap of electricity, he is propelled backwards and cannot move for about a second. Any enemies touching him will be immediately defeated.
Fat Wario in Wario Land 3. Fat Wario Wario after swallowing an Appleby's apple or a Doughnuteer's donut. With Wario's extra weight, he can easily break through certain blocks which normal Wario cannot. As a side-effect, Wario is slow and cannot jump as high as normal, but if any enemy runs into him (or if he runs into them) they will instantly be defeated. After a while, Wario will lose weight and return to normal.
Flat Wario in Wario Land 3. Flat Wario When Wario is flattened by an Omodon or a Count Richtertoffen, he can glide smoothly in the air to reach places previously unattainable, and slip through tiny cracks in walls. Water and Omodonmeka can turn Wario to normal.
Sprite of Hot Wario from Wario Land 3 Hot Wario After Wario is burned, he starts running around with his pants on fire and will slowly burn more intently until he is reduced to cinders. Wario can break through certain bricks in this form. If Wario makes contact with water or until the time limit is over, he will return to normal.
Ice Skatin' Wario in Wario Land 3. Ice Skatin' Wario Wario is frozen solid and sent skimming backwards, until he hits a wall. Although a usual inconvenience, he can slide along spikes and other nasty obstacles, as well as defeat most enemies.
Invisible Wario Invisible Wario Wario is invisible, so he can pass through protected doors (similar to Vanish Mario from Super Mario 64). However, aside from an occasional glimpse, the player cannot see Wario, either, making this a very difficult transformation to use. Unlike all other Wario Forms, he can still walk through doorways. When Wario goes through pipes, he reverts to normal.
Puffy Wario in Wario Land 3. Puffy Wario When hit by a stinger from an enemy, Wario's head is filled with air. Wario will float upwards until he hits something. This is a feature of many boss fights throughout the game.
Snowman Wario in Wario Land 3. Snowman Wario When Wario is covered in falling snow, he becomes a snowman. If Snowman Wario rolls down a slope, he can break certain blocks. Wario can defeat every enemy in this form.
Vampire Wario in Wario Land 3. Vampire Wario When getting touched by Kobatto, Wario transforms into a vampire and can defeat every enemy he touches. Plus, by pressing the B Button Button, Wario will go to Vampire Bat form, when he can fly in short spurts. To turn into his normal self, he must touch a head of garlic, go into a patch of light, or fall into a pool of water.
Zombie Wario in Wario Land 3. Zombie Wario Wario is impervious to all enemy damage, can defeat almost all enemies on touch, and fall through thin floors, although he is incredibly slow. Unlike Wario Land II, he is now able to jump, though he cannot jump very high. Water or light will return him to normal Wario.


The nine power-ups that can be found during gameplay are as follows:

  1. Lead Overalls: By pressing the A Button button and down, Wario can perform a Smash Attack. He can destroy little enemies, fractured blocks and stun big enemies with this overall. (Stunned enemies can be defeated when attacking them again)
  2. Swimming Flippers: With these, Wario can swim. By tapping the B Button button, he swims faster.
  3. Head Smash Helmet: With this item, Wario can destroy both types of blocks by jumping into them from below.
  4. Grab Glove: Wario can lift small enemies when walking towards them. He can throw them by pressing the B Button button. Holding up throws them up. Keeping the B Button button pressed performs a charged throw. In this case, the enemies are destroyed when they touch a wall. There are special blocks that only breaks by throwing something against them.
  5. Super Smash: Wario can also break undamaged blocks with his Dash Attacks, when rolling, or by jumping into them from below. He breaks fractured blocks without being stopped and can also defeat large enemies immediately.
  6. Super Jump Slam Overalls: Similar to the Super Smash, Wario's Smash Attack can break unstructured blocks, break through fractured blocks unstopped, and defeat large enemies immediately. Additionally, it can cause a ground shaker, stunning small enemies.
  7. High Jump Boots: Pressing up while jumping with these boots allows Wario to jump higher. Enemies can also be used to perform high jumps when pressing up while jumping onto them.
  8. Prince Frog's Glove: With these flippers, Wario can swim against strong currents while tapping the B Button button.
  9. Super Grab Gloves: Wario can lift big enemies as well as normal ones. His speed is reduced while carrying big enemies and he cannot throw them as far as smaller enemies.

Golf Minigame[edit]

WL3 Golf.png

In some levels, Wario will find a block with the word Minigame written on it. Wario can get this block out of his way by playing a minigame of golf, which can be accessed by entering a door with a drawing of a Para-Goom at its top. The door and the block will be found at the same level. This golfing game is not like the real world golf, but the goal is roughly the same; use Wario's Smash Attack on a Para-Goom and send it into the hole. If it falls into lava or water, another Para-Goom will fall on the closest spot of the lava/water, so Wario will be able to continue. To play this game, the player must press the A Button button to move the blue arrow in the energy meter displayed at the bottom of the screen, and press it again to stop it. Then, a red arrow will appear; they have to make it stop on the red or the blue space inside the meter, or else Wario will stumble and it will count as a shot. The player can also use the direction pads (left and right) to see where the Para-Goom will end up if hit with the maximum power.

To play golf, Wario must have enough money in his possession.

In the north side of the music box world, there is a strange uncolored building. After getting all of the seven crayons, the building will be colored and Wario can play golf anytime he wants by visiting it. The number of golf courses in this building is four, but the fourth one can only be accessed by getting all of the Musical Coins, found in all levels.

List of levels[edit]

# North West South East
1 Out of the Woods Desert Ruins The Grasslands The Stagnant Swamp
2 The Peaceful Village The Volcano's Base The Big Bridge The Frigid Sea
3 The Vast Plain The Pool of Rain Tower of Revival Castle of Illusions
4 Bank of the Wild River A Town in Chaos The Steep Canyon The Colossal Hole
5 The Tidal Coast Beneath the Waves Cave of Flames The Warped Void
6 Sea Turtle Rocks The West Crater Above the Clouds The East Crater
7 N/A N/A N/A Forest of Fear

Items and blocks[edit]

Image Name Description
MCoin.png Musical Coin If Wario collects all 8 found in each level, he can unlock a hidden golf minigame. Each of them is worth 10 coins.
Coin Normal coin Normal coins Wario can commonly find in levels. They are used to pay the golf minigames.
Gray colored coin Red colored coin Green colored coin Blue colored coin Colored coins A colored coin is worth 10 normal coins. The color denotes what Key the player is close to.
WL3 Key.PNG Keys The keys appear in every level. Wario has to use those to open treasure chests.


Image Name Description
Applby.PNG Appleby A mole-like enemy that throws apples from holes in walls which turn Wario fat.
Beamrobota.PNG Beam Robota A blue robot who attacks with beams stored inside their chests.
Birds.PNG Bird A flying enemy. The blue birds will only stun Wario, while the orange ones turn him into a Crazy Wario.
Brrr Bear.PNG Brrr Bear A blue polar bear who spits ice at Wario and turns him into an Ice Skatin' Wario.
Count Richter.PNG Count Richtertoffen A fat creature who attacks by shaking the ground and squashing Wario to turn him flat.
A Denki sprite from Wario Land 3. Denki A spark of electricity that drops from a hanging lamp. They home in on Wario once they hit the ground, shocking him.
Doughnuteer Doughnuteer A small creature holding a fork with doughnuts. If Wario eats one, he will become fat.
An Electric Lamp. Is again a bit slow on the flashy area due to limitations with UnFREEZ, though the amount of times it shows each frame is correct. The transparency makes certain effects difficult to see. Electric Lamp A hanging lamp that drops an infinite supply of Denki.
Fire robota.png Fire Robota A red robot attacking with fire torches stored in its chest.
Flame Flame A massive flame within a torch, sometimes dropping smaller flames. Touching either causes Wario to catch fire himself.
A Futamogu from Wario Land 3. Futamogu A red creature with a platform on its head found in holes; Smash Attacking can dislodge it.
Hammerbot.PNG Hammer-bot A big blue robot riding on treads that uses its hammers to turn Wario into a spring.
Haridama.PNG Haridama A black fish that attacks with its needles.
Roofslime.PNG Hebarii A slime that attaches itself to the ceilings. It attacks by shooting glowing spheres. When having the upgraded overalls, Wario can knock down the enemy or by hitting a switch.
Kobats.PNG Kobatto Bat enemies that turn Wario into Vampire Wario.
A Kuri from Wario Land 3. Kuri A chestnut enemy found in the battle against Wolfenboss.
Kushimushi Kushimushi Bug enemies with rake-shaped mandibles, always found on vines and trees.
A short Laser Grid. Laser Grid Horizontal or vertical double-layered lasers found in the depths of Sea Turtle Rocks.
Madscience.png Mad Scienstein A scientist who attacks by using his potions, that turn Wario invisible.
A Mizuuo from Wario Land 3 Mizuuo A fish that occasionally spits out drops of water.
Mrmoon.PNG Mr. Moon An invincible enemy who attacks with electric beams and turns Wario into Electric Wario. It only appears at nighttime.
A Nobiiru from Wario Land 3 Nobiiru An enemy with retracting spikes that extends from the wall every few seconds.
Octohon.PNG Octohōn An underwater enemy that gets affected by a treasure in the game and gets bigger then before. When it is big, it attacks by pushing Wario, and he will rocket in the direction he was pushed until hitting a wall.
WL3 Omodon Sprite.png Omodon A Thwomp-like enemy, carried by an Omodonmeka and tries to flatten Wario.
Grabots.PNG Omodonmeka A flying enemy. The blue versions of them grab Wario, and the green and red ones try to smash him with an Omodon.
Paragoom.PNG Para-Goom a yellow enemy who attacks using its spiky parasol.
Jellybob.PNG Pneumo A floating jellyfish that attacks by turning its mouth into a hook shape, which on contact turns Wario into Puffy Wario.
A Prince Froggy sprite from Wario Land 3.Red froggy Prince Froggy A big frog that sits in place, blocking Wario's path. It can be moved using a Smash Attack, rolling down a slope, or with Hot Wario, Vampire Wario, or Ice Skatin' Wario. In The Peaceful Village, one appears red instead of gray, and will only move if using a Smash Attack near it but not on top of it. It is similar to Futamogu.
Robo-Mouse.PNG Robo-Mouse A mole-like robot attacking with its claws. It will throw Wario out of the room he is inside of.
Sand hand.PNG Sand Hand an invincible enemy only appearing at daytime in Desert Ruins, that tries to make Wario fall into moving sand.
Seeing-eye door Seeing-eye door A watchful guardian that blocks all it sees from passing. Wario must become invisible if he is to pass.
Silky.png Silky A green worm that projects a special string from its mouth. If Wario is hit, he will turn into a Ball o' String Wario.
Sprite of the snake in Wario Land 3 Snake An invincible enemy living in vases and attacking by spitting fire.
A spark from Wario Land 3 Spark A floating glowing ball that often appears in climbing or flying sections.
Spearbot.PNG Spear-bot a green robot attacking with a spear stored inside its chest.
Spearhead.png Spearhead A blue blob with a spear as its nose and weapon.
Mrsun.PNG Sun An invincible enemy who attacks with fire balls and turns Wario into Hot Wario. It only appears at daytime.
A Tadpole from Wario Land 3 Tadpole A jumping creature found in water and occasionally lava. If it collides with Wario, he will roll backwards until he hits a wall or lands in water.
Ghostpest.PNG Teruteru A ghost-like enemy who attaches to Wario's head and makes the screen dark. After contact with anything but the enemy it will remove and patrol the area where it fell it off.
A Spike using the palette from Bank of the Wild River. Do not remove the background on this, as this is a tile, and that is part of it. Spike A clump of spikes that harms Wario if he touches it.
A Togēba sprite from Wario Land 3. Togēba A flat blue spiny slime that is completely invulnerable to all attacks, but is very light.
Water hand.PNG Water Hand An invincible enemy only appearing in The Steep Canyon, that tries to make Wario fall into fast currents.
Water Spark.PNG Water Spark An invincible enemy only appearing in Bank of the Wild River; when touched, Wario will become puffy.
Webber.PNG Webber A spider enemy who can shoot electric projectiles.
Zombiewl3.PNG Zombie An undead enemy who throws its head at Wario and turns him into a zombie.


Image Name Location
Doll Boy Doll Boy The Volcano's Base
WL3 Wormwould sprite.png Wormwould The Grasslands
WL3 Wolfenboss sprite.png Wolfenboss The Pool of Rain
Shoot Shoot A Town in Chaos
WL3 Muddee sprite.png Muddee The Stagnant Swamp
WL3 Scowler sprite.png Scowler Sea Turtle Rocks
Helio (Wario Land 3) Yellow Belly Desert Ruins
Jamanosprite.png Jamano The Stagnant Swamp
WL3 Pesce sprite.png Pesce Bank of the Wild River
Anonstersprite.png Anonster Out of the Woods
Rudy A hidden figure The Temple


There are 100 treasures in total Wario can collect, many of which alter the music box world and open new areas to Wario's exploration. However, not all of the treasures are needed to complete the game.

Image Name Location Purpose
WL3 Treasure 001.png Yellow Music Box The Grasslands The five magical artifacts needed to complete the game. Together they can break the seal on a hidden figure, unlocking the final battle in The Temple, but the first four each has a unique purpose.
  • The first permits access to The Big Bridge.
  • The second one opens the path to Bank of the Wild River and The Tidal Coast.
  • The third one opens Cave of Flames.
  • The fourth reveals the entrance to Beneath the Waves.
WL3 Treasure 002.png Blue Music Box A Town in Chaos
WL3 Treasure 003.png Green Music Box Sea Turtle Rocks
WL3 Treasure 004.png Red Music Box The Stagnant Swamp
WL3 Treasure 005.png Gold Music Box Out of the Woods
WL3 Treasure 006.png Prince Frog's Glove Out of the Woods Allows Wario to swim faster, so he can traverse currents. Wario can use this new ability to access new paths in Bank of the Wild River, The Steep Canyon, and Beneath the Waves.
WL3 Treasure 007.png Swimming Flippers Tower of Revival Makes Wario able to swim and dive in water. Wario can use this new ability to access new paths in The Pool of Rain and The Big Bridge.
WL3 Treasure 008.png High Jump Boots The Colossal Hole Boosts Wario's jumping abilities, letting him jump higher and giving him the ability to use enemies as stepping stones. Wario can use this new ability to access new paths in The Grasslands, The Stagnant Swamp, and Cave of Flames.
WL3 Treasure 009.png Super Grab Gloves The East Crater Boosts Wario's strength, allowing him to lift heavy enemies. Wario can use this new ability to access new paths in A Town in Chaos, Castle of Illusions, and (if the Mystery Handle was collected) Forest of Fear.
WL3 Treasure 010.png Super Smash Tower of Revival Upgrades Wario's Dash Attack, so he can smash through non-cracked blocks. Also allows him to break non-cracked blocks with his head and access new paths in Bank of the Wild River and The Colossal Hole, and opens the path to Sea Turtle Rocks.
WL3 T 011.PNG Grab Glove The Steep Canyon Allows Wario to lift small objects and enemies. Wario can use this new ability to access new paths in The Tidal Coast, The Frigid Sea, and The Big Bridge.
WL3 T 012.PNG Lead Overalls The Volcano's Base Gives Wario the ability to perform a Smash Attack that can break cracked blocks and defeat enemies. Wario can use this ability to access new paths in Out of the Woods and The Vast Plain.
WL3 T 013.PNG Super Jump Slam Overalls Castle of Illusions Powers up Wario's Smash Attack, allowing him to break non-cracked blocks and stun enemies. Wario can use this upgraded ability to access new paths in Sea Turtle Rocks, The West Crater, Desert Ruins, and The Peaceful Village.
WL3 T 014.PNG Head Smash Helmet The Frigid Sea Allows Wario to break both types of blocks with his head by jumping beneath them. Wario can use this ability to access new paths in A Town in Chaos and Desert Ruins.
WL3 T 015.PNG Lantern The Big Bridge When brought together, Castle of Illusions will appear on the east side.
WL3 T 016.PNG Magical Flame The Frigid Sea
WL3 T 017.PNG Torch Castle of Illusions Opens the path to Forest of Fear and connects the east sector with the north sector of the world.
WL3 T 018.PNG First Gear for Machine The Pool of Rain When placed into the elevator on the east side, the path to The Grasslands will open.
WL3 T 019.PNG Second Gear for Machine A Town in Chaos
WL3 T 020.PNG Warp Compact Forest of Fear Makes The Warped Void appear on the east side.
WL3 T 021.PNG Jar Out of the Woods Summons a rain storm and opens the path to The Pool of Rain and A Town in Chaos.
WL3 T 022.PNG Treasure Map Tower of Revival Reveals a secret path through the mountains and opens the path to The East Crater
WL3 T 023.PNG Blue Book The Peaceful Village When brought together, the water on the east side will freeze and open the path to The Frigid Sea.
WL3 T 028.PNG Magic Wand The Grasslands
WL3 T 024.PNG Sky Key Tower of Revival Unlocks the door leading to the tower's top and opens the path to Above the Clouds.
WL3 T 025.PNG Yellow Book The Tidal Coast When brought together, these items create a lightning storm and open the path to The Steep Canyon.
WL3 T 026.PNG Trident Bank of the Wild River
WL3 T 027.PNG Axe Out of the Woods Cuts the big tree on the north side down and opens the path to The Peaceful Village and The Vast Plain
WL3 T 029.PNG Skull Ring (blue) The Pool of Rain When brought together, Tower of Revival will rise from the ground on the south side.
WL3 T 030.PNG Skull Ring (red) The Vast Plain
WL3 T 031.PNG Blue Tablet The Peaceful Village These items unlock the gate at the hill on the north side and open the path to Desert Ruins.
WL3 T 032.PNG Green Tablet The Vast Plain
WL3 T 033.PNG Ornamental Fan The Pool of Rain Blows away the mist at the south side and opens the path to The Stagnant Swamp.
WL3 T 034.PNG Top Half of Scroll Desert Ruins When brought together, these items calm the storm on the west side and open the path to The Volcano's Base.
WL3 T 035.PNG Bottom Half of Scroll
WL3 T 036.PNG Tusk (blue) The Volcano's Base When brought together, these items cause the volcano to erupt and open the path to The West Crater and The Colossal Hole.
WL3 T 037.PNG Tusk (red) The Steep Canyon
WL3 T 038.PNG Green Flower The Stagnant Swamp
WL3 T 039.PNG Blue Chemical The Steep Canyon When brought together, these items move the heavy blocks in The Vast Plain and Beneath the Waves out of the way.
WL3 T 040.PNG Red Chemical Beneath the Waves
WL3 T 041.PNG Air-Pump The Colossal Hole Makes the blocks of ice rise in Bank of the Wild River and The Pool of Rain.
WL3 T 042.PNG Sapling of Growth A Town in Chaos Causes the little octopi in The Tidal Coast and Beneath the Waves to grow in size.
WL3 T 043.PNG Night Vision Scope The East Crater Illuminates a certain room in Sea Turtle Rocks.
WL3 T 044.PNG Electric Fan Propeller The Tidal Coast Produces currents of air in A Town in Chaos.
WL3 T 045.PNG Rust Spray Castle of Illusions Causes the iron walls in The West Crater, The Steep Canyon, and Cave of Flames to rust, making them destructible.
WL3 T 046.PNG Statue Bank of the Wild River Produces patches of wire in Tower of Revival and The Tidal Coast, which Wario can use to climb on.
WL3 T 047.PNG Explosive Plunger Box Beneath the Waves Causes bombs in The Stagnant Swamp, Cave of Flames, and The Colossal Hole to explode, opening new paths.
WL3 T 048.PNG Scissors Cave of Flames Cuts the balloon in Above the Clouds loose, opening a new path.
WL3 T 049.PNG Castle Brick The West Crater Opens a new path in Castle of Illusions.
WL3 T 050.PNG Warp Removal Apparatus Forest of Fear Makes the dimensional rifts in The Warped Void disappear, opening new paths.
WL3 T 051.PNG Key Card (red) Forest of Fear When brought together, a trapped Para-Goom in The Warped Void will be released, opening a new path.
WL3 T 052.PNG Key Card (blue)
WL3 T 053.PNG Jackhammer Above the Clouds Releases a stream of hot air in The East Crater.
WL3 T 054.PNG Pick-Axe Above the Clouds Opens a new area in The East Crater.
WL3 T 055.PNG Rocket Bank of the Wild River This treasure serves no purpose.
WL3 T 056.PNG Pocket Pet The Big Bridge This treasure serves no purpose. (It is a reference to the Pokémon Pikachu device that was released shortly before Wario Land 3.)
WL3 T 057.PNG Mystery Handle The Warped Void Raises a Warp Pipe from the ground in Forest of Fear, opening a new path.
WL3 T 058.PNG Demon's Blood The Warped Void When obtained, zombies will emerge in a specific area of Forest of Fear, opening a new path.
WL3 T 059.PNG Gold Magic Castle of Illusions Causes the tree in Out of the Woods to open, creating a new path.
WL3 T 060.PNG Fighter Mannequin The Grasslands This treasure serves no purpose.
WL3 T 061.PNG Truck Wheel The Grasslands Makes the carts in The Volcano's Base operational, opening a new path.
WL3 T 062.PNG Flute The Stagnant Swamp Summons snakes in The Peaceful Village, The Grasslands, and The Volcano's Base.
WL3 T 063.PNG Foot of Stone The Tidal Coast Creates an earthquake that opens a new paths in The Volcano's Base and The Steep Canyon, and drains the water of The Stagnant Swamp.
WL3 T 064.PNG Golden Right Eye Sea Turtle Rocks Opens the golden snake door in Tower of Revival.
WL3 T 065.PNG Golden Left Eye A Town in Chaos
WL3 T 066.PNG Right Glass Eye The West Crater Opens the blue snake door in Tower of Revival.
WL3 T 067.PNG Left Glass Eye The Colossal Hole
WL3 T 068.PNG Scepter Cave of Flames Purifies the murky water in The Big Bridge, The Frigid Sea, and Sea Turtle Rocks, opening new paths.
WL3 T 069.PNG Top Half of Sun Medallion Sea Turtle Rocks When brought together, the eternal night on the east side of the world will end, making it possible to access the levels there during the daytime. New paths are opened in The Colossal Hole, The Frigid Sea, and Castle of Illusions.
WL3 T 070.PNG Bottom Half of Sun Medallion Desert Ruins
WL3 T 071.PNG Eye of the Storm The Stagnant Swamp Causes leaves to fall down in Out of the Woods, opening a new path.
WL3 T 073.PNG Pouch Cave of Flames
WL3 T 072.PNG Magic Seeds The Big Bridge Causes stalks to grow in The Vast Plain, The Pool of Rain, and The Grasslands, opening new paths.
WL3 T 074.PNG Full Moon Gong Sea Turtle Rocks Summons the moon in Above the Clouds, opening a new path.
WL3 T 075.PNG Telephone The Steep Canyon This treasure serves no purpose.
WL3 T 076.PNG Crown The Volcano's Base This treasure serves no purpose.
WL3 T 077.PNG Day or Night Spell The Peaceful Village Gives Wario the ability to switch between daytime and nighttime on the map.
WL3 T 078.PNG Red Gem The Vast Plain This treasure serves no purpose.
WL3 T 079.PNG Green Gem The Tidal Coast This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Blue Gem The Volcano's Base This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Clubs Crest Beneath the Waves This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Spades Crest The West Crater This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Heart Crest The Warped Void This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Diamonds Crest The East Crater This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Earthen Figure The East Crater This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Saber The West Crater This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Goblet The Peaceful Village This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Teapot The Frigid Sea This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Magnifying Glass Bank of the Wild River Allows Wario to check which treasures he has already collected, without having to enter the level first.
Treasure UFO The Frigid Sea This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Minicar Cave of Flames This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Locomotive The Colossal Hole This treasure serves no purpose.
Treasure Fire Drencher Above the Clouds Extinguishes the flames in The West Crater and The East Crater, opening new paths.
Treasure Crayon (red) Beneath the Waves A set of seven treasures shaped like crayons. Whenever Wario finds one of the crayons, the object will travel to the hill that separates the north side from the west side, where it will then color a specific aspect of the hill. What gets colored in is determined by the crayon's color:
  • The red crayon colors the door of the building.
  • The brown crayon colors the forest's ground and the tree trunks.
  • The yellow crayon colors the sign over the door.
  • The green crayon colors the trees and the grass.
  • The cyan crayon colors the sky.
  • The blue crayon colors the bushes.
  • The pink crayon colors the building itself.

Once the entire landscape is colored, the golf challenge minigame will be unlocked and can be accessed at any time Wario travels from the north side to the west side and vice versa.

Treasure Crayon (brown) The Warped Void
Treasure Crayon (yellow) The Pool of Rain
Treasure Crayon (green) Above the Clouds
Treasure Crayon (cyan) The Big Bridge
Treasure Crayon (blue) The Vast Plain
Treasure Crayon (pink) Desert Ruins

Time Attack[edit]

Once Wario has opened all 100 treasure chests, Time Attack mode is activated.

The following message will be displayed from now on when starting the game:

Time Attack

  • Compete for time taken to get all 4 keys and clear the course.
  • Press Start Button on the Map Screen to see the list of best times.

Thus, Wario has to try to collect all the four keys the fastest way possible and enter an exit doorway in this mode. The best time will be saved for each world, though saving when playing a world is not possible. If Wario breaks his personal record, he will joyfully lift his thumb. Otherwise, he will react as if he would not have opened a chest and entered an exist doorway in the normal mode.


Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Game Boy Color Frank Provo, GameSpot 9.8/10 "As far as platformers go, Wario Land 3 is a game that fires on all cylinders. Massive replay value rounds out perfect gameplay, a battery save keeps your progress, and a plethora of cutscenes further serves to delight one's senses past the point of pleasure. Additionally, a variety of plot twists and gotchas helps to make the story one of the more engrossing in recent memory, with an end boss that simply has to be seen to be believed. In many ways, it's as if Nintendo set out to make Wario 3 into a 2D RPG. Whatever the intent, Wario 3 raises the bar that all other platformer titles must meet in terms of fun, eye-candy, and replay value."
Nintendo 3DS Marcel van Duyn, Nintendo Life 9/10 "Like Wario Land II before it, Wario Land 3 is essentially more of a puzzle game than an action game. The concept has been refined even more, with a ton of stages and different paths, making it easily the biggest Wario Land in terms of scope. If you enjoyed the previous adventure then this generously expanded outing is likely to please you even more."
Compiler Platform / Score
GameRankings 90.00%


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The Rolling Glitch[edit]

Performing the glitch.

When crouching at the foot of a hill, Wario may get stuck in a tight spot while sliding before he starts rolling. The rolling glitch can be performed at The Stagnant Swamp and The Colossal Hole.

Wario, breaking blocks by walking through them.

In this case, one will be able to walk as normal, but the game still treats Wario as if he is just rolling. Thus, he can break regular blocks and defeat enemies just by walking through them. Though there is a slight difference, as this state he will even stay if he walks on a hill, enters doors, crouches, climbs up a ladder, performs a normal attack or a Dash Attack.

It will end if Wario gets attacked by an enemy, enters a pipe or if he hits a wall with a regular attack. In the last case, the animation will occur that can normally be seen when rolling Wario smashes at a wall.

The Swamp Water Glitch[edit]

Wario swimming in the air.

This glitch can be performed at The Stagnant Swamp. To do so, Wario must be floating in the muddy water and touching either edge of the pool. When +Control Pad down is pressed at the correct time, Wario will briefly dive under the water and the camera will move up. This can be repeated until the camera reaches the top of the level and Wario can be seen floating in the air. Wario will still act like he is at the bottom of the swamp, and will appear to swim in invisible water, walk on invisible platforms, and enter an invisible door or pipe.

The swamp water glitch ends when Wario uses a zip line, jumps through the top of the screen, or uses the aforementioned door or pipe.

The Ice Skatin' Glitch[edit]

To perform this glitch, Wario must travel to the Cave of Flames and enter the eastern pipe, in search of the green key and treasure chest. He must then proceed to the area obscured by Bonfire Blocks, after first destroying them with the Hot Wario form. On the bridge, he should be careful to avoid the Tadpoles that will leap out of the fire, as well as the Brrr Bear coming towards him. Wario has to jump on the Brrr Bear's head and give it a few pushes to the left. There should be a short distance between the Brrr Bear and a Tadpole's starting position. As it regains balance, Wario must let himself become frozen, but upon colliding with a leaping Tadpole, he will be sent rolling back to the previous area, preempting his transformation into Ice Skatin' Wario.

Though he may seem back to normal, Wario still acts as if he were in his Ice Skatin' Wario form. Thus, he can walk straight into enemies and knock them out. He also does not respond to the effects of flames, Mad Scienstein's potions, or even the Brrr Bear's ice breath. This glitch can be undone by walking into a Seeing-eye door, entering a pipe, or exiting the level via Save Menu. The player will have no choice but to undo it anyway, since the rest of the level cannot be beaten when stuck in the Ice Skatin' Wario reaction.

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  • Metroid: The High Jump Boots are from this game.

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Names in other languages[edit]

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Japanese ワリオランド3 不思議なオルゴ~ル
Wario Rando 3: Fushigi na Orugōru
Wario Land 3: The Mysterious Music Box

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