Jungle Retreat

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Jungle Retreat in Mario Strikers: Battle League
Overhead view of Jungle Retreat

Jungle Retreat is a stadium in Mario Strikers: Battle League. It is designed after Donkey Kong Island in its Donkey Kong Country Returns appearance, taking place on a large island surrounded by water. Within the island are large palm trees as well as treehouses that resemble DK's Tree House. In Quick Match and Cup Battles, the field's design consists of turf markings of a barrel in the center and vines on the sides, an electric fence designed after bananas, and a goal made out of logs and bamboo held together by rope, though Strikers Club allows for different customization options to be chosen for the club. If Jungle Retreat is chosen for both halves of the stadium, the background music will either play a rock-and-roll arrangement of DK Island Swing from Donkey Kong Country, or an original track.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リゾートジャングル
Rizōto Janguru
Resort Jungle
Chinese (Simplified) 度假丛林
Dùjià Cónglín
Resort Jungle
Chinese (Traditional) 度假叢林
Dùjià Cónglín
Resort Jungle
Italian Giungla remota Remote jungle
Portuguese Selva remota Remote Jungle
Spanish Jungla impenetrable Impenetrable Jungle