Lift Castle

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Lift Castle
World-Level 6 - 2
Game Yoshi's Story
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Yoshi's Story Lift Castle Bumper Ball.png

The Lift Castle is the back-left tower of Bowser's Castle on Yoshi's Island. It is only referred to in Yoshi's Story, in which it is Stage 6-2: Lift Castle.

Many lifts and a Balloon Bully are found about this level, riding dotted paths. Lift Castle is also the windiest of the towers, and one "room" is actually a windy balcony full of machinery.

Grinders are the greatest danger in the castle, along with Togetoge Iwa-carrying Black Shy Guys.


After a long journey the Yoshis found the castle at the end of the book. And the author of the story was none other than bad ol' Baby Bowser. But without shedding a tear, the Yoshis chased crybaby Bowser away.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リフトな おしろ
Rifutona Oshiro
Literal translation
French Château auto Auto castle
German Rostschloß Rust Castle
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