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Not to be confused with ! Block.
Blue Yoshi, licking a Surprise Ball
YS Surprise Ball Artwork.png

A Surprise Ball (also known as a ! Ball[1] or ‘!’ Block[2]) is a spherical platform that Baby Yoshis use during the events of Yoshi's Story. Surprise Balls are round in shape and float in midair. To use one, the Yoshi must use his tongue on this object, and he will be pulled in and thrust upwards, ending up standing on top of it.

A similar looking item exists in the game, titled the ? Bubble–instead of an exclamation mark, this red ball has a white question mark on it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese !ブロック[3]
! Burokku
! Block


  • The Surprise Ball greatly resembles the Pitfall from the Animal Crossing series, although the colors are reversed.


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