Mecha Castle

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Mecha Castle
Mecha Castle
World-Level 6 - 1
Game Yoshi's Story
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The Mecha Castle is the first castle level in Yoshi's Story. The castle contains a large number of swords, gears, and spinning wheels much like the ones from Yoshi's Island. Some pistons smash together, instantly defeating any Yoshi traversing the castle.

Other information[edit]

Storybook segment[edit]

The Yoshis finally got to the castle in the final page of the storybook. Behind all the noisy machines, Baby Bowser guarded the tree. Bowser was a tough baby, but bad guys finish last. The Yoshis won!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キカイな おしろ
Kikai na Oshiro
Bizarre Machine Castle; kikai means "machine" as a noun and "bizarre" as an adjective.
Chinese 机械城
Jīxiè Chéng
Mechanical City
French Château méka Mecha Castle
German Tüftelschloß Puzzle Castle


  • While the Message Block states that red swords will chase the Yoshi, they move only back and forth and do not actually chase it.
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