Sea Anemone

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A large Sea Anemone guarding some Heart Coins
Artwork of a Sea Anemone from Yoshi's Story

Sea Anemones[1] are sea creatures with long, stinging tentacles that appear in Yoshi's Story. They are only found in the level "Lots O'Fish". Sea Anemones are invincible and cannot be defeated. They act as stationary obstacles, moving their tentacles back and forth in an attempt to snare prey. Some Sea Anemones have the ability to move their arms in and out. They normally guard Melons and Heart Coins, which Yoshi must snag with his tongue to avoid the tentacles.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イソズキンちゃん[2]
From 「イソギンチャク」 isoginchaku (sea anemone) and chan.