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This article is about the substance in Yoshi's Story and New Super Mario Bros. For the FP-healing item in the Paper Mario, see Jammin' Jelly.
Jelly Pipe
The Yellow Yoshi looking up at some blue jelly embedded in the roof of the Jelly Pipe

Jelly is a substance that makes its first appearance in Yoshi's Story, specifically in the Jelly Pipe. Here, it can be "dug" into by a Baby Yoshi using a forceful move such as the Ground Pound. Sometimes fruit is trapped in the jelly, also. The jelly in this game comes in blue, magenta, and cyan. Sometimes Jelly Ghosts hide in the jelly.

Jelly (here called gelatin)[1] also appears in World 7-A Ghost House icon from the New Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo DS. in New Super Mario Bros. Here, it can be dug into with a Ground Pound once again in one room. In another room, it comes in "waves" towards Mario or Luigi in a room filled with Splunkins. The jelly in this game comes only in yellow.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゼリー
Zerī Yuka
Jelly (Yoshi's Story)

Jelly Floor (New Super Mario Bros.)


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