Magma Castle

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Magma Castle
Level code 6-4
Game Yoshi's Story
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The Magma Castle is the front-right fort on Bowser's Castle in Yoshi's Story, and is the final level of the game. Lava here is transported through Bowser's Castle, causing falls and geysers. Enemies encountered include Spikes, Spark Spooks, Puffers, Burner Heihō, Attacky Sacks, and even a red dragon. Two slugs are also found in the tower. The hidden Heart Coin letter for this stage is R.


The level starts near a dragon, which must be ridden in order to collect some fruits and advance to the next area. Here, lava comes out of pipes, and a Yoshi must traverse some moving platforms while avoiding the lava in order to get to an area with more lava and narrow corridors. After the Yoshi collects 30 fruits, the battle against Baby Bowser starts. The Yoshi must hit Baby Bowser three times with spikes by throwing Bob-ombs he gets from the Super Happy Tree and knocking them off the roof, in order to make him jump to ground level. He must do the process on the ground three more times to finish the level and beat Baby Bowser. If the Yoshi runs out of eggs before he beats Baby Bowser, then he can eat the fruit on the tree.

Other information[edit]

Message Block hints[edit]

-A Hot Crossing- -Lava Fall-

This dragon is your friend. He'll carry you across the lava sea.

Watch out for the lava falls! If you touch them, you'll get burned!

Storybook segment[edit]

The Yoshis found the castle and figured the Super Happy Tree was there. Instead, they found hot lava and a hot-tempered Baby Bowser! But happiness wins in the end, and the Yoshis paddled Baby Bowser.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マグマな おしろ
Maguma na Oshiro
Magma Castle
French Château bouillant Boiling castle
German Feuerschloß Fire Castle