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Fire robota.png

Fire Robota are robotic enemies in Wario Land 3. Fire Robota keep their torches within their bodies until Wario is in the same row as them, in which they will turn around to face Wario is he is behind them, and then extrude the torches. They also move faster when their torches are revealed. If Wario touches the fire, he will become Hot Wario. After some time, they will retract their torches and slow down. They have a similar appearance and behavior as Spear-bots and Beam Robota, who have different colors and have different weapons at their disposal.

Fire Robota appear in the following levels, in the following quantities:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアーロボタ[1]
Faiā Robota
From "fire" and a derivation of "robot"


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