Torrential Maze

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Torrential Maze
Torrential Maze.png
Level code 2 - 4
Game Yoshi's Story
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Torrential Maze is Stage 2-4 of Yoshi's Story. The level is composed of a labyrinth of water and is flooded with spikes, jelly, and extremely fast moving water. It contains many Ghost Streams that serve as platforms, as well as enemies such as Spiked Fun Guys. It seems to be part of the Jelly Pipe because of its background and the fact that jelly exists there.

A Black Yoshi can be found in this level. In Story Mode, the player should travel to the area with the third Miss Warp. From there, the player must go all the way to the area with the background holes. This area contains Ghost Streams in the Japanese version and vines with Vine Slimes in international versions; the player needs to traverse them to reach an alcove above the dead end. On the right side in the alcove is a ? Bubble, which the player needs to pop to reveal and collect the black-spotted Giant Egg. The player needs to finish the level with it to unlock the Black Yoshi.

The hidden Heart Coin letter for this stage is O.

Other information[edit]

Message Block hints[edit]

-Look Out- -Be Pushy- -Ride The Ghost-

If you bump the spikes, you'll get hurt. Do your best to stay alert.

Ground pound this block and nothing happens. What else can you try?

Ghosts are scary, they fly and drift, but these nice folks will give you a lift.

Storybook segment[edit]

To avoid a dark, scary cave, the Yoshis entered a nearby tunnel. Inside, they found a maze that overflowed with rushing water. Perhaps they should have just gone through the cave instead!




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese げきりゅう めいろ
Gekiryū meiro
Torrential Maze
French Dédale torrentiel Torrental Maze
German Kanallabyrinth Sewer Maze


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