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Desert Ruin in Mario Strikers: Battle League
Overhead view of Desert Ruin
This article is about the stadium in Mario Strikers: Battle League. For the level in Wario Land 3, see Desert Ruins.

Desert Ruin, also referred to as Desert Ruins,[1] is a stadium in Mario Strikers: Battle League, first appearing in the 1.1.0 update. The stadium is surrounded by sand and tall pillars. Within the stadium, there are structures similar to the ones seen in the Conkdor Canyon level in Super Mario 3D World. In Quick Match and Cup Battles, the field's design consists of turf markings of the sandfall in the level, an electric fence designed after ancient wall markings, and a goal made out of brown blocks, three symbols on top, and a net with ancient wall patterns, though Strikers Club allows for different customization options to be chosen for the stadium. If Desert Ruin is chosen for both halves of the stadium, the background music will play one of two original tracks, making it the only stadium other than Planetoid with no arrangements of past Super Mario themes.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デザートルーイン
Dezāto Rūin
Desert Ruin
Chinese (Simplified) 沙漠遗迹
Shāmò Yíjī
Desert Ruins
Chinese (Traditional) 沙漠遺跡
Shāmò Yíjī
Desert Ruins
Dutch Woestijnruïne Desert Ruin
French Ruines du désert Desert Ruins
German Wüstenruine Desert Ruins
Italian Rovine nel deserto Ruins in the desert
Korean 데저트 루인
Dejeoteu Ruin
Desert Ruin
Portuguese Ruína desértica Desertic Ruin
Spanish Ruinas desérticas Desertic Ruins


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