The Vast Plain

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N3 The Vast Plain

The Vast Plain is a location found in Wario Land 3 of the Wario Land series. It is the third of six levels on the north side of the Music Box World. At first the entrance to The Vast Plain is blocked but it becomes accessible, along with The Peaceful Village, after Wario finds the Ax of Destruction from Out of the Woods and cuts down the tree.

The starting point of The Vast Plain is a prairie-like environment, with grass growing along the way and mountains in the background. Several holes in the ground lead to small underground caves. A door that can only be passed by Invisible Wario is located in the middle of the plains. Aside from the ground level, Wario can also explore the sky and, later, the underground. The sky above the plain is the habitat of two invulnerable enemies. At daytime, he can find the sun here, who tries to set him on fire. If he comes here at night, he faces Mr. Moon who shoots stunning stars at him. Below the plains lie a vast cavern lit by eerily burning torches. The place is also filled with Seeing-eye doors and zombies. There are also some smaller caves; one filled with Omodonmeka, one filled with Pneumos, and another one filled with water.


Gray Chest: The Colorless Mountain Slate 2 (right)[edit]

The Colorless Mountain Slates, opening the gate

This Keystone Fragment can be found inside the Gray Treasure Chest, which is located all the way across The Vast Plain. To open it, Wario has to find the Gray Key, which is conveniently placed directly next to the chest. However, a Seeing-eye door separates the chest from the key, so Wario needs to be invisible to reach the key.

After Wario has found both slates hidden in The Vast Plain and The Peaceful Village, the two fragments fly to the gate at the foot of a hill on the world map and form a stone tablet. This stone tablet then fits into the keyhole of the gate, which opens it. The gate then disappears, and Wario is allowed to access the Desert Ruins on the west side of the Music Box World.

Red Chest: The Seven Prismatic Colors Crayon - Blue[edit]

The bushes, colored by the Blue Crayon

The Red Treasure Chest, which contains the Blue Crayon, can be found inside the underground cave filled with Pneumos. The player gets a chance to obtain it after equipping Wario with the Lead Overalls from The Volcano's Base. With his new Ground Pound move he can move the Futamogu at the starting point of the level to uncover a Warp Pipe leading to this cave. The Chest and the Key are located in the cave and Wario has to make use of his Puffy Wario ability, as well as play a game of golf, to reach both of them.

Once the Blue Crayon has been collected, it flies to the tower on the north side of the Music Box World. The scene is initially monochrome, but gains another color for each Crayon Wario manages to find. There are seven Crayons in total hidden throughout the game, and once Wario finds all of them, he will be able to play the golf minigame there at any time the player desires. The blue Crayon colors the bushes that surround the building.

Green Chest: The Ring of Revival - Red[edit]

The Rings of Revival - Blue and Red

The Green Treasure chest with the red Ring of Revival is located in the sky above The Vast Plain. Wario can obtain it after he collects the Miracle Seed from The Big Bridge, which will cause vines to grow all over the place. One of the vines will take him to the cave that leads to the sky. There he has to evade the attacks of the sun and Mr. Moon, while collecting the Green Key and playing another game of golf.

The Red and the Blue Rings of Revival from The Vast Plain and The Pool of Rain, respectively, play a key role in accessing the Tower of Revival. Together they are able to summon the Tower and cause it to rise from the ground. After Wario puts on both rings and clicks them together, the tower appears on the south side of the Music Box World.

Blue Chest: The Red Bracelet[edit]

Wario finds the Red Bracelet

The Red Bracelet becomes obtainable after Wario finds the two colored chemicals from The Steep Canyon and Beneath the Waves. Together they move the block which covers the entrance to the cave lit by torches. The cave holds both the Blue Treasure Chest as well as its key. The many security doors in the cave must be overcome with Mad Scienstein's invisibility potion. Using this and the zombie reaction, Wario will eventually find himself in a room filled with invisible platforms, where he can find the chest he is looking for.

Collecting the Red Bracelet does not affect the Music Box World in any way.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 広大な平原
Kōdai na Heigen
Vast Plain


  • There is a graphical glitch in the room where the Green Treasure Chest is held. When Wario is on the right edge of the platform the Silkys are on, part of Wario's body disappears. This glitch only works when there are two Silkys on the platform.