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The title of this article is official, but it comes from a non-English source. If an acceptable English source is found, then the article should be moved to its appropriate title.

Wario about to get hit by an Octohōn.

Octohōn are enemies found in Wario Land 3 from the Wario Land series. They are octopuses that can only be found in two levels, Beneath the Waves and The Tidal Coast. They swim back and forth underwater. They are harmless until Wario obtains the Sapling of Growth from A Town in Chaos' Blue Chest, which causes them to grow big and strong, thus allowing them to break the barriers that originally block them. If Wario is hit by the front of their heads either by bumping into them or when they charge at him, he will be pushed in that direction until he hits a wall. Otherwise, bumps them from the other sides causes them to by pushed forward, even moving away from the area they originally patrolled.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オクトホーン[1]
From "octopus" and possibly "horn"


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