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Not to be confused with Sea Urchin.
Sea cactus
Official Artwork of a sea cactus from Yoshi's Story.
A sea cactus as it appears in Yoshi's Story
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)
Variant of Neuron
Sea cacti in different sizes
Sea cacti in different sizes in Neuron Jungle

Sea cacti,[1] also described as sea urchins[2] and spiky plants,[3] are an aquatic species of Neuron that lives in the oceans of Yoshi's Island. They appear only in Yoshi's Story, where they appear in only three levels: Neuron Jungle, Lots O'Jelly Fish, and Lots O'Fish. Sea cacti wriggle their bodies back and forth, and they cannot be defeated by any means; if a Yoshi tries to throw an egg at one, it harmlessly ricochets off the sea cactus. Sea cacti have spikes on the upper half of their bodies, meaning if a Yoshi collides with one, the Yoshi takes some damage. Sea cacti also can hang off ceilings, and if a Yoshi encounters one, it wriggles faster and detaches from the ceiling. This happens only in Neuron Jungle, however, as sea cacti are out of water; in levels where an upside-down sea cactus is in water, it simply stays put.

Sea cacti come in three sizes: big, medium, and small. Sea cacti also have 12 possible color combinations, ranging from orange to pink, making a total of 36 possible sea cactus varieties. Additionally, if a Yoshi walks far enough for a sea cactus to go offscreen, it changes color and size when the player returns.[4] Sea cacti are often seen in large groups. Sea cacti are able to survive outside water, but the only time they are seen on dry land is near a body of water.


  • Shogakukan guide: フニャフニャ、ブルブル、あやしい生きもの。夕マゴもはじくやっかい者。[5] (Soft, trembling, mysterious creatures. They're a nuisance that also repels eggs.)




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ちびニョロロン[5]
Chibi Nyororon
Chibi Neuron
German Smodlido[6] A combination of "small" and "Odlido"


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