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Species Spider
First appearance Wario Land 3 (2000)

Anonster,[1] also known as the Spider Boss,[2] is one of the bosses that Wario faces in the game Wario Land 3. It can be found in Out of the Woods, inside of a gargantuan tree. Anonster is a colossal spider with three eyes and a circular pattern mark on its back that changes color each time it is hit. Its eyes turn red every time it spews webs from its mouth.

When Wario first enter the top of the tree where Anonster is, it hangs and move around by a thread. While moving around the ceiling, Anonster spews a clump of web that slowly floats down until it becomes a ball of web on the ground. If Wario touches the web while it is floating, Ball o' String Wario is triggered and he will uncontrollably roll out of the top of the tree. If the ball of web is on the ground, Wario can grab it to throw it at Anonster, and as long as a ball of web exists in the arena or Wario is holding one, Anonster won't spew clumps of webs. If the ball of web hits Anonster, it will be stunned. It will then jump to the floor in its attempt to pounce on Wario, and then crawl along the floor while spewing webs that can trigger Ball o' String Wario. If the web hits Wario or it spat webs twice on the ground, it will jump up and Wario must throw a ball of web to bring it down again. While Anonster is on the ground, Wario must use a Smash Attack on the circular pattern on its back, damaging it. In its second and third phases, it spits out two and three clumps of webs respectively while it is hanging near the ceiling, in addition to being faster. After the third Smash Attack on its back, Anonster will be defeated and three web platforms will descend, allowing Wario to reach the Blue Chest, containing the last of the five music boxes.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スパイゴン[3]
Derived from "spider" and possibly「~ゴン」(-gon, a common suffix for monster names)
Spanish Araña[4] Spider


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