Tower of Revival

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S3, Tower of Revival

Tower of Revival is one of the many levels in Wario Land 3 located in the south part of the Music Box World. It will raise from the ground only if Wario collects the two skeleton rings found in The Vast Plain and The Pool of Rain by using the vines grown by the miracle seed.

The Tower of Revival is an ancient tower. It has two doors with snake drawings on them which Wario can enter by using the snakes' eyes. There is also a room that Wario can explore after getting the Wire Wizard from Bank of the Wild River.


Grey Chest: Swim Fins[edit]

Wario's second power up

The Grey Chest is at the entrance but the key is too far away. Wario has to light all the Hidama torches with his flaming form to get rid of the flame block blocking the way. Then he has to climb the ladder, use the Puffy Wario form and avoid the Sparks to get the key and open the chest.

The Swim Fins allow Wario to swim. This opens new possibilities for him in The Pool of Rain and The Big Bridge. He can find another pair of flippers later on in Out of the Woods, which allow him to swim against currents.

Red Chest: Garlic[edit]

To get this treasure, the Blue Snake door has to be open. After entering that door, Wario finds himself in a room with a torch which he can use to break the flame blocks right under the cake blocks, but the cake blocks have to be removed. To do so, he has to use the pipe in the upper part of the level to reach a room full of zombies that Wario has to avoid, then use another pipe to finally get to the Doughnuteers. He has to use them to transform into Fat Wario and fall to break the cake blocks. He'll use his Fire Wario form then to break the flame blocks and then come back to the zombie room and become Zombie Wario to manage to go through the floor.

The Red Chest is right there, but cannot be opened until the red key is retrieved. To do so, he has to turn on the switch and come back to the Doughnuteers' room and get the key which is accessible after the switch is activated. Then, he has to come back to the treasure chest and open it.

The Garlic allows Wario to break solid blocks. This opens new possibilities for him in the Bank of the Wild River and The Colossal Hole. It also allows him to destroy the boulder obstructing Sea Turtle Rocks.

Green Chest: Secret Path to Crater Map[edit]

The Map showing a secret path to the East Crater

To get this treasure, Wario must first get the Wire Wizard from Bank of the Wild River. Then, he has to light all the torches and make his way to the top. Then, he has to enter the warp pipe. Wario can now access higher areas using the fences.

First, he has to climb the fences and avoid the Sparks and for a short time, the first Appleby. Then he has to let the second one make him fat to break the cake blocks found below. The key can be found bellow the blocks. Then, he has to make his way to the top of the room by climbing the fences and avoiding the obstacles. When he does, he only has to open the chest and discover the treasure.

This treasure unlocks The East Crater.

Blue Chest: Sky Key[edit]

The Sky Key opening the door to Above the Clouds

To get this treasure, the yellow snake door in this level must be open. Then, Wario must make his way to the room where the Wire Wizard made fences. Then, he has to climb them until he reaches the door. Wario has to enter it. Here, Wario has to climb the ladder and enter the safe corners so he won't fall when the Thwomp-like enemies shake the ground. When he reaches another ladder, he has to climb this one as well until he reaches the Thwomp enemy. He has to let it stomp him and turn him into Flat Wario. He can now access the door to the right.

Here, Wario must make his way to the top, and when he comes across a Brrr Bear, he has to grab it and proceed. When he reaches the top of the room, he has to use the Brrr Bear to break the enemy blocks and grab the Silky. Then, he has to let it turn him into a Ball o' String Wario. This will allow him to break the String Block blocking the way to the Blue Chest.

This treasure unlocks Above the Clouds.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 復活の塔
Fukkatsu no Tō
Tower of Revival