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Custom Dice Block
Custom Dice Block.PNG

First appearance

Mario Party: Island Tour (2013)

Latest appearance

Super Mario Party (2018)
MPIT Custom Dice Block.png

The Custom Dice Block (known as a Lucky Number Dice Block in the British English version) is a usable item in Mario Party: Island Tour that can be obtained by either winning a minigame or landing on an Item Space. It acts just like a Dice Block, except the player can choose how many spaces to move before rolling. If the dice is rolled by itself, the numbers 1 through 6 can be chosen. If the dice is rolled along with the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Dice Block, the total number will be added together. If the player was hit with a Blooper Chopper or a Lightning Score Striker, the total is reduced to a lower number.

The Custom Dice Block reappears in Super Mario Party, where it only allows players to choose a number from 1 to 6. If a player has any allies, it also stops them from rolling the additional 1-2 dice. Its overall appearance is now similar to the Slow Dice Block.