Lava Castle

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Lava Castle in Mario Strikers: Battle League
Overhead view of Lava Castle

Lava Castle is a stadium in Mario Strikers: Battle League. It is designed after Bowser's Castle, featuring large castle-like structures with round, spiky tops resembling Bowser's shell. There are also volcanoes spewing lava in the background, some of which leaks towards the front of the stadium, as well as torches and flags with a symbol of fire on them. In Quick Match and Cup Battles, the field's design consists of turf markings of a lit torch with spikes surrounding it, an electric fence designed after Chain Links, and a goal made out of black metal with two torches on top, though Strikers Club allows for different customization options to be chosen for the club. If Lava Castle is chosen for both halves of the stadium, the background music will play two distinct songs, with part of one of them being an arrangement of the Fortress Boss theme from Super Mario Bros. 3, which was also incorporated into Bowser's theme from Mario Strikers Charged.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラバキャッスル
Raba Kyassuru
Lava Castle
Chinese 熔岩城堡
Róngyán Chéngbǎo
Lava Castle
French Forteresse de lave Lava fortress
Italian Castello di lava Lava Castle
Portuguese Castelo de lava Lava Castle
Spanish Castillo de lava Lava Castle