Piranha Grove

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Piranha Grove
Piranha Grove.png
Level code 4 - 3
Game Yoshi's Story
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Piranha Grove is a jungle found in Yoshi's Island. It appears as Stage 4-3 in the game, Yoshi's Story. The jungle, as told by the game, is ruled by massive Piranha Plant stalks that act as the trees. This is also the exclusive home to Piranha Sprouts and Piranha Pests. The hidden Heart Coin letter for this stage is E.


The first page consists of a flat area made of many tree stumps. Very long stalks of Piranha Plants decorate the foreground and the background. It begins with three Melons trapped in bubbles, two Piranha Pests, and two Flatbed Ferries. Miss Warp 1 and an Egg Block can be found above the stumps, on a set of clouds. Two Piranha Plants block the way forward and require eggs to defeat. Two Mystery Crates can be found in this page in-between the Piranha Plants.

The second page starts out similarly to page one, but has much fewer stumps and many more Flatbed Ferries in it. Some Fly Guys carry fruits for the Yoshis to eat, and Miss Warp 2 can be found after the first set of Flatbed Ferries, resting on a stump. Another set of Flatbed Ferries follows, which leads to the next part of the page; a vertical climb consisting of many stumps. The Yoshis need to climb the stumps with the help of more Flatbed Ferries, whilst avoiding Piranha Pests and Shy Guys. Halfway up the climb, the Flatbed Ferries change from blue to red. At the top of the climb, the Yoshis need to jump to the left and follow the path of coins to land in a vase.

The third page begins with Miss Warp 3 sleeping on a stump. To the right of that is an area containing an Egg Block and three Piranha Sprouts, which is followed by an area of Piranha Plants. Two boulders can be found here, which can be used to crush said Piranha Plants. A ? Block containing four hopping Heart Coins is also found here. After this is another area with Piranha Sprouts and an Egg Block. Going to the top left of said Egg Block leads to a series of clouds and a single Surprise Ball. If the player chooses to keep going forward, next is an area with a boulder that the Yoshis must use to cross an area covered in the thorns of a Piranha Plant's body. Many Tehee Butterflies are found in this section. At the end of this section is a stump the Yoshis need to jump to, which has a vase on it.

Going in the vase leads to a Melon Box minigame; it is fairly simple and has two Piranha Sprouts the Yoshis need to jump over. In the background of the minigame, many Piranha Plants can be seen wriggling around. Going to the right of that vase leads to more stumps, which have an Egg Block and a fruit in a bubble above them. To the right of that is a section with boulders needed to cross more thorn-covered floors. ComBats can be found here, and at the end of the page is Miss Warp 4, sleeping next to a vase that leads back to the first page.

Other information[edit]

Special Heart locations[edit]

  • The first Special Heart can be found on page 2. After the initial set of Flatbed Ferries, the player should jump upwards onto a stump with an Egg Block above it. The Special Heart is found to the left of said stump, on a series of clouds.
  • The second Special Heart is found at the top of the vertical climb on page 2, in the form of a ? Bubble. Firing an egg at it reveals the Special Heart.
  • The third Special Heart can be found on the second thorn-covered area of page 3. It is found right above the second gap.

Message Block hints[edit]

-Eaten But Alive-

If eaten by a Piranha Pest, Yoshi becomes tiny, and can't use eggs!
Don't be sad! Climb up and gather eggs to throw at him!

Storybook segment[edit]

The Yoshis knew the woods, but they had never seen a place like the jungle. For the first time, the Yoshis saw Piranha Plants, the kings of this jungle. One plant could swallow the Yoshis whole, so they left the jungle in a hurry.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パックンの ふるさと
Pakkun no Furusato
Piranhas' Hometown
French Forêt carnivore Carnivorous forest
German Piranhawald Piranha Forest