The Colossal Hole

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E4 The Colossal Hole

The Colossal Hole is a level located in the east part of the Music Box World which appeared in Wario Land 3. It is only unlocked, along with The West Crater, after Wario uses the three conch artifacts to make the volcano erupt.

The Colossal Hole is an underground level inhabited by Thwomp-like enemies who turns Wario into Flat Wario if they manage to crush him. In this case, Wario must simply get caught by a blue UFO to return to normal. In the bottom of the level, there are Jellybobs that turn Wario into Puffy Wario, allowing him to return to the top. A golf minigame and minigame block are found here as well. There is an area outside the hole, reachable via owl. It has a sun/Mr. Moon, Brrr Bears and a Spear-bot.

Like all the levels in the eastern part, this level is only visitable at night time. However, after Wario restores the Sun Emblem, he can visit it anytime. The only difference is the owls who sleeps during the day, allowing Wario to use them. At night, those owls are flying in the air and it is impossible for Wario to catch them(unless if he uses the high jump.) This is also one of many levels that has bombs in it; when Wario blows them up with The Detonator found in Beneath the Waves, new areas become accessible. One such area is full of Fire Snakes; they are not summoned by the Flute, though.


Gray Chest: Blue Snake Eye (right)[edit]

The blue Snake door with the blue snake's eyes

To get this treasure, Wario has to use his Puffy Form to get the key and the gray chest located at the left side of the level.

After getting two of the snake's eyes, the blue snake door will open in the Tower of Revival.

Red Chest: Air-Pump[edit]

The Air-Pump raising the ice blocks

To get this treasure, the player needs the Garlic Treasure. Wario must first play a minigame of Golf, then go down the ladder at the far left of the minigame door. Then, he must avoid the UFO, break the solid blocks, and enter the door at the far right.

There, Wario must take the Spear-head and break the floor to reach the red key. After doing that, he must return to the area with the UFO and use his Puffy Form to avoid the spikes and head up. He then has to enter the door at the upper left, which was previously blocked off by a minigame block. From there, he can break the solid blocks and open the chest.

The Air-Pump makes the ice blocks rise in The Pool of Rain and Bank of the Wild River.

Green Chest: Jumping Boots[edit]

To get this treasure, Wario must visit this level in daytime (only possible after restoring the Sun Emblem and clearing the darkness). First, Wario must use the first owl to reach the second one, which he must use to avoid the spikes and reach a door leading to an area outside the hole.

Here, Wario must run until he finds two vertically placed fire blocks. To break them, he has to turn into Flaming Wario using the sun in the area. Once broken, Wario can reach the Green Key.

After getting the key, Wario must find two horizontally placed fire blocks and break them the same way he did with the other ones. Then, Wario must simply open the chest to discover his new power-up.

Blue Chest: Locomotive[edit]

Wario finds the Locomotive

To get this treasure, Wario has to blow up the bomb found in this level using the Detonator from Beneath the Waves. Then, he has to use the first owl to get above the hole. The door is now accessible. Upon entering the door, Wario will find himself in an area full of Fire Snakes, which he can use to get the Blue Key and reach the area where the Blue Chest is.

Getting the Locomotive does not affect the Music Box World in any way.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 巨大な穴
Kyodai na Ana
The Huge Hole